61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

March 30, 2009 - Monday 78th Day 2009 Regular Session
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
SSB 5056 Violent injury reporting HCW DPA13 RUL
SB 5060 Manufactured wine & beer use CL DPA8 RUL
ESSB 5110 f Serving wine and beer CL DPA8 RUL
SB 5120 f Agricultural structures LGH DPA11 APPG
SB 5125 f Horse racing commission/acct APPG DP15 RUL
SSB 5141 f Juvenile offender programs HS DP5 DNP3 APPH
SSB 5152 Statutory constr task force JUDI DPA10 RUL
SSB 5195 f Life settlements model act APPG DP14 w/oRec1 RUL
SSB 5229 f Legislative youth adv counc SGTA DP7 RUL
SSB 5252 f Correctional facil meds mgmt HS DPA8 RUL
SSB 5268 f Fish & wildlife equipment APPG DPA(AGNR)15 RUL
ESSB 5288 f Supervision of offenders HS DPA5 DNP3 WAYS
SB 5320 f Acupuncture profession HCW DPA13 RUL
SSB 5340 f Tobacco product mail order HCW DPA13 APPG
SSB 5343 CPA's and enrolled agents JUDI DP10 RUL
2SSB 5346 Health care admin procedures HCW DPA9 DNP4 WAYS
SB 5354 f Hospital capital facil areas LGH DPA11 FIN
SB 5355 Rural cty library districts LGH DPA11 RUL
SSB 5360 f Community health grant prog HCW DPA13 WAYS
SSB 5368 f Annual property valuation FIN DPA7 w/oRec2 RUL
SSB 5391 f Tatooing/body art & piercing HCW DPA12 DNP1 WAYS
ESSB 5403 Malt beverage distr & prod CL DP8 RUL
SSB 5410 f Online learning ED DPA13 WAYS
ESSB 5414 f Assessments and curricula ED DPA13 APPE
SSB 5431 f Subseq foster home placement ELCS DPA7 RUL
SSB 5434 f Accountancy practices CL DP8 RUL
SSB 5436 Direct practices payment HCW DPA9 DNP4 RUL
SB 5453 Relocation of a child JUDI DPA11 RUL
SSB 5468 f Nonprofit housing orgs FII DPA11 RUL
SSB 5469 f Intermediate vehicle license TR DP27 RUL
ESSB 5473 f Projects/statewide signif CEDT DPA9 RUL
SSB 5480 f WA health care discount plan HCW DP12 DNP1 APPG
SSB 5499 DOT highway contract bonds TR DP27 RUL
SSB 5501 f Secure health info exchange HCW DPA10 DNP3 APPH
SSB 5510 f Dependency matters ELCS DPA7 RUL
ESSB 5513 Unlawful transit conduct TR DPA26 RUL
ESB 5519 f Competency eval & restor HS DPA5 DNP3 RUL
SB 5525 f State institutions/release HS DPA7 DNP1 WAYS
SSB 5528 f Initial point of contact JUDI DPA8 DNP3 RUL
ESSB 5529 f Architects CL DP5 DNP3 APPG
SSB 5531 Consumer protection act JUDI DPA6 DNP4 RUL
SSB 5539 County investment expenses LGH DPA10 DNP1 RUL
SB 5548 Improvements & impact fees LGH DPA11 RUL
SSB 5566 f Excise and sales & use taxes FIN DPA9 RUL
SB 5568 f Tax collection tools FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
SB 5580 f School impact fees LGH DPA7 DNP4 RUL
ESSB 5601 f Speech-language pathology HCW DPA11 DNP2 APPH
SSB 5608 f Genetic counselors HCW DPA9 DNP4 RUL
SB 5629 Pregnancy prevention progs HCW DPA9 DNP4 RUL
SSB 5638 Fire protection districts LGH DPA10 DNP1 RUL
E2SSB 5649 f Energy efficiency/buildings TEC DPA9 DNP6 WAYS
ESSB 5651 f Dog breeding practices JUDI DPA8 DNP3 RUL
SSB 5665 f Affordable housing entities FII DPA11 RUL
2SSB 5676 f Middle sch student tech edu ED DP13 WAYS
SSB 5684 f Highway construction TR DPA26 RUL
E2SSB 5688 f Registered domestic partners JUDI DP7 DNP4 WAYS
SSB 5704 Flood district creation LGH DPA6 DNP5 RUL
SSB 5719 f Kit vehicle requirements TR DP25 DNP1 RUL
SSB 5723 f Small business assistance CEDT DPA9 WAYS
SSB 5725 Organ transplants HCW DPA13 RUL
SB 5731 Health plan information HCW DP13 RUL
SSB 5732 f Traffic infractions TR DPA21 DNP6 RUL
E2SSB 5735 f Greenhouse gas emissions EPAR DPA9 DNP5 WAYS
ESSB 5746 f Sentencing juveniles/crimes HS DPA5 DNP3 RUL
SSB 5777 State health insurance pool HCW DPA13 RUL
SSB 5793 f One-occupant farm conveyance CL DP8 RUL
SSB 5795 f Tacoma Narrows toll account TR DP27 RUL
SSB 5797 f Solid waste handling permits APPG DP15 RUL
E2SSB 5809 f Workforce training/unemplmnt CL DPA5 DNP3 WAYS
ESB 5810 f Deeds of trust foreclosures JUDI DPA11 RUL
ESSB 5840 f Energy independence act TEC DPA12 DNP3 APPG
E2SSB 5850 f Human trafficking violations CL DPA8 APPG
ESSB 5873 f Apprenticeship utilization CL DP5 DNP3 CB
SSB 5879 f Entrepreneurial education CEDT DPA9 WAYS
ESSB 5889 f Education system flexibility ED DPA13 APPE
SSB 5891 f Primary care medical HCW DPA13 RUL
ESB 5894 f Utilities & trans commission TR DPA26 RUL
SSB 5913 U of W health sci library HCW DPA13 RUL
SSB 5931 Mental health practitioners JUDI DPA10 RUL
E2SSB 5941 f Comprehensive education data ED DPA13 WAYS
2SSB 5945 f WA health partnership plan HCW DPA9 DNP4 APPH
SSB 5963 f Unemployment insurance CL DPA5 DNP3 RUL
2SSB 5973 Student achievement gap ED DPA13 APPE
SSB 5987 f Corrections dept. personnel HS DP8 RUL
SB 5989 Greenhouse gas emissions TEC DP15 RUL
SSB 6009 Long-term care facilities HCW DPA13 RUL
SSB 6019 Employee wellness programs HCW DP13 RUL
SSB 6024 f Publ assistance applications HS DP8 RUL
ESB 6033 f Owner-occupied foreclosure FII DPA11 RUL
ESSB 6035 f Retrospective rating plans CL DP5 DNP3 APPH
ESSB 6037 f Dept of licensing oversight CL DP8 APPG
SB 6053 f Personal hygiene products HCW DP9 DNP4 APPG
SB 6068 f Definition of "conviction" TR DP17 DNP9 RUL
SSB 6095 Puget Sound pilotage tariff TR DPA24 DNP2 RUL
SJM 8006 State routes 503 & 502 TR DP26 RUL
SJM 8012 Discrimination against women JUDI DP7 DNP4 RUL
SJM 8013 Medicare waiting period HCW DP10 DNP3 RUL