By Senators Schoesler, Hatfield, and Shin

     WHEREAS, On June 14, 1777 the Second Continental Congress adopted a resolution setting forth the stars-and-stripes design of our nation's flag; and
     WHEREAS, In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14th as Flag Day, marking the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777; and
     WHEREAS, The city of Fairfield, incorporated in 1905, began observing Flag Day with a public celebration in 1910, when the United States flag contained 46 stars, and six years prior to President Wilson's Flag Day proclamation; and
     WHEREAS, Fairfield will celebrate Flag Day for the 100th consecutive year in 2010, a record believed to be unmatched by any community in the United States; and
     WHEREAS, The community celebration will feature the dedication of a new flag pole at the Southeast Spokane County Museum, which had been the Fairfield City Hall in 1910, when the community first observed Flag Day; and
     WHEREAS, The Southeast Spokane County Historical Society will present Fairfield with a new flag to be raised, and a new flag pole will be dedicated to the men and women of Fairfield and Southeast Spokane County who have served in our country's defense; and
     WHEREAS, The new Fairfield flag will have flown over the United States Capitol on March 3rd, the day Fairfield was incorporated 105 years ago; and
     WHEREAS, The Fairfield Service Club has put together a program for the Flag Day celebration, which will take place from June 11th to 13th, and includes not only the flag-raising and flag pole dedication but several traditional events, such as the annual parade and high school reunions that bring present and former Fairfield residents back together;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate honor the centennial of Fairfield's Flag Day celebration and the work of the Fairfield Service Club, the Southeast Spokane County Historical Society, and the city of Fairfield on this 100th anniversary of the community's patriotic observance.

I, Thomas Hoemann, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8673,
adopted by the Senate
March 11, 2010

Secretary of the Senate