61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

February 23, 2009 - Monday 43rd Day 2009 Regular Session
2nd Supplemental
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
HB 1081 Railroad crossing protection TR DP2S21 DNP5 RUL
HB 1123 f Methicillin-resistant staph HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 1232 f Commercial agriculture AGNR DPS12 FIN
HB 1302 State route 7 TR DP24 DNP2 RUL
HB 1334 f Columbia and Snake rivers AGNR DPS8 DNP4 WAYS
HB 1373 Children's mental health ELCS DPS7 APPH
HB 1403 f Traffic signals/motorcycles TR DPS26 RUL
HB 1482 f Reclaimed water permitting AGNR DPS7 DNP5 APPG
HB 1489 f Water resource management AGNR DPS11 DNP1 RUL
HB 1493 Prescription drug marketing HCW DPS7 DNP6 RUL
HB 1500 Recording devices in vehicle TR DPS26 RUL
HB 1510 f Birth certificates HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 1529 f Telemedicine HCW DPS13 APPH
HB 1536 f Household goods carriers TR DP25 DNP1 RUL
HB 1571 f Water rights adjudication AGNR DPS12 RUL
HB 1579 f Nonprofit legal services FIN DP7 RUL
HB 1637 f Forest riparian easemnt prog AGNR DP12 CB
HB 1647 Health care admin procedures HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 1708 f Lands adjacent to Maury Is. AGNR DPS7 DNP5 RUL
HB 1713 State health insurance pool HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 1740 f Dentistry license issuance HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 1754 f Continuity of child care ELCS DPS7 WAYS
HB 1782 f Dependency matters/parents ELCS DPS7 RUL
HB 1818 f High tech sales & use tax FIN DP7 RUL
HB 1869 Health care cost information HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 1882 f Property leased to hospitals FIN DPS7 RUL
HB 1885 Feeding of wildlife AGNR DPS7 DNP5 RUL
HB 1899 f Retired active physician lic HCW DPS13 APPH
HB 1926 Hospice agency exemption HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 1935 Adult family homes HCW DPS13 APPH
HB 1961 f Increasing adoptions act ELCS DPS7 WAYS
HB 1966 Drivers & wheelchair users TR DP26 RUL
HB 1985 f Public health financing HCW DPS13 WAYS
HB 2004 f Naturopathic doctors HCW DPS11 w/oRec2 RUL
HB 2014 Prescription pads HCW DP13 RUL
HB 2052 f Health insurance partnership HCW DP10 DNP3 WAYS
HB 2068 Criminal background checks HCW DPS10 DNP3 APPH
HB 2071 f Parents of needy families ELCS DPS7 APPH
HB 2085 Out-of-home child placements ELCS DPS7 APPH
HB 2102 f Farm slaughter loan program AGNR DPS12 APPG
HB 2105 Diagnostic imaging services HCW DPS13 APPH
HB 2107 f Early learning home programs ELCS DPS7 WAYS
HB 2114 f Primary care medical HCW DPS8 DNP5 APPH
HB 2117 Basic health plan HC DP13 RUL
HB 2128 Children's health coverage HCW DPS9 DNP4 RUL
HB 2157 f Salmon recovery AGNR DP9 DNP3 APPG
HB 2160 f Wellness incentives HCW DPS13 RUL
HB 2164 Racial disproportionality ELCS DP5 w/oRec2 APPH
HB 2222 Storm water general permits AGNR DPS9 DNP3 RUL
HJM 4008 Special transportation needs TR DPS26 RUL