61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore


Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1000 f Extending state route 397 Haler,Klippert TR DP25
HB 1001 f Veterans' burials Parker,Hurst JUDI DPS11
HB 1002 Certificate of discharge Appleton,Hasegawa JUDI DPS11
HB 1004 f Energy efficiency code Morris,Chase TEC DPS12 w/oRec4
HB 1019 f Inactive voter ballots Hunt,Appleton SGTA DP8
HB 1022 Statutory costs Williams,Warnick JUDI DPS11
HB 1024 Aplets and Cotlets Armstrong,Liias SGTA DP6 w/oRec1
HB 1028 TV reception districts Armstrong TEC DP14 w/oRec1
HB 1030 f Special commitment center Appleton,Chandler SGTA DP8
HB 1033 f Lead wheel wgt alternatives Campbell,Morrell ENVH DPS7 DNP3
HB 1035 f Militia Hurst,Morrell SGTA DP8
HB 1036 f Military justice code Kelley,Morrell JUDI DPS11
HB 1037 State route 164 Hurst,Sullivan TR DP25
HB 1040 f Gambling under age 18 Wood,Alexander CL DPS8
HB 1041 Occupational therapy meds Morrell,Warnick HCW DPS12
HB 1042 Notices of dishonor O'Brien,Warnick JUDI DP10
HB 1048 Free public parking property Simpson,Hudgins LGH DP10
HB 1053 Raffle ticket price increase Moeller,Williams CL DP7
HB 1058 f RCW editorial standards Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP10
HB 1059 Statute corrections Goodman,Kelley JUDI DP10
HB 1060 f Weatherization statute Liias,Walsh LGH DPS7 DNP4
HB 1063 f Salmon & steelhead recovery Takko,Simpson AGNR DP12
HB 1068 Business corporation act Pedersen,Rodne JUDI DP10
HB 1071 Nurse practitioners Green,Morrell HCW DPS12
HB 1076 f Victim input re: wrk release Rolfes,Eddy HS DP8
HB 1079 f Growth mgmt hearings board Simpson,Nelson LGH DPS7 DNP3
HB 1080 Fire protection facilities Simpson,Williams LGH DP8 DNP3
HB 1087 f Minority & women's business Kenney,Pettigrew CEDT DP8
HB 1088 f PUD taxes clarification Hunter FIN DP6 DNP3
HB 1089 f Excise and sales & use taxes Hunter,Condotta FIN DP9
HB 1101 f Foster parent licenses Roberts,Kagi ELCS DP7
HB 1103 Vulnerable adults' estates Moeller,Green JUDI DPS11
HB 1110 Home-based instruction Sullivan,Liias ED DPS13
HB 1114 Hunters under fourteen Blake,Orcutt AGNR DPS11 DNP1
HB 1119 Nonprofit institution funds Pedersen,Rodne JUDI DPS11
HB 1120 Uniform laws Pedersen,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1127 f Credit and debit card info Hurst,Hinkle FII DP11
HB 1132 f Distressd proprty conveyance Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1137 Christmas tree protections Finn,Blake AGNR DP12
HB 1139 Public transp benefit areas Liias TR DP25
HB 1148 Protection of animals Williams,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1150 Companion animal damages Williams,Simpson JUDI DP7 DNP4
HB 1158 f Electronic juror signatures Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1159 f King Co. distr court judges Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP10 DNP1
HB 1167 f Linked deposit program study Hasegawa,Kenney FII DP11
HB 1170 f Parenting plan modification McCoy,Rodne JUDI DPS11
HB 1204 f Benton Co. distr crt judges Klippert,Goodman JUDI DP11
HB 1217 f Amusement game locations Simpson,Alexander CL DP7
HB 1218 Contempt of court sanctions Goodman,Klippert JUDI DP11
HB 1219 f Retirement systems mailings Green,Armstrong SGTA DPS8
HB 1238 f Juvenile case records access Appleton,Goodman JUDI DP10 DNP1
HB 1251 f Abstracts of driving records Shea,Goodman JUDI DP11
HB 1254 f Grain commission Schmick,Blake AGNR DPS12
HB 1257 f Deferred prosecution files Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1264 Public agency entities Springer,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1270 f Electr signatures/pub assist Green,Cody ELCS DP7
HB 1273 Raffles by counties & cities Condotta,Armstrong CL DP8
HB 1280 f Explosives lic expiration Condotta,Chandler CL DPS8
HB 1281 f Victim and witness rights Hurst,Pearson HS DP8
HB 1286 f Candidates for public office Miloscia,Appleton SGTA DPS8
HB 1322 f School scoliosis screening Green,Morrell HCW DP10
HB 1331 Certified public accountants Rodne,Pedersen JUDI DP11
HB 1338 f Good cause for late filing Conway,Condotta CL DP8
HB 1339 f Employer contribution rates Conway,Wood CL DP8
HB 1361 f Supervised community options Goodman,Rodne HS DP8
HB 1366 f Boilers & pressure vessels Wood,Conway CL DP8
HB 1389 f Site certificate employees Blake,Conway CL DP5 DNP3
HB 1401 Standrd health questionnaire Cody,Hinkle HCW DPS12
HB 1498 f Involunt commitment/firearms Hunter,Blake JUDI DP11
HB 1566 f Insurance commissioner Kirby,Williams FII DPA10
HB 1567 f Insurance Bailey,Kirby FII DP10
HB 1568 f Persons selling insurance Bailey,Kirby FII DP9 w/oRec1
HJM 4000 County health care costs O'Brien,Warnick HS DP7 w/oRec1
HJM 4004 State route 110 name Van De Wege,Kessler TR DPS24