By Senators Parlette, Kastama, Pridemore, Swecker, King, Delvin, Franklin, Holmquist, Becker, Kohl-Welles, McCaslin, Kauffman, and Fraser

     WHEREAS, Washington's apple industry is a major contributor to the economic health of both the state and its people; and
     WHEREAS, The City of Wenatchee is preparing to celebrate the 90th annual Washington State Apple Blossom Festival to take place from April 23 through May 3, 2009; and
     WHEREAS, The Apple Blossom Festival, which began as a one-day gathering of poetry and song in Wenatchee's Memorial Park, is one of the oldest major festivals in the state, first celebrated in 1919 when Mrs. E. Wagner organized the first Blossom Day; and
     WHEREAS, The Apple Blossom Festival celebrates the importance of the apple industry in the Wenatchee Valley and its environs; and
     WHEREAS, The Apple Blossom Festival recognizes three young women who by their superior and distinctive efforts have exemplified the spirit and meaning of the Apple Blossom Festival; and
     WHEREAS, These three young women are selected to reign over the Apple Blossom Festival and serve as ambassadors to the outlying communities as Princesses and Queen; and
     WHEREAS, Breanna Allstot has been selected to represent her community as a 2009 Apple Blossom Princess, in part for her strong academic performance as a Running Start Participant, and diverse array of extracurricular activities and interests, including her passion for music, her athletic abilities in varsity bowling, her care for others, and the generosity she shows by giving of her time to children's musical productions at her church, in addition to her jovial demeanor and strong faith; and
     WHEREAS, Rebecca Higgins has been selected to represent her community as a 2009 Apple Blossom Princess, in part for her passion for theater and music as demonstrated by her participation in every drama production throughout high school, and her membership in Chamber Singers, and Hy-land Kids singers, for her commitment to academic excellence, in addition to her genuine, lighthearted nature, which is exemplified through her positive, caring attitude; and
     WHEREAS, Katherine Safar has been selected to represent her community as the 2009 Apple Blossom Queen, in part for her compassionate and humble spirit, and her strong leadership ability as shown through the organization of several school activities including freshman orientation and the 11th annual Janice Franz Talent, her strong academic performance and participation in extracurricular activities including varsity swimming and Chamber Singers, in addition to her playful, spontaneous nature, and heartfelt love for people; and
     WHEREAS, These three young women all desire to utilize their proven leadership ambition to serve their communities and be of help to those they encounter;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Washington honor the accomplishments of the members of the Apple Blossom Festival Court and join the City of Wenatchee and the people of the State of Washington in celebrating the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival; and
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Queen Katherine Safar, Princess Breanna Allstot, Princess Rebecca Higgins, and the Board of Directors and Chairpeople of the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival.

I, Thomas Hoemann, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8660,
adopted by the Senate
April 8, 2009

Secretary of the Senate