61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

February 20, 2009 - Friday 40th Day 2009 Regular Session
1st Supplemental
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
HB 1062 f Electrolytic process tx exem TEC DP16 FIN
HB 1070 f Veteran lottery games CL DPS5 DNP3 WAYS
HB 1086 f Electricity purchase TEC DPS10 w/oRec6 APPG
HB 1115 f Animal trapping AGNR DP9 DNP3 RUL
HB 1140 f Mobile home dispute res prog JUDI DPS8 DNP3 RUL
HB 1292 f 180-day school year waivers ED DPS13 APPE
HB 1308 f Organ transplants HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 1340 f Com & tech college employees CL DP5 DNP3 WAYS
HB 1393 f Residential construction JUDI DPS7 DNP4 WAYS
HB 1402 f Industrial insurance appeals CL DPS5 DNP3 RUL
HB 1413 f Water discharge fees AGNR DPS7 DNP5 APPG
HB 1448 Tribal reservtn speed limits SGTA DP7 RUL
HB 1460 Critical access hospitals HCW DP10 DNP3 RUL
HB 1516 Dungeness crab fishery gear AGNR DPS12 RUL
HB 1527 f Boarding home medicaid rates HCW DP13 RUL
HB 1591 f Trans benefit district funds TR DPS15 DNP9 RUL
HB 1598 Electing US pres by pop vote SGTA DP5 DNP2 RUL
HB 1614 f Petroleum in storm water AGNR DPS7 DNP5 CB
HB 1651 f Comm econ revitalization brd CEDT DPS5 DNP3 FIN
HB 1663 Relocation assistance rights JUDI DPS9 DNP2 RUL
HB 1666 f Cultural access authorities CEDT DPS6 DNP2 FIN
HB 1683 f Consumer protection act JUDI DPS7 DNP4 RUL
HB 1690 f Public works contracting SGTA DP7 CB
HB 1715 f Growth mgmt act/reporting LGH DPS7 DNP4 APPG
HB 1717 f DOT rail line agreement TR DP22 RUL
HB 1719 f Electricity generation taxes TEC DP9 DNP7 FIN
HB 1741 School employees dismissal ED DPS13 RUL
HB 1744 Parks and capital projects LGH DPS7 DNP4 FIN
HB 1753 f Filing report to leg & gov SGTA DP7 APPG
HB 1756 f Military improvement zones LGH DP7 DNP4 FIN
HB 1757 f Small school district fund APPE DP10 RUL
HB 1765 f Impaired physician program HCW DPS13 APPH
HB 1766 Lawful source of income JUDI DPS6 DNP5 RUL
HB 1796 f Drug-related overdoses PSEP DPS5 DNP3 RUL
HB 1797 Rural & resource lands study LGH DPS8 DNP3 APPG
HB 1831 Pet & livestock owner rights LGH DPS11 RUL
HB 1835 Respectful language/statutes SGTA DP7 RUL
HB 1883 Metropolitan park districts LGH DPS8 DNP3 RUL
HB 1900 f Vehicle owner information JUDI DPS11 RUL
HB 1910 Heavy rail short lines LGH DP8 DNP2 FIN
HB 1946 f Higher ed online technology HE DPS10 APPE
HB 1956 Housing of homeless persons LGH DPS7 DNP4 RUL
HB 1959 f Marine container ports LGH DPS11 APPG
HB 1965 Employees/sensory disability SGTA DP7 RUL
HB 1972 f Outdoor recreation info AGNR DP15 APPG
HB 1983 f Park ranger training PSEP DPS6 DNP2 APPG
HB 2003 Prof educator standards brd ED DPS13 APPE
HB 2015 Publ schools antiharassment ED DPS13 APPE
HB 2018 f Low-income housing funding LGH DP11 CB
HB 2029 f Enhanced 911 service TEC DPS10 DNP6 FIN
HB 2030 Capitol city district LGH DPS7 DNP3 FIN
HB 2115 f Booking photos at jails PSEP DPS7 DNP1 RUL
HB 2118 f Tuition policy advisory comm HE DPA10 APPE
HB 2130 f Renewable energy incentives TEC DPS15 DNP1 FIN
HB 2131 f Public utility tax credit TEC DPS15 FIN
HB 2199 Shifts in shoreline location LGH DP11 RUL