61st Legislature - 2010 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

February 24, 2010 - Wednesday 45th Day 2010 Regular Session
1st Supplemental
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
ESB 5041 f Veteran-owned businesses SGTA DP8 RUL
SSB 5046 Symphony musicians CL DP5 DNP3 RUL
ESB 5516 f Drug overdose prevention PSEP DP6 DNP2 RUL
ESSB 5529 f Architects CL DPA8 APPG
SB 5582 f Chief for a day program PSEP DP8 RUL
2ESB 5617 f Early learning council ELCS DP7 RUL
SSB 5668 f Used manufac & mobile homes CL DPA5 DNP3 RUL
SSB 5798 Medical marijuana HCW DP9 DNP4 RUL
SB 6196 f Military leave/pub employees SGTA DPA8 RUL
SSB 6202 f Vulnerable adults PSEP DP8 RUL
ESB 6221 f Local govt investment pool SGTA DPA5 DNP3 RUL
SB 6227 f Opticianry students HCW DP13 RUL
SB 6229 f Dairy inspection program AGNR DP13 RUL
SB 6243 f Pub disclosure comm filings SGTA DPA8 RUL
ESB 6261 Utility services collections LGH DPA9 DNP2 RUL
ESB 6263 f WA vaccine association HCW DPA13 WAYS
E2SSB 6267 Water right processing AGNR DPA10 DNP3 APPG
SSB 6273 Durable medical equipment HCW DP11 DNP2 RUL
SB 6275 f Harbor lines AGNR DP13 RUL
SSB 6280 East Asian medicine HCW DPA13 RUL
ESSB 6289 f Phosphorus in lake water AGNR DPA8 DNP5 RUL
SSB 6293 f Criminal assistance/1st deg PSEP DPA8 APPG
SB 6297 Speech-language pathology HCW DP13 RUL
SSB 6299 f Animal inspection AGNR DP13 RUL
SB 6308 f Sp commitment ctr computers PSEP DP5 DNP3 RUL
SSB 6329 f Beer and wine tasting CL DP7 w/oRec1 RUL
SSB 6332 Human trafficking CL DPA8 RUL
SSB 6340 f Forensic investigation counc PSEP DPA8 RUL
SSB 6343 WA food policy forum AGNR DPA10 DNP3 RUL
SSB 6344 Campaign contribution limits SGTA DPA8 RUL
SSB 6349 f Farm internship program CL DPA8 APPH
SSB 6355 Higher education system HE DPA10 RUL
SSB 6357 Academic credit/experiences HE DP10 APPE
ESSB 6359 Cmty & tech college system HE DP7 w/oRec3 APPE
SSB 6361 Sex offender notification SGTA DP8 RUL
SB 6365 f Motor vehicle emissions exem EPAR DP15 RUL
SSB 6367 Agency web sites/pub records SGTA DP8 RUL
SSB 6373 Greenhouse gas emissions EPAR DPA12 DNP3 APPG
SSB 6380 f Wetland mitigation bank EPAR DP9 DNP6 TR
SSB 6393 f Nonprofit race meets CL DP8 RUL
SSB 6398 Threat/malicious harassment PSEP DP8 RUL
ESSB 6402 f Permit exempt wells AGNR DPA13 RUL
ESSB 6403 f Vulnerable students ED DPA13 RUL
SSB 6416 f Dependency proceedings ELCS DPA7 APPG
SSB 6433 f Home inspector licensing CL DPA8 RUL
SB 6467 Honorary degrees HE DP10 RUL
SSB 6485 Craft distilleries CL DPA8 RUL
SB 6487 Chiropractic service/payment HCW DP12 DNP1 WAYS
E2SSB 6504 f Crime victims' compensation PSEP DPA7 w/oRec1 WAYS
SSB 6521 f Agriculture impact statement AGNR DPA9 DNP4 CB
ESSB 6522 f Accountable care projects HCW DP8 DNP5 APPH
SSB 6524 f Unemployment insurance rates CL DP8 RUL
ESSB 6538 Small groups/insurance HCW DPA7 DNP6 RUL
SSB 6550 f Assault against law officer PSEP DP6 DNP2 WAYS
E2SSB 6561 f Juvenile offender records HS DPA5 DNP3 RUL
2SSB 6575 f Underground economy CL DPA5 DNP3 WAYS
ESSB 6582 Nursing assistant credential HCW DPA9 DNP4 RUL
SSB 6584 State health care authority HCW DP7 DNP6 RUL
SSB 6590 f Law enf officer conduct PSEP DPA8 RUL
SB 6593 f Infant & toddler program ELCS DPA7 WAYS
ESSB 6604 Education system flexibility ED DPA13 RUL
SB 6627 f Prescriptions by ARNPs HCW DP13 RUL
SSB 6644 f Falconry AGNR DPA13 APPG
SSB 6647 f Civil air patrol/emergencies CL DPA8 RUL
SSB 6673 f Bail practices task force PSEP DPA8 RUL
E2SSB 6696 Education reform ED DPA13 WAYS
2SSB 6702 f Juveniles in adult jails ED DP8 DNP5 WAYS
ESSB 6724 f Shared leave program SGTA DP8 WAYS
ESSB 6726 Language access providers CL DPA5 DNP3 WAYS
SSB 6730 f Child welfare ELCS DPA7 APPH
SB 6745 Veterinary technicians AGNR DP11 RUL
SSB 6749 Commercial real estate CL DP8 RUL
SSB 6759 f Voluntary early learning ELCS DPA6 DNP1 APPE
ESB 6762 f SEPA compliance EPAR DPA8 DNP7 RUL
ESB 6776 Small forest landowners AGNR DPA12 DNP1 RUL
SB 6815 f DOT marine employee benefits CL DP8 TR
SSB 6832 Child welfare services ELCS DPA7 RUL