HOUSE RESOLUTION NO.4655, by Representatives Anderson and Haler

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives amend the Permanent Rules of the House, as adopted in House Resolution No. 2009-4608, as follows:


The Rules Committee

     Rule 24. The Rules Committee is a standing committee of the House of Representatives and shall consist of ten members, six members shall be from the majority party, including the Speaker, and four members from the second largest caucus, including the Minority Leader. Members of the committee, other than the Speaker and Minority Leader, shall be selected by an election in their respective caucuses.

While the Rules Committee is a standing committee, by long standing custom and necessity it has not operated in a manner wholly consistent with the rules applicable to all other standing committees. The special rules for the operation of the Rules Committee, regarding notice, testimony, and committee actions are set forth herein.

Meeting Notice:

The Speaker of the House may call for a meeting of the Rules Committee at any time, provided that such call must provide for at least twenty-four hours notice to all members and the public.

In the absence of a call for a meeting of the Rules Committee by the Speaker, a majority of the members of the Committee may call for a meeting at any time with a signed petition designating the time and place of the meeting, so long as at least twenty-four hours notice is made available to all members and the public.


As is the case with all other standing committees, proceedings of the committee will be open to the public and audio recordings maintained. Video recording shall be allowed. Any member of the Rules Committee may request that the committee take testimony from the Chair and Ranking member of a committee that has reported a bill to the Rules Committee before the bill reported out of committee and to the floor for action. Such request, if made within two hours of the meeting notice, shall be honored unless rejected by a recorded majority vote of the committee membership. Any testimony shall be limited to technical and operational aspects of the bill.

Committee Actions:

The Committee may recommend a bill be referred to the floor for consideration or rereferred to another committee, upon an oral vote, without a signed majority report as required of other standing committees, but any member may demand a roll call vote on any motion. No member may move more than one bill per motion and all members shall be given an equal number of motions.

Notwithstanding any other Rule, no bill in the Rules Committee may be moved from the Rules Committee without an affirmative vote of a majority of the Rules Committee members.

Renumber remaining rules consecutively.

The code reviser is directed to engross this amendment into the Permanent Rules of the House prior to final publication.