61st Legislature - 2010 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Bills Reported Out Of Committee

February 24, 2010 - Wednesday 45th Day 2010 Regular Session
Bill No. Description Committee Ref. Ref.
ESB 5297 Probate completion JUDI DPA10 RUL
SSB 5548 Pub facilities & impact fees LGH DP7 DNP4 RUL
ESSB 5704 Flood district creation LGH DPA11 RUL
2ESSB 5742 f Crime-free rental housing JUDI DPA9 DNP1 RUL
ESSB 5902 Persons with disabilities HS DPA8 WAYS
SSB 6192 Juvenile cases/restitution HS DPA6 DNP2 RUL
SSB 6214 f Growth mgmt hearings boards LGH DPA7 DNP4 APPG
ESB 6240 f Joint underwriting assn's FII DPA9 DNP2 APPG
ESSB 6241 f Community facilities distr's CEDT DP7 DNP2 RUL
SSB 6251 f Surplus line brokers FII DP11 RUL
SSB 6271 Annexations by cities LGH DP7 DNP4 RUL
SB 6279 Regional transit facilities LGH DP8 DNP3 RUL
ESSB 6286 Flood control zone districts JUDI DP10 RUL
2SSB 6316 Law enforcemnt & corrections HS DP8 APPG
SSB 6337 Inmate savings accounts HS DP8 RUL
SSB 6341 f Food assistance/dept of ag APPG DP11 DNP2 RUL
SSB 6371 f Money transmitters FII DP11 RUL
SSB 6395 Rights of speech & petition JUDI DP10 RUL
SSB 6414 f Offender registration HS DP5 DNP3 WAYS
SB 6418 Annexation to fire prot dist LGH DP9 DNP2 RUL
SB 6450 f Court reporters JUDI DP10 RUL
SSB 6459 Rental property inspection JUDI DPA10 RUL
ESSB 6468 Weatherization/residential LGH DP7 DNP4 CB
SSB 6470 f Indian children/dependency JUDI DP9 RUL
ESSB 6476 Sex crimes involving minors HS DPA8 WAYS
2SSB 6515 f Refocusing dept. of commerce CEDT DPA6 DNP3 WAYS
SSB 6520 William D. Ruckelshaus Ctr LGH DPA11 APPE
SB 6540 f Combined fund drive APPG DP11 w/oRec2 RUL
SSB 6544 Plat approval time limits LGH DP11 RUL
SB 6546 PERS/dir. of fire protection WAYS DP19 RUL
SSB 6548 Suspending parole, probation HS DP8 RUL
SSB 6557 Brake friction material ENVH DPA9 w/oRec1 APPG
SSB 6591 Human rights commission JUDI DP10 RUL
ESB 6610 f Persons w/ mental illnesses HS DPA8 APPH
SSB 6611 Comprehensive land use plan LGH DP11 WAYS
SSB 6639 Confinement alternatives HS DPA8 WAYS
ESSB 6658 f Community solar projects TEC DPA10 DNP6 RUL
2SSB 6667 f Business assistance programs CEDT DPA6 DNP3 WAYS
SSB 6674 Motor carrier liability JUDI DP10 RUL
2SSB 6679 f Export finance assist center CEDT DPA9 APPG
SSB 6692 Electric generation/biomass TEC DPA16 RUL
SSB 6706 f Research at st. universities CEDT DPA6 DNP3 RUL
SSB 6727 f Health sciences and services CEDT DPA8 DNP1 FIN
ESB 6764 f Judgments/tortious conduct JUDI DPA6 DNP4 RUL
2SSB 6790 f Innovation partnership zones CEDT DPA5 DNP3 APPG
SB 6804 f Gambling treatmnt/DSHS rules HS DP6 DNP2 RUL
ESSB 6805 f Economic development comm CEDT DPA9 APPG
SJM 8025 Space shuttle orbiter CEDT DP8 RUL
SJM 8026 Adult offender superv. comm. HS DP8 RUL