61st Legislature - 2010 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

February 9, 2010 - Tuesday 30th Day 2010 Regular Session
2nd Supplemental
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
HB 1096 f Small business/st purchasing APPG DP2S10 DNP3 RUL
HB 1162 f Social emotional learning APPE DP2S10 DNP3 RUL
HB 1317 f Criminal justice employees WAYS DP2S(w/o sub SGTA)22 RUL
HB 1436 f Lobbying report filing APPG DP2S8 DNP5 RUL
HB 1545 f Higher education annuities WAYS DPS21 RUL
HB 2394 f State govt and Indian tribes APPG DP2S(w/o sub SGTA)11 DNP2 RUL
HB 2402 f Farmers market/property tax FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 2427 f Domestic violence offenders APPG DPS(PSEP)15 RUL
HB 2436 f Vehicle license fraud APPG DP2S(w/o sub TR)13 RUL
HB 2439 f Church property/farmers mrkt FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 2442 f Growth mgmt hearings boards APPG DPS(LGH)13 DNP2 RUL
HB 2460 f Organic products APPG DP15 RUL
HB 2472 f Sea urchins and cucumbers FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2480 f Sustainable rec work group APPG DP2S(w/o sub EPAR)11 DNP2 RUL
HB 2481 f DNR forest biomass agreemnts APPG DP2S(w/o sub TEC)14 DNP1 RUL
HB 2486 f DNA sample collection costs APPG DPS(PSEP)15 RUL
HB 2492 f LEOFF plan 2 shared leave WAYS DP22 RUL
HB 2498 f Residential habilitation ctr APPH DP15 RUL
HB 2504 f Renewable fuel content TR DPS (TEC)18 DNP9 RUL
HB 2508 f Water right processing APPG DPS(AGNR)9 DNP4 RUL
HB 2527 f Energy facil site eval counc WAYS DPS(TEC)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 2534 f Verifying offender addresses APPG DPS(PSEP)15 RUL
HB 2539 f Source separated materials WAYS DP2S(w/o sub EPAR)18 DNP4 RUL
HB 2541 f Commercial forestry land APPG DPS(AGNR)10 DNP3 RUL
HB 2545 f Greenhouse gas emissions APPG DPS(EPAR)15 RUL
HB 2551 f WA vaccine association WAYS DP2S(w/o sub HCW)22 RUL
HB 2560 f Joint underwriting assn's APPG DPS(FII)10 DNP3 RUL
HB 2567 f Zoos & aquariums/excise tax FIN DP8 w/oRec1 RUL
HB 2569 f Outdoor recreation info APPG DPS(AGNR)10 DNP3 RUL
HB 2574 Annexations by cities TR DP15 DNP10 RUL
HB 2583 f Pub record request violation APPG DP2S(w/o sub SGTA)9 DNP4 RUL
HB 2589 f Wastewater systems designers APPG DPS(CL)15 RUL
HB 2591 Water right permits WAYS DP2S(w/o sub AGNR)12 DNP10 RUL
HB 2593 f F & W dept. shellfish mgmt APPG DPS(AGNR)15 RUL
HB 2608 f Residential mortgage loaning APPG DP10 DNP3 RUL
HB 2614 Signature gathering APPG DPS(w/o sub SGTA)10 DNP5 RUL
HB 2623 f Residential foreclosure APPG DP2S(w/o sub JUDI)13 RUL
HB 2641 f Small business development APPG DPS10 DNP3 RUL
HB 2658 f Refocusing dept. of commerce WAYS DP2S(w/o sub CEDT)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 2672 f Aluminum smelters/tax relief FIN DP8 w/oRec1 RUL
HB 2680 f Guardianship program WAYS DPS(ELCS)22 RUL
HB 2683 f Econ development commission APPG DPS(CEDT)15 RUL
HB 2687 $ Home visiting services acct WAYS DP3S21 RUL
HB 2697 f Real estate broker licensure APPG DP15 RUL
HB 2704 f WA main street program APPG DPS(SGTA)14 DNP1 RUL
HB 2731 f At-risk children program WAYS DP2S(w/o sub ELCS)16 DNP6 RUL
HB 2741 f Infant & toddler program WAYS DPS(ELCS)16 DNP6 RUL
HB 2745 f Lead-based paint program APPG DPS(ENVH)15 RUL
HB 2756 f Senior property tax programs FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 2776 f K-12 education funding WAYS DPS(APPE)16 DNP6 RUL
HB 2789 f Underground economy activity WAYS DPS(CL)22 RUL
HB 2793 f Registered domestic partners WAYS DP2S(w/o sub JUDI)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 2816 f Fuel taxes on exported fuel TR DPS15 DNP12 RUL
HB 2823 f Retirees resuming service WAYS DP22 RUL
HB 2855 f Transit agency financing TR DPS16 DNP11 RUL
HB 2862 PERS/dir. of fire protection WAYS DP22 RUL
HB 2863 f Emer food assistance/ag dept APPG DPS15 RUL
HB 2867 f Early learning WAYS DP2S(w/o sub ELCS)15 DNP7 RUL
HB 2882 f Persons w/ mental disorders WAYS DP2S(w/o sub HS)22 RUL
HB 2898 f Medicaid payment/nursing APPH DP15 RUL
HB 2902 f Combined fund drive APPG DP13 DNP2 RUL
HB 2903 Fire protection authorities FIN DP6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2912 f Local excise taxes/counties FIN DPS6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2914 f Mercury release reduction WAYS DPS(ENVH)14 DNP8 RUL
HB 2925 Hydroelectric facilities WAYS DPS22 RUL
HB 2933 f Local infrastructure FIN DPS7 w/oRec2 RUL
HB 2935 f Hearing brds/envir, land use APPG DPS12 DNP1 RUL
HB 2957 f Indeterm sentence review brd APPG DPS15 RUL
HB 2969 f Office of the public printer APPG DP13 RUL
HB 2980 f Agricultural burning fees APPG DP12 DNP3 RUL
HB 2984 f Performing arts centers FIN DP5 w/oRec4 RUL
HB 2987 Firefighters' pension fund WAYS DP21 RUL
HB 2990 Water-sewer districts FIN DPS(LGH)6 DNP3 RUL
HB 2992 f Comprehensive land use plan WAYS DP(w/o sub LG)21 RUL
HB 3014 f Rural co. investmnt projects FIN DPS8 w/oRec1 RUL
HB 3023 f Pollution liability agency APPG DP10 DNP3 RUL
HB 3024 f Hospital employee breaks WAYS DP2S(w/o sub CL)14 DNP7 RUL
HB 3040 f Appraisal mgmt companies APPG DPS(CL)10 DNP3 RUL
HB 3048 f Medicaid administration WAYS DPS20 DNP1 RUL
HB 3053 f Extending tax incentives FIN DPS8 w/oRec1 RUL
HB 3076 f Involuntary treatment act WAYS DP2S(w/o sub HS)21 RUL
HB 3092 f Delinquent excise taxes FIN DP9 RUL
HB 3122 f Natural heritage program/DNR APPG DP10 DNP3 RUL
HB 3132 f Columbia River Gorge Compact APPG DPS9 DNP4 RUL
HB 3147 f Equipment in data centers FIN DPS9 RUL
HB 3153 Firefighter survivor benefit WAYS DP20 RUL
HB 3156 f Archaeology & historic pres. APPG DPS9 DNP3 RUL
HB 3168 Property value changes FIN DP8 RUL
HB 3174 State treasurer/funds, accts WAYS DP17 DNP4 RUL
HB 3175 Minority & women's business APPG DPS13 RUL
HB 3179 f Local excise tax provisions FIN DPS5 w/oRec4 RUL