HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 4704, by Representative Pettigrew

     WHEREAS, The Washington state legislature recognizes excellence in all fields of endeavors; and
     WHEREAS, Scholar-athletes have exhibited true excellence in their pursuit of postsecondary educational opportunities while competing in intercollegiate sports; and
     WHEREAS, Scholar-athletes serve as mentors who go beyond providing spectators with dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful athlete and lead by example by displaying that academic achievement is an admirable accomplishment that portends a promising future; and
     WHEREAS, Anyone who has ever been discouraged while confronting obstacles or experiencing adversity knows the need for a mentor, hope, and inspiration, and scholar-athletes continue to positively influence others by virtue of illustrating what can be achieved through diligence and perseverance; and
     WHEREAS, While scholar-athletes encourage people to dream, they set high standards with their ability to consistently meet rigorous athletic requirements while honoring the importance of education; and
     WHEREAS, Maintaining a strong drive and dedication requires sacrifice and persistence that is deserving of recognition; and
     WHEREAS, The following athletes have demonstrated the aforementioned tenants of an outstanding scholar-athlete: Tyler Fischer, Raquel Gonzalez, Kaycie Hutchins, Danielle Monson, Garrett Rolsma, Johnny Spevak, Brandie Vea from Central Washington University; Lacey Kerr, Joanne (Jo E.) Mayer, Lindsay Oakes, Cassie Pilkinton, Natalie Turner, Elly Bulega, Jeff Kintner, Nate Montgomery, Bryan Olson, Cody Stelzer from Whitworth University; Joyce Ardies, Anita Campbell, Jill Collymore, Rylan Hawkins, Paul Homer, Lindsey Kasser, Jordan Swarthout, Nick Taylor, Alyson McWherter, Sami Whitcomb from University of Washington; Nicholas J. Barclay, Benjamin L. Funkhouser, Mark J. Castellitto, Jeremy R. Stumetz, Lori J. Conrad, Taylor J. Hall, Layne A. Brosky, Anna L. Friedhoff, Christopher Pontarolo-Maag, Tiffany L. Shives from Gonzaga University; Madeleine Eckmann, Kylie Broadbent, Greg Kubitz from Western Washington University; Jamey Gelhar, Krinda Carlson, Charlie Severs from Saint Martin's University; Katie Garcin, Alison Matisons, Angel Stewart from The Evergreen State College; Matthew Fanelli, Nikola Koprivica, Kenneth Alfred, Nicholas Grigsby, Matthew Lamb, Erica Lewis, Kiersten Dallstream, Michaela Ahlin, Jackie Albright, Lisa Egami from Washington State University; Ashley Nicole Zalsman, Jonathan Long from Walla Walla University; Nathan Rheaume, Nathan Downs, McKenzie McKean, Kyle Wall from Northwest University; Paul Limpf, Jacob Kragt, Nicole Luckenbach, Chris Thomas, Ashley Hamilton, Jessica Huntington from Eastern Washington University and the outstanding scholar-athletes from Whitman College, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle University, Pacific Lutheran University, and University of Puget Sound;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State House of Representatives recognize scholar-athletes at institutions of higher learning throughout the state of Washington for their ability to exhibit potential through athletic and academic achievement.

I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4704 adopted by the House of Representatives
March 10, 2010

Barbara Baker, Chief Clerk