61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

April 6, 2009 - Monday 85th Day 2009 Regular Session
1st Supplemental
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
HB 2315 f Forest fire protection APPG DPS(AGNR)9 DNP5 RUL
HB 2328 f State government admin cost WAYS DP20 RUL
SB 5002 f Livestock & poultry program APPG DPA(AGNR)14 RUL
SSB 5005 f Naturally raised beef cattle APPG DPA(AGNR)14 RUL
SSB 5042 f Small business paperwork WAYS DPA(SGTA)22 RUL
SSB 5117 f Intensive behavior support APPH DP15 RUL
SB 5120 f Agricultural structures APPG DPA(APPG w/o LGH)14 RUL
E2SSB 5138 f Climate change response WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o EPAR)14 DNP6 RUL
SSB 5172 f U of W human rights center WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o HE)16 DNP6 RUL
ESSB 5262 f Driver license photo access APPG DPA(PSEP)14 RUL
SSB 5270 f Voter registration APPG DPA(APPG w/o SGTA)9 DNP5 RUL
SSB 5285 f Guardians ad litem APPG DPA(JUDI)14 RUL
SSB 5286 f Exemptions from WorkFirst APPH DPA(APPH w/o ELCS)10 DNP5 RUL
SSB 5340 f Tobacco product mail order APPG DPA(APPG w/o HCW)13 DNP1 RUL
2SSB 5346 f Health care admin procedures WAYS DPA(HCW)20 RUL
SSB 5360 f Community health grant prog WAYS DPA(HCW)22 RUL
SSB 5391 f Tatooing/body art & piercing WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o HCW)18 DNP2 RUL
SSB 5410 f Online learning WAYS DPA(ED)20 DNP2 RUL
SSB 5480 f WA health care discount plan APPG DP10 DNP4 RUL
2SSB 5491 f State health care authority WAYS DPA15 DNP5 RUL
SSB 5501 f Secure health info exchange APPH DPA(APPH w/o HCW)11 DNP4 RUL
ESSB 5529 f Architects APPG DPA13 DNP1 RUL
E2SSB 5560 f Agency climate leadership WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o EPAR)14 DNP6 RUL
ESSB 5601 f Speech-language pathology APPH DPA(HCW/APPH)14 DNP1 RUL
E2SSB 5649 f Energy efficiency/buildings WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o TEC)15 DNP7 RUL
2SSB 5676 f Middle sch student tech edu WAYS DP13 DNP7 RUL
E2SSB 5688 f Registered domestic partners WAYS DP13 DNP7 RUL
SSB 5723 f Small business assistance WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o CEDT)18 DNP2 RUL
E2SSB 5735 f Greenhouse gas emissions WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o EPAR)13 DNP7 RUL
SSB 5752 f Dentists APPH DP15 RUL
SSB 5765 f Fruit & veg district fund APPG DP14 RUL
E2SSB 5809 f Workforce training/unemplmnt WAYS DPA(CL)13 DNP7 RUL
ESSB 5811 f Foster child placements APPH DPA(ELCS)12 DNP3 RUL
E2SSB 5850 f Human trafficking violations APPG DPA(APPG w/o CL)14 RUL
E2SSB 5854 f Built environment pollution APPG DPA(APPG w/o TEC)9 DNP5 RUL
SSB 5882 f Racial disproportionality APPH DP15 RUL
E2SSB 5916 f Broadband deployment WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o TEC)13 DNP7 RUL
SSB 5921 Clean energy initiative APPG DPA(TEC)9 DNP5 RUL
E2SSB 5941 f Comprehensive education data WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o ED)19 DNP1 RUL
E2SSB 5943 f Child welfare services WAYS DPA(WAYS w/o ELCS )16 DNP4 RUL
2SSB 5945 f WA health partnership plan APPH DPA(APPH w/o HCW)10 DNP5 RUL
E2SSB 6015 f Commercialization/innovation APPG DPA(APPG w/o CEDT)13 w/oRec1 RUL
ESSB 6035 f Retrospective rating plans APPH DP8 DNP7 RUL
ESB 6048 f State's education system WAYS DPA(APPE)13 DNP7 RUL
SB 6070 f Dredged riverbed materials APPG DPA(APPG w/o AGNR)10 DNP3 RUL