61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

March 2, 2009 - Monday 50th Day 2009 Regular Session
3rd Supplemental
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
HB 1098 f Former school empl vac leave WAYS DPS(SGTA)22 RUL
HB 1235 f Higher educ tuition fees WAYS DP2S(w/o sub HE)21 DNP1 RUL
HB 1273 Raffles by counties & cities CL DP8 RUL
HB 1329 f Childcare ctr col bargaining WAYS DPS16 DNP6 RUL
HB 1347 f Financial education WAYS DPS(WAYS)15 DNP7 RUL
HB 1355 f Opportunity internship prog WAYS DP2S(w/o sub ED)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 1373 Children's mental health WAYS DP2S(WAYS)16 DNP6 RUL
HB 1374 f Local govt archives account WAYS DP22 RUL
HB 1555 f Underground economy/construc WAYS DPS(CL)22 RUL
HB 1560 f Higher ed collec bargaining WAYS DP2S(w/o sub CL)16 DNP6 RUL
HB 1677 f High capacity trans service TR DP17 DNP9 RUL
HB 1679 f Catastrophic disability med WAYS DP14 DNP8 RUL
HB 1701 f Dept of information systems WAYS DP2S(w/o sub TEC)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 1727 f Registered domestic partners WAYS DP2S(w/o sub JUDI)16 DNP6 RUL
HB 1747 f Built environment pollution WAYS DP2S(w/o sub TEC)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 1774 f Basic education allocations WAYS DPS14 DNP8 RUL
HB 1775 f Limousine carrier regs TR DP18 DNP8 RUL
HB 1776 f School district levies WAYS DPS(APPE)22 RUL
HB 1793 Alternative student trans TR DPS23 DNP3 RUL
HB 1799 f Mercury release reduction WAYS DP2S(w/o sub ENVH)22 RUL
HB 1878 f St schools for blind & deaf WAYS DP22 RUL
HB 1914 f Higher ed institutions WAYS DPS(APPE)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 1939 f Vehicle documentary fees TR DPS22 DNP4 RUL
HB 1940 Schools & edu service distr WAYS DPS16 DNP6 RUL
HB 1953 f Fish & wildlife officers WAYS DPS22 RUL
HB 1985 f Public health financing WAYS DP2S(w/o sub HCW)21 DNP1 RUL
HB 2052 f Health insurance partnership WAYS DPS22 RUL
HB 2072 Special transportation needs TR DPS25 RUL
HB 2088 Special transportation needs TR DP25 RUL
HB 2095 f Driver training schools TR DPS25 RUL
HB 2106 f Child welfare outcomes WAYS DP2S(w/o sub ELCS)22 RUL
HB 2107 f Early learning home programs WAYS DP15 DNP7 RUL
HB 2166 f Affordable housing/surcharge WAYS DPS(LGH)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 2167 Education system flexibility WAYS DPS22 RUL
HB 2179 Transportation improvements TR DPS21 DNP4 RUL
HB 2188 f Illegal alien offenders WAYS DPS(HS)22 RUL
HB 2194 f Offender medical placement WAYS DP22 RUL
HB 2196 f Military service credit WAYS DPS22 RUL
HB 2198 Rental car businesses TR DPS20 DNP5 RUL
HB 2206 f OASI fund and account WAYS DP22 RUL
HB 2214 Airport transportation TR DPS24 DNP1 RUL
HB 2223 f Agribusiness vehicle drivers TR DPS24 w/oRec1 RUL
HB 2245 f PEBB eligibility WAYS DPS19 DNP3 RUL
HB 2267 f Exempt employee bargaining WAYS DPS16 DNP6 RUL
HB 2271 f Ferry vessels and terminals TR DP25 RUL
HB 2285 Local improvement districts TR DP17 DNP8 RUL
HB 2287 f State agency paper use WAYS DPS22 RUL
HB 2291 f Ag commodity commissions WAYS DP22 RUL
HB 2295 DSHS organization WAYS DPS(APPH)15 DNP7 RUL