HOUSE RESOLUTION NO.2009-4652, by Representatives Cody and Nelson

     WHEREAS, The people of Washington State acknowledge the community contributions and achievements of the student volunteers of Kids In Action at Holy Family Parish School, West Seattle, Washington; and
     WHEREAS, The members of Kids In Action have established a regular visitation schedule to the elderly at the Salvation Army in West Seattle, and provide meal service and offer heartfelt companionship; and
     WHEREAS, The students have exhibited compassion, sympathy, and friendship by creating and delivering Christmas cards for children in Seattle Children's Hospital; and
     WHEREAS, The students have conducted a letter campaign in support of a girls school in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where girls have been attacked for attending classes, and have inspired courage, hope, and pride, and offered solidarity to the Afghan girls so that they might continue their path to acquire education and realize their own talents, dreams, and goals; and
     WHEREAS, They exhibited their knowledge of local history, and empathy for treatment of Washington's Native Nations, by visiting the Duwamish Longhouse and drafting a petition supporting the tribe's request for achievement of federally recognized tribal status (I); and
     WHEREAS, Kids In Action has planned a campaign to support the poor and the homeless and those affected by HIV/AIDS in the community, by providing letters, visitations, and meals to the most vulnerable residents of our state;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognize and honor Kids In Action of the Holy Family Parish School, West Seattle, for its exemplary service to Washington State and to members of the global community, and commend the high standard it has set for all residents of Washington for its commitment to social justice and its legacy to our future generations.

I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4652 adopted by the House of Representatives
April 15, 2009

Barbara Baker, Chief Clerk