61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore


Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1010 Biofuel definition Morris,Chase TEC DPS16
HB 1018 f Special election dates Appleton,Herrera SGTA DPS8
HB 1019 f Inactive voter ballots Hunt,Appleton SGTA DP8
HB 1022 Statutory costs Williams,Warnick JUDI DPS11
HB 1024 Aplets and Cotlets Armstrong,Liias SGTA DP6 w/oRec1
HB 1030 f Special commitment center Appleton,Chandler SGTA DP8
HB 1035 f Militia Hurst,Morrell SGTA DP8
HB 1051 f Veterans' access to services Morrell,Dammeier SGTA DP8
HB 1053 Raffle ticket price increase Moeller,Williams CL DP7
HB 1055 f Construction trade workers Moeller,Williams CL DPS8
HB 1058 f RCW editorial standards Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP10
HB 1059 Statute corrections Goodman,Kelley JUDI DP10
HB 1068 Business corporation act Pedersen,Rodne JUDI DP10
HB 1076 f Victim input re: wrk release Rolfes,Eddy HS DP8
HB 1080 Fire protection facilities Simpson,Williams LGH DP8 DNP3
HB 1085 f Body piercing safety Appleton,Green HCW DPS10
HB 1088 f PUD taxes clarification Hunter FIN DP6 DNP3
HB 1101 f Foster parent licenses Roberts,Kagi ELCS DP7
HB 1114 Hunters under fourteen Blake,Orcutt AGNR DPS11 DNP1
HB 1119 Nonprofit institution funds Pedersen,Rodne JUDI DPS11
HB 1120 Uniform laws Pedersen,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1121 f State flag account Rodne,Bailey SGTA DP8
HB 1128 f Innovation partnership zones Kenney,Bailey CEDT DPS9
HB 1138 f Retail store restroom access Liias,Clibborn JUDI DPS10
HB 1150 Companion animal damages Williams,Simpson JUDI DP7 DNP4
HB 1152 f Driver w/ disability sticker Williams,Roach TR DPS26
HB 1155 f Spec ed prog medical billing Hinkle,Green HCW DP10
HB 1156 f Alternative route program Anderson,Sullivan ED DP13
HB 1158 f Electronic juror signatures Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1159 f King Co. distr court judges Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP10 DNP1
HB 1167 f Linked deposit program study Hasegawa,Kenney FII DP11
HB 1171 f Beer commission Sullivan,Newhouse AGNR DP12
HB 1184 Municipal conservation loans Chase TEC DP16
HB 1196 Small works roster projects Haigh,Kristiansen SGTA DP8
HB 1199 Public works funds retainage Haigh,Kristiansen SGTA DP8
HB 1201 f Community integration prog O'Brien,Dickerson HS DPS8
HB 1202 Life insur policy benefits Hurst,Bailey FII DPS11
HB 1212 f LEOFF & WSP death benefits Kirby,Green CL DP5 DNP3
HB 1215 f Motor vehicle warranties Wood,Chandler CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 1218 Contempt of court sanctions Goodman,Klippert JUDI DP11
HB 1219 f Retirement systems mailings Green,Armstrong SGTA DPS8
HB 1221 f Civil commitment witnesses Maxwell,Hurst PSEP DPS8
HB 1225 f Trans systems/fuel tx effect Liias,Rodne TR DPS19 DNP7
HB 1227 RV's as primary residences Springer,Warnick LGH DP9 DNP2
HB 1250 f Housing trust fund Orwall,Miloscia CB DPS10 DNP4
HB 1251 f Abstracts of driving records Shea,Goodman JUDI DP11
HB 1257 f Deferred prosecution files Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP11
HB 1261 Adult guardianship Goodman,Moeller JUDI DPS10
HB 1271 Veterinary drugs Haigh,Finn AGNR DPS12
HB 1276 f Performing arts bargaining Conway,Green CL DPS6 DNP2
HB 1286 f Candidates for public office Miloscia,Appleton SGTA DPS8
HB 1288 Home school declaration Upthegrove,McCune SGTA DP7
HB 1291 Library district annexations Maxwell,Simpson LGH DPS11
HB 1295 Annexing agri fair areas Warnick,Upthegrove LGH DP11
HB 1296 Rental housing inspections Williams,Warnick LGH DPS11
HB 1298 Rental prop utility liens O'Brien,Warnick LGH DP11
HB 1304 f Facility use prop tax exem Springer,Orcutt FIN DPS8
HB 1309 Dental hygiene Green,Ericksen HCW DPS11
HB 1319 f School distr employee ethics Sullivan,Anderson ED DPS13
HB 1324 f Peace officer psych exams O'Brien,Ericks PSEP DP8
HB 1326 f Pacific sardines Blake,Van De Wege AGNR DPS11
HB 1332 Watershed mgmt partnerships Goodman,Anderson JUDI DPS10
HB 1339 f Employer contribution rates Conway,Wood CL DP8
HB 1349 f Less restrictive treatment Green,Moeller HS DPS8
HB 1357 Social worker Pettigrew,Dickerson HCW DPS9 DNP1
HB 1361 f Supervised community options Goodman,Rodne HS DP8
HB 1362 f Conveyances/prostitution Goodman,Rodne JUDI DPS10
HB 1363 f Candidate filing Hunt,Armstrong SGTA DPS8
HB 1364 f Election provisions Hunt,Armstrong SGTA DP8
HB 1366 f Boilers & pressure vessels Wood,Conway CL DP8
HB 1369 County elected officials Haler,Takko LGH DPS11
HB 1371 f Intermediate vehicle license Armstrong,Hunt TR DPS24
HB 1375 f Foster care citizen boards Roberts,Appleton ELCS DP7
HB 1379 Shoreline mgmt act/moratoria Seaquist,Angel LGH DPS6 DNP3
HB 1380 Lease w/ option to purchase Liias,Sells LGH DP10
HB 1384 f Debt limit/housing fin comm Miloscia,O'Brien CB DP8 DNP6
HB 1385 f Sch employee sexl misconduct Haler,Van De Wege PSEP DP6 DNP2
HB 1388 f Pipeline safety fees Jacks,McCoy TEC DPS16
HB 1397 Nurse authority delegation Moeller,Ericksen HCW DPS10
HB 1404 f State heritage center spaces Armstrong,Miloscia SGTA DP8
HB 1408 f Victim impact panels Morrell,Hudgins JUDI DPS11
HB 1420 Real estate sellers Conway,Condotta CL DPS8
HB 1426 f Use of certified mail Hunt,Condotta JUDI DP10
HB 1431 f Significant state highways Sells,Liias TR DP24
HB 1433 f Damages to state property Liias,Sells TR DP24
HB 1437 Fish & wildlife chaplain Dammeier,O'Brien AGNR DP11
HB 1456 Natural resource lands Dunshee LGH DP6 DNP4
HB 1457 Boundary review boards Nelson,Simpson LGH DPS6 DNP3
HB 1461 County employee pay periods Bailey,Hunt LGH DP10
HB 1462 Malt liquor Williams,Chandler CL DP8
HB 1464 Affordable housing incentive Springer,Ormsby LGH DP6 DNP4
HB 1468 Rural library district brds Sullivan,Rodne LGH DP10
HB 1475 f Agency rule-making info Orcutt,Probst SGTA DP7
HB 1478 f Deployed military personnel Orcutt,Takko TR DP25
HB 1483 Active forestry operations Jacks,Chandler AGNR DP12
HB 1496 f Interoperability exec comm Roberts,Hurst PSEP DPS8
HB 1498 f Involunt commitment/firearms Hunter,Blake JUDI DP11
HB 1504 f Motor vehicle fuel tax Liias,Williams TR DP15 DNP10
HB 1505 f Sexually exploited juveniles Dickerson,Dammeier HS DPS8
HB 1506 f Firefightr survivor benefits Conway,Bailey WAYS DP21
HB 1512 f Rail freight service funding Haler,Roach TR DPS26
HB 1513 Water and sewer facilities Haler LGH DP10
HB 1515 f Electronic records approval Driscoll,Ericksen HCW DP11
HB 1518 f Accountancy practices Conway,Condotta CL DPS8
HB 1532 Wastewater reclamation syst Rolfes,Chandler LGH DPS9
HB 1541 f Half-time edu employment Seaquist,Conway WAYS DP21
HB 1542 f Obsolete retirement statutes Seaquist,Conway WAYS DP21
HB 1544 f State retirement systems Crouse,Conway WAYS DP21
HB 1546 f From PERS 2 to SERS 2 Conway,Seaquist WAYS DP21
HB 1547 f Duty-related death benefit Bailey,Conway WAYS DP21
HB 1548 f Military service credit Bailey,Conway WAYS DP21
HB 1550 f Survivor annuity option Seaquist,Conway WAYS DP21
HB 1551 f Survivor benefits Conway,Bailey WAYS DP20
HB 1553 f Damages claims against govt Takko,Goodman JUDI DPS9 DNP2
HB 1561 Fire prot district annexing Morrell,Priest LGH DP9
HB 1562 Graduating w/out certificate Liias,Priest ED DP12
HB 1564 f Flood insurance coverage Rodne,Kirby FII DPS11
HB 1569 Local public works fund Liias,O'Brien LGH DP10
HB 1572 f All mail elections Hunt,Liias SGTA DPS5 DNP3
HB 1575 $ SR 2 route development plan Sells,McCoy TR DPS24
HB 1576 f Tax on marine fuel Clibborn,Liias TR DP26
HB 1578 Air pollution control authty Driscoll,Ormsby LGH DP6 DNP4
HB 1583 County auditors Alexander,Simpson LGH DPS9
HB 1584 Air operating permit exemps Upthegrove EPAR DP11 DNP4
HB 1589 f Conditional release orders Green,Dickerson HS DP8
HB 1592 f Registering w/ sec of state Pedersen,Rodne JUDI DPS10
HB 1596 f Woman's right to breastfeed Green,Hunt SGTA DP8
HB 1605 f Growth management act Springer,Rodne LGH DPS11
HB 1619 f School capital projects White,Kenney CB DPS14
HB 1639 County investment expenses Hunter,Anderson LGH DP8 DNP3
HB 1653 f Shoreline & growth mgmt acts Simpson LGH DP7 DNP3
HB 1682 Hort pest & disease boards Newhouse,Kretz AGNR DP12
HB 1707 f Insurance companies Kirby,Shea JUDI DPS11
HB 1714 Association health plans Cody,Morrell HCW DPS7 DNP4
HB 1728 Joint oper agencies & PUD's Takko,Haler LGH DP9
HB 1760 Sheriffs' offices Ormsby LGH DP9
HB 1785 f Chief for a day program Armstrong,O'Brien PSEP DP8
HB 1789 f Offender release dates Dammeier,O'Brien HS DP8
HB 1790 f Domestic violence crt orders O'Brien,Hurst HS DP8
HB 1824 f Concussion mgmt/youth sports Rodne,Quall ED DP13
HB 1825 Growth management act Rodne,Anderson LGH DPS11
HB 1826 Foreclosure sales Rodne,Pedersen JUDI DP11
HB 1841 f College & university boards White,Warnick HE DPS9 DNP1
HB 1852 f Fingerprint record checks Appleton,Hinkle PSEP DP8
HB 1888 Mobile homes titling Springer,Angel LGH DP9
HB 1897 Water-sewer districts Simpson,Shea LGH DP9
HB 1943 f Early learning workforce Kagi,Goodman ELCS DPS7
HJM 4001 Celebrating older adults O'Brien,McCoy SGTA DP7
HJM 4002 No Child Left Behind Act Sullivan,Simpson ED DP13
HJM 4003 Government of Turkey Wallace,Hinkle SGTA DP7
HCR 4403 St workforce training plan Wallace,Anderson HE DP9 DNP1