61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

February 23, 2009 - Monday 43rd Day 2009 Regular Session
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
HB 1008 Small wind energy permits TEC DPS16 RUL
HB 1025 f Higher edu course materials HE DPS10 APPE
HB 1077 f Aquatic lands lease rates EPAR DPS9 DNP5 APPG
HB 1195 Undisputed claims payment CB DP14 RUL
HB 1197 Alternative public works CB DP14 RUL
HB 1239 f Dependency proceedings ELCS DPS7 RUL
HB 1252 f Econ revitalization board CEDT DPS9 CB
HB 1283 f Publ water supply operators ENVH DPS7 RUL
HB 1353 f Higher education employment HE DPS6 DNP4 WAYS
HB 1409 f Strait of Juan de Fuca EPAR DPS9 DNP 4 RUL
HB 1415 Wine at legislative gift ctr CL DPS5 DNP2 RUL
HB 1441 Malt beverage distr & prod CL DPS8 RUL
HB 1454 Statutory debt limit CB DPS8 DNP6 RUL
HB 1469 f Mercury-containing lights ENVH DPS7 DNP3 APPG
HB 1487 f Resident students HE DP8 DNP2 APPE
HB 1490 f Greenhouse gas emissions LGH DPS7 DNP4 TR
HB 1492 f Independent youth housing APPG DP12 w/o rec1 RUL
HB 1499 Utility facility relocations TEC DPA16 RUL
HB 1522 f Elec product repair & resuse ENVH DPS10 APPG
HB 1528 Employer communications CL DPS5 DNP3 RUL
HB 1554 f L & I stop work orders CL DPS5 DNP3 RUL
HB 1555 f Underground economy/construc CL DPS8 WAYS
HB 1595 f State forest lands transfer CB DPS(AGNR)14 RUL
HB 1642 f Healthcare facilty employees CL DP6 DNP2 WAYS
HB 1644 Deeds of trust reconveyances JUDI DPS11 RUL
HB 1646 WASL/math and science ED DPS13 APPE
HB 1691 f Solid fuel burning devices ENVH DPS7 DNP3 RUL
HB 1692 Publ facilities district brd CEDT DPS9 RUL
HB 1739 f Persons with disabilities HS DPS8 WAYS
HB 1750 f Boat lifts/state-owned lands EPAR DPS9 DNP3 APPG
HB 1769 f Housing & dependency matters ELCS DPS7 APPH
HB 1786 f Independent contractor CL DPS5 DNP3 RUL
HB 1799 f Mercury release reduction ENVH DP9 DNP1 WAYS
HB 1801 f Juvenile court employees CL DP6 DNP2 RUL
HB 1812 f Wine labels CL DPS8 RUL
HB 1836 f Public works/off-site prefab CL DP5 DNP3 RUL
HB 1854 f Greenhouse gas standards TEC DPS13 DNP3 RUL
HB 1856 Tenants who are victims JUDI DPS11 RUL
HB 1889 Paraeducator tutors ED DPS13 APPE
HB 1898 f Higher ed capital projects CB DPS14 RUL
HB 1901 f Health sciences & services HE DP10 FIN
HB 1919 f Drug court funding HS DPS8 WAYS
HB 1938 f Postadoption sibling contact ELCS DPS7 APPH
HB 1944 f Kindergarten assessment ELCS DPS7 APPE
HB 1954 f Sealing juvenile records HS DPS8 APPG
HB 1957 f Wildlife and recreation prog CB DPS11 DNP3 RUL
HB 1971 f School district treasurers ED DPS10 RUL
HB 1984 Vehicle air conditioning EPAR DPS9 DNP3 RUL
HB 1994 Carbon dioxide emissions TEC DPS10 DNP6 RUL
HB 1996 Underground facilities TEC DPS16 RUL
HB 1997 f Puget Sound science research EPAR DP12 RUL
HB 2002 f Carbonless energy parks TEC DP16 FIN
HB 2010 f State funds/local projects CB DPS8 DNP6 RUL
HB 2020 Fire protection districts LGH DPS6 DNP5 RUL
HB 2040 f Beer & wine regulation comm CL DP8 RUL
HB 2042 f Motion pic competitiveness CEDT DPS9 RUL
HB 2069 f Community facility districts CEDT DPS6 DNP3 FIN
HB 2078 Developmental disabilities HS DPS8 APPH
HB 2083 f Large city tree canopies EPAR DP8 DNP4 RUL
HB 2089 f Food service products EPAR DP9 DNP5 RUL
HB 2106 f Child welfare outcomes ELCS DPS7 WAYS
HB 2109 f State parks & rec funding EPAR DPS11 DNP1 APPG
HB 2113 f Residential habilitation ctr ED DPS13 APPE
HB 2116 f Water pollution control CB DPS14 RUL
HB 2119 f Dual credit opportunities ED DPS13 WAYS
HB 2125 f Community preservation CEDT DPS6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2126 f Cemetery & funeral dir brds CL DPS7 DNP1 RUL
HB 2129 Greenhouse gas emissions TEC DP16 RUL
HB 2138 Surplus property for housing LGH DP7 DNP4 RUL
HB 2142 f School plant funding CB DP14 RUL
HB 2147 f Student achievement gap ED DPS13 APPE
HB 2153 f WA's economic gardening prog CEDT DP6 DNP3 APPE
HB 2162 f Social card games CL DPS8 RUL
HB 2165 f Forest biomass energy proj TEC DP16 APPG
HB 2166 f Affordable housing/surcharge LGH DPS7 DNP4 WAYS
HB 2167 Education system flexibility ED DPS13 WAYS
HB 2178 f Convention & trade center CEDT DP6 DNP3 FIN
HB 2188 Illegal alien offenders HS DPS8 WAYS
HB 2194 Offender medical placement HS DP7 DNP 1 WAYS
HB 2208 Motorsports vehicle dealers CL DPS8 RUL
HB 2220 Approval of plats LGH DPS11 RUL
HB 2224 Fire sprinkler systems LGH DPS9 DNP2 RUL
HB 2227 f Evergreen jobs act CEDT DPS6 DNP3 APPE
HB 2237 f Boating programs improvement EPAR DP12 APPG
HB 2239 Student loan program HE DPS6 w/oRec4 WAYS
HB 2242 Department of commerce CEDT DP6 DNP3 RUL