By Senators Shin, Fairley, McAuliffe, Murray, Haugen, Berkey, Kastama, Gordon, Hobbs, Swecker, Schoesler, Delvin, Eide, McDermott, Jacobsen, Becker, Stevens, Zarelli, Holmquist, Roach, Fraser, and Kohl-Welles

     WHEREAS, Bastyr University is a nonprofit, accredited institution for higher education, founded in 1978, and located on a 51-acre campus on the north shore of Lake Washington in the City of Kenmore, Washington; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University is working to transform the health and well-being of the human community through educating the world's future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the natural health arts and sciences, modeling an integrated approach to research, education, and clinical service; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University respects the healing power of nature and offers a multidisciplinary curriculum that combines the pursuit of scientific knowledge with the wisdom of ancient healing methods from around the world; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University was the first natural health arts and sciences university in the country to receive funding for complementary and alternative medicine research from the National Institutes of Health; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University has completed more than 80 research studies and has been instrumental in increasing the amount of research activity in the field of natural health sciences; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University's teaching clinic, Bastyr Center for Natural Health, is the largest natural health clinic in the Northwest, with more than 35,000 annual patient visits; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University is committed to a sustainable health care model and annually provides free healthcare services to underserved populations in the greater Seattle area; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University's commitment to eco-friendly, LEED certified building practices exemplifies the university's role as a leader in natural health arts and sciences education and furthers its mission to enhance the health and well-being of the human community; and
     WHEREAS, Bastyr University is an internationally recognized community of scholars, students, and supporters who share a common commitment to the transformation of the health of the human family through education, research, and clinical services;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Senate does hereby recognize the various contributions and lasting legacy made by Bastyr University; and
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to the Board of Trustees of Bastyr University and Bastyr University President, Dr. Dan Church.

I, Thomas Hoemann, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8693,
adopted by the Senate
February 24, 2010

Secretary of the Senate