61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

March 2, 2009 - Monday 50th Day 2009 Regular Session
2nd Supplemental
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
HB 1009 f Electricity generation FIN DP2S(w/o sub TEC)9 RUL
HB 1062 f Electrolytic process tx exem FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 1147 f Local option tax provisions FIN DPS6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1208 f Property tax administration FIN DP2S(w/o sub LGH)9 RUL
HB 1252 f Econ revitalization board CB DP2S(w/o sub CEDT)13 w/oRec1 RUL
HB 1287 f Intrastate commuter aircraft FIN DP9 RUL
HB 1290 f Local tourism promotion FIN DP2S(w/o sub CEDT)6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1321 f Radioactive waste cleanup FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 1422 f Taxation of brokered gas FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1435 f Cigarette & tobacco licenses FIN DPS(CL)9 RUL
HB 1463 f SR 16 corridor tax deferral FIN DP8 DNP1 RUL
HB 1481 f Electric vehicles FIN DP2S(w/o sub TEC)9 RUL
HB 1508 f Current use property tx prog FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1570 f Conserving forest lands FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1597 f Tax programs administration FIN DPS6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1667 f City-county assistance accts FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1698 f State broadband authority FIN DP2S(w/o sub TEC)6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1710 f Tax & municipl service costs FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1733 f Current use valuation progs FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 1744 Parks and capital projects FIN DPS(LGH)0 DNP3 RUL
HB 1751 f Rural cnty public facilities FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 1767 f Electr methods/revenue dept FIN DP5 DNP3 RUL
HB 1815 f Property tax open space prog FIN DP9 RUL
HB 1916 f UW & WSU public works contr CB DPS10 DNP4 RUL
HB 1931 f Tax collection tools FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 1950 f Property fair and true value FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 1981 f Rural county tax credit FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 2051 f Heritage & arts prog funding FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2075 f Excise taxation FIN DPS5 DNP3 RUL
HB 2110 f Tax expenditure reports FIN DP6 DNP3 APPG
HB 2122 Newspaper industry B & O tax FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2130 f Renewable energy incentives FIN DP2S(w/o sub TEC)9 RUL
HB 2231 f Reimbursing taxing districts FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2249 f Local govt revenue options FIN DPS6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2250 f Convention & trade FIN DP9 RUL
HB 2252 f County funding FIN DPS0 DNP3 RUL
HB 2261 State's education system APPE DPS11 DNP1 WAYS
HB 2275 Use of propane by farmers FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 2278 Livestock nutrient mgmt FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 2281 Visitor destination act T.O. FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2283 Data centers/rural counties FIN DPS6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2297 Convention & trade center CB DPS14 RUL
HB 2299 Public facilities districts FIN DP9 RUL