61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore

Introduction and First Reading of
Bills, Memorials, Joint Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions

January 16, 2009 - Friday 5TH DAY 2009 Regular Session
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HB 1254 By Representatives Schmick, Blake, Ormsby, Walsh, Sullivan, Parker and Kretz
Creating the Washington grain commission.
HB 1255 By Representatives Moeller, Sells, Upthegrove, Hudgins, Williams, Morrell, Springer, Roberts, O'Brien, Carlyle, Kenney, Liias, Green and Wood
Eliminating the business and occupation tax deduction for initiation fees and dues.
HB 1256 By Representatives Chase, Appleton, Miloscia, Hunt and Nelson
Concerning state officer's and state employee's ethical conduct with regard to private gain.
HB 1257 By Representatives Goodman, Rodne, O'Brien, Simpson and Moeller
Eliminating the requirement that courts segregate deferred prosecution files.
HB 1258 By Representatives Appleton, Dickerson and Kenney; by request of Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Changing the definition of a juvenile.
HB 1259 By Representatives Appleton and Dickerson; by request of Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Modifying juvenile sex and kidnapping offender registration provisions.
HB 1260 By Representatives Appleton and Dickerson; by request of Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Concerning the transfer of juveniles to adult court.
HB 1261 By Representatives Goodman, Moeller, Green, Williams, Pedersen, Appleton, Morrell and Ormsby; by request of Uniform Legislation Commission
Enacting the adult guardianship and protective proceedings jurisdiction act.
HB 1262 By Representatives Sells, McCoy, Upthegrove, Dunshee, Appleton, O'Brien, Williams, Conway, Chase, Roberts, Goodman, Takko, Hope, Morrell, Kenney, Miloscia, Rolfes, Sullivan, Santos, Nelson, Wood and Moeller
Establishing conditions for video monitoring in public schools.
HB 1263 By Representatives Goodman, Rodne and Moeller; by request of Statute Law Committee and Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Making technical corrections to community custody provisions.
HB 1264 By Representatives Springer, Rodne and Eddy
Regarding the creation and registration of entities formed by public agencies.
HB 1265 By Representatives Warnick, Hinkle, Short, Ross, McCune, Johnson, Blake, Newhouse, Kretz and Condotta
Authorizing limited outdoor burning.
HB 1266 By Representatives Warnick, Chandler, Hinkle, Newhouse, Blake, Ross, Johnson, Kretz, McCune and Condotta
Regarding sufficient cause for the nonuse of water.
HB 1267 By Representatives Warnick, Chandler, Hinkle, Newhouse, Blake, Ross, Johnson, Kretz and McCune
Clarifying that the legislature intends that RCW 90.14.140 be liberally construed.
HB 1268 By Representatives Warnick, Chandler, Hinkle, Newhouse, Blake, Ross, Johnson, Smith, McCune, Condotta and Kretz
Concerning the relinquishment of a water right.
HB 1269 By Representatives Warnick, Chandler, Hinkle, Newhouse, Blake, Ross, Johnson and McCune
Defining "crop rotation" for the purposes of RCW 90.14.140(1)(k).
HB 1270 By Representatives Green, Cody, Dickerson, Ericksen, Upthegrove, Springer, Roberts and Nelson; by request of Department of Social and Health Services and Health Care Authority
Permitting electronic signatures on applications for public assistance and for benefits administered by the health care authority.
HB 1271 By Representatives Haigh, Finn, Crouse, Green, Liias, Springer, O'Brien, Goodman, Morris, Ormsby, Blake, Van De Wege, Moeller, Cody, Conway, Hurst, Walsh, McCune, Hinkle, Nelson and Kenney
Regarding dispensing and administration of drugs to registered or licensed veterinary personnel.
HB 1272 By Representatives Dunshee and White; by request of Office of Financial Management
Concerning state general obligation bonds and related accounts.
HB 1273 By Representatives Condotta and Armstrong
Allowing counties, cities, and towns to conduct raffles under certain terms and conditions.
HB 1274 By Representatives Condotta, Chandler, Crouse and Herrera
Changing the corporate officer provisions of the employment security act.
HB 1275 By Representatives Dickerson, O'Brien, Cody, Hurst, Green and Dammeier
Concerning the consideration of respondents' recent and past acts in involuntary commitment proceedings.
HB 1276 By Representatives Conway, Green, Moeller and Ormsby
Placing symphony orchestras, operas, and performing arts theaters under the jurisdiction of the public employment relations commission for purposes of collective bargaining.
HB 1277 By Representatives Pearson, O'Brien, Smith, Orcutt, Dammeier, Kretz and Simpson
Protecting the public from sex offenders released into the community.
HB 1278 By Representatives Pearson and Hurst
Establishing a process for providing notice to a contact person in the event a person is injured and requires emergency care.
HB 1279 By Representatives Pearson, Kristiansen, O'Brien and Smith
Increasing the seriousness level for manslaughter in the second degree.
HB 1280 By Representatives Condotta, Chandler, Crouse, Kretz, Kristiansen and Armstrong
Regarding the expiration of explosives licenses issued under chapter 70.74 RCW.
HB 1281 By Representatives Hurst, Pearson, Appleton, O'Brien, Goodman, Orcutt, Morrell, Ormsby, Simpson and Orwall
Addressing the rights of victims, survivors, and witnesses of crimes.
HB 1282 By Representatives White, Rodne, Cody and Kenney
Creating a school-based influenza vaccination pilot program.
HB 1283 By Representatives Rolfes, Campbell, Kretz, Upthegrove and Ormsby; by request of Department of Health
Modifying provisions regarding the operators of public water supply systems.
HB 1284 By Representatives Kelley, Ericks, Probst, Green, Smith, Sullivan, Morrell, Rolfes, Springer, Goodman, Jacks, Nelson, Simpson, Driscoll and Orwall
Concerning property tax relief for senior citizens and persons retired because of physical disability.
HB 1285 By Representatives Kelley, Ericks, Probst, Green, Van De Wege, Williams, Sullivan, Morrell, Seaquist, Jacks, Maxwell, Simpson, Driscoll and Orwall
Promoting economic development and community revitalization.
HB 1286 By Representatives Miloscia, Appleton, Armstrong, Hunt, Newhouse, White, Smith, Rolfes, Roberts, Nelson, Hinkle and Ormsby; by request of Public Disclosure Commission
Prohibiting false and defamatory statements about candidates for public office.
HB 1287 By Representatives Morris, Bailey, Ericks, Hinkle, Sullivan and Priest
Concerning sales and use tax exemptions in respect to aircraft used in intrastate commuter operations.
HB 1288 By Representatives Upthegrove, McCune, Simpson, Herrera, Newhouse, Armstrong, Roach, Quall, Orwall, Pettigrew, Bailey, Shea, Smith, Orcutt, Sullivan, Eddy, Johnson, Nelson, Ormsby, Kretz and Kristiansen
Exempting the annual parental declaration of intent to home school from the public disclosure act.
HB 1289 By Representatives Nelson, Upthegrove, Chase, Hasegawa, Cody, Williams and Miloscia
Concerning campaign contributions to candidates for public lands commissioner.
HB 1290 By Representatives Maxwell, Rodne, Kenney, Green, Clibborn, Liias, Anderson and Hunter
Concerning local tourism promotion areas.
HB 1291 By Representatives Maxwell, Simpson, Green, Rodne, Clibborn, Hasegawa, Ormsby, Orwall, Liias, Hudgins, Johnson, Sullivan and Hunter
Changing library district annexation provisions.
HB 1292 By Representatives Newhouse, Chandler and Simpson
Authorizing waivers from the one hundred eighty-day school year requirement in order to allow four-day school weeks.
HB 1293 By Representatives Liias, Hunt, Armstrong, Miloscia, Nelson, Morrell and Orwall
Modifying whistleblower protection provisions.
HB 1294 By Representative Blake
Regarding energy resources under chapter 19.285 RCW.
HB 1295 By Representatives Warnick and Upthegrove
Annexing areas used for agricultural fairs.
HB 1296 By Representatives Williams, Warnick, Goodman, McCune, Rodne, Simpson and Kelley
Providing limitations on rental housing inspections.
HB 1297 By Representatives Simpson, Orcutt, Sullivan, Warnick and McCune
Concerning the excise taxation of bullion and rare earth metals.
HB 1298 By Representatives O'Brien, Warnick, Williams, McCune, Rodne, Simpson, Kelley and Ormsby
Limiting utility liens against rental property.
HB 1299 By Representatives O'Brien, Warnick, Williams, McCune, Rodne and Simpson
Concerning local government crime-free rental housing programs.
HB 1300 By Representatives Hurst, Dickerson, Pearson, Klippert, O'Brien and Smith
Access to mental health information.
HB 1301 By Representative McCune
Designating an official state Christmas tree.
HB 1302 By Representatives McCune and Campbell
Excluding a portion of state route number 7 from the scenic system.
HB 1303 By Representatives Moeller, Green and Roberts
Collecting child mortality reviews into a database.
HB 1304 By Representatives Springer, Orcutt, Takko, Eddy and Herrera
Providing a limited property tax exemption for the use of facilities by artistic, scientific, and historical organizations.
HB 1305 By Representatives Kretz, Blake, Pearson, Schmick, Short, Kristiansen, Herrera and Condotta
Addressing unemployment compensation benefits when there is an absence from work resulting from incarceration.
HB 1306 By Representatives Kretz, Warnick and Short
Regarding open range laws on public land.
HB 1307 By Representatives Moeller, Williams, Hunt, Pedersen, Jacks, Darneille, Hudgins, Dunshee, Blake, Chase, Kenney, Haigh, Conway, Dickerson and White
Concerning public health financing.
SCR 8401 By Senators Brown, Hewitt and Honeyford
Calling a joint session to honor deceased former members.