61st Legislature - 2009 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore


Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1008 Small wind energy permits Morris,Chase TEC DPS16
HB 1019 f Inactive voter ballots Hunt,Appleton SGTA DP8
HB 1024 Aplets and Cotlets Armstrong,Liias SGTA DP6 w/oRec1
HB 1035 f Militia Hurst,Morrell SGTA DP8
HB 1051 f Veterans' access to services Morrell,Dammeier SGTA DP8
HB 1059 Statute corrections Goodman,Kelley JUDI DP10
HB 1067 f Limited partnership act Pedersen,Rodne APPG DPS(JUDI)13
HB 1081 Railroad crossing protection Wallace,Ericksen TR DP2S21 DNP5
HB 1085 f Body piercing safety Appleton,Green HCW DPS10
HB 1114 Hunters under fourteen Blake,Orcutt AGNR DPS11 DNP1
HB 1115 f Animal trapping Blake,Orcutt AGNR DP9 DNP3
HB 1123 f Methicillin-resistant staph Campbell,Morrell HCW DPS13
HB 1149 f Security breach protection Williams,Roach FII DPS8 DNP2
HB 1150 Companion animal damages Williams,Simpson JUDI DP7 DNP4
HB 1152 f Driver w/ disability sticker Williams,Roach TR DPS26
HB 1159 f King Co. distr court judges Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP10 DNP1
HB 1184 Municipal conservation loans Chase TEC DP16
HB 1195 Undisputed claims payment Haigh,Kristiansen CB DP14
HB 1197 Alternative public works Haigh,Kristiansen CB DP14
HB 1199 Public works funds retainage Haigh,Kristiansen SGTA DP8
HB 1201 f Community integration prog O'Brien,Dickerson HS DPS8
HB 1202 Life insur policy benefits Hurst,Bailey FII DPS11
HB 1219 f Retirement systems mailings Green,Armstrong SGTA DPS8
HB 1239 f Dependency proceedings Kagi,Walsh ELCS DPS7
HB 1250 f Housing trust fund Orwall,Miloscia CB DPS10 DNP4
HB 1251 f Abstracts of driving records Shea,Goodman JUDI DP11
HB 1263 f Community custody provisions Goodman,Rodne APPG DPS(HS)14
HB 1283 f Publ water supply operators Rolfes,Campbell ENVH DPS7
HB 1296 Rental housing inspections Williams,Warnick LGH DPS11
HB 1298 Rental prop utility liens O'Brien,Warnick LGH DP11
HB 1302 State route 7 McCune,Campbell TR DP24 DNP2
HB 1310 f Check cashers and sellers Kirby,Bailey FII DP10
HB 1315 f Horse racing commission/acct Quall,Conway APPG DP13
HB 1349 f Less restrictive treatment Green,Moeller HS DPS8
HB 1357 Social worker Pettigrew,Dickerson HCW DPS9 DNP1
HB 1363 f Candidate filing Hunt,Armstrong SGTA DPS8
HB 1364 f Election provisions Hunt,Armstrong SGTA DP8
HB 1379 Shoreline mgmt act/moratoria Seaquist,Angel LGH DPS6 DNP3
HB 1384 f Debt limit/housing fin comm Miloscia,O'Brien CB DP8 DNP6
HB 1385 f Sch employee sexl misconduct Haler,Van De Wege PSEP DP6 DNP2
HB 1395 Workforce & econ development Wallace,Anderson HE DP10
HB 1397 Nurse authority delegation Moeller,Ericksen HCW DPS10
HB 1402 f Industrial insurance appeals Williams,Campbell CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 1403 f Traffic signals/motorcycles Williams,DeBolt TR DPS26
HB 1404 f State heritage center spaces Armstrong,Miloscia SGTA DP8
HB 1409 f Strait of Juan de Fuca Van De Wege,Kessler EPAR DPS9 DNP4
HB 1415 Wine at legislative gift ctr Hasegawa,Haler CL DPS5 DNP2
HB 1441 Malt beverage distr & prod Conway,Condotta CL DPS8
HB 1454 Statutory debt limit Dunshee CB DPS8 DNP6
HB 1456 Natural resource lands Dunshee LGH DP6 DNP4
HB 1457 Boundary review boards Nelson,Simpson LGH DPS6 DNP3
HB 1464 Affordable housing incentive Springer,Ormsby LGH DP6 DNP4
HB 1468 Rural library district brds Sullivan,Rodne LGH DP10
HB 1489 f Water resource management Blake,Chandler AGNR DPS11 DNP1
HB 1492 f Independent youth housing Pedersen,Pettigrew APPG DP12 w/oRec1
HB 1493 Prescription drug marketing Pedersen,Hinkle HCW DPS7 DNP6
HB 1496 f Interoperability exec comm Roberts,Hurst PSEP DPS8
HB 1498 f Involunt commitment/firearms Hunter,Blake JUDI DP11
HB 1499 Utility facility relocations Eddy,Hudgins TEC DPA16
HB 1500 Recording devices in vehicle Eddy,Hasegawa TR DPS26
HB 1510 f Birth certificates Ross,Klippert HCW DPS13
HB 1512 f Rail freight service funding Haler,Roach TR DPS26
HB 1516 Dungeness crab fishery gear Blake,Kretz AGNR DPS12
HB 1517 f Restoration of right to vote Darneille,Green SGTA DPS5 DNP2
HB 1528 Employer communications Sells,Conway CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 1530 f Asset protection waiver act Kirby,Bailey FII DP7 DNP3
HB 1536 f Household goods carriers Clibborn,Roach TR DP25 DNP1
HB 1542 f Obsolete retirement statutes Seaquist,Conway WAYS DP21
HB 1546 f From PERS 2 to SERS 2 Conway,Seaquist WAYS DP21
HB 1550 f Survivor annuity option Seaquist,Conway WAYS DP21
HB 1552 Open public meetings access Kretz,Blake SGTA DPS7
HB 1553 f Damages claims against govt Takko,Goodman JUDI DPS9 DNP2
HB 1554 f L & I stop work orders Conway,Chase CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 1563 f Age-suitable annuities Kirby,Williams FII DPS9 DNP1
HB 1565 f Business continuity plans Kirby,Kelley FII DPS10
HB 1571 f Water rights adjudication Blake,Chandler AGNR DPS12
HB 1572 f All mail elections Hunt,Liias SGTA DPS5 DNP3
HB 1576 f Tax on marine fuel Clibborn,Liias TR DP26
HB 1579 f Nonprofit legal services Appleton,Hasegawa FIN DP7
HB 1581 Mobile home park closures Liias,Priest JUDI DPS6 DNP5
HB 1584 f Air operating permit exemps Upthegrove EPAR DP11 DNP4
HB 1591 f Trans benefit district funds Upthegrove,Clibborn TR DPS15 DNP9
HB 1595 f State forest lands transfer Blake,Chandler CB DPS(AGNR)14
HB 1598 Electing US pres by pop vote Goodman,Hunt SGTA DP5 DNP2
HB 1639 County investment expenses Hunter,Anderson LGH DP8 DNP3
HB 1640 f U of W consol endowment fund Kessler,Armstrong SGTA DP7
HB 1644 Deeds of trust reconveyances Maxwell,Miloscia JUDI DPS11
HB 1647 Health care admin procedures Driscoll,Morrell HCW DPS13
HB 1653 f Shoreline & growth mgmt acts Simpson LGH DP7 DNP3
HB 1663 Relocation assistance rights Goodman,Springer JUDI DPS9 DNP2
HB 1664 Motorsport franchise agrmnts Wood,Conway CL DPS8
HB 1691 f Solid fuel burning devices Rolfes,Campbell ENVH DPS7 DNP3
HB 1692 Publ facilities district brd Driscoll,Wood CEDT DPS9
HB 1695 f Controlled substances Kagi,Roberts PSEP DP5 DNP3
HB 1703 Child immunization exemptns Cody,Pedersen HCW DPS8 DNP3
HB 1704 Motor vehicle franchises Conway,Chandler CL DPS8
HB 1707 f Insurance companies Kirby,Shea JUDI DPS11
HB 1708 f Lands adjacent to Maury Is. Nelson,Simpson AGNR DPS7 DNP5
HB 1709 f Small loan default risk Nelson,White FII DPS10
HB 1713 State health insurance pool Cody,Green HCW DPS13
HB 1714 Association health plans Cody,Morrell HCW DPS7 DNP4
HB 1722 f PERS default provisions Crouse,Conway WAYS DP20 DNP2
HB 1740 f Dentistry license issuance Cody,Hinkle HCW DPS13
HB 1741 School employees dismissal Darneille,Quall ED DPS13
HB 1752 f Election procedures Hurst,Hunt SGTA DPS5 DNP2
HB 1760 Sheriffs' offices Ormsby LGH DP9
HB 1761 Ethical use/legisl web sites Hasegawa,Appleton SGTA DPS7
HB 1766 f Lawful source of income Ormsby,Darneille JUDI DPS6 DNP5
HB 1771 f Child support lic suspension Pettigrew,Walsh JUDI DPS11
HB 1782 f Dependency matters/parents Goodman,Roberts ELCS DPS7
HB 1786 f Independent contractor Ormsby,Campbell CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 1796 f Drug-related overdoses Goodman,Green PSEP DPS5 DNP3
HB 1801 f Juvenile court employees Green,Williams CL DP6 DNP2
HB 1812 f Wine labels Newhouse,Conway CL DPS8
HB 1818 f High tech sales & use tax Dickerson,Orcutt FIN DP7
HB 1822 f Peace officers Conway,Wood CL DP6 DNP2
HB 1830 f Business definitions Santos CEDT DP6 DNP3
HB 1836 f Public works/off-site prefab Ormsby,Wood CL DP5 DNP3
HB 1843 f Motor carrier regulation Kagi,Rodne TR DPS20 DNP4
HB 1847 Bid limits Haigh SGTA DPS7
HB 1854 f Greenhouse gas standards Morris,Chase TEC DPS13 DNP3
HB 1856 Tenants who are victims Kessler,Pedersen JUDI DPS11
HB 1864 f Air pollution control/income Newhouse,Hunt SGTA DPS7
HB 1869 Health care cost information Bailey,Hinkle HCW DPS13
HB 1880 f Ballot envelopes Armstrong,Hunt SGTA DP7
HB 1882 f Property leased to hospitals Santos,Hunter FIN DPS7
HB 1883 Metropolitan park districts Morris,Quall LGH DPS8 DNP3
HB 1885 Feeding of wildlife Van De Wege,Blake AGNR DPS7 DNP5
HB 1886 Flood control districts Takko LGH DPS7 DNP4
HB 1887 Diking districts Takko LGH DPS7 DNP4
HB 1897 Water-sewer districts Simpson,Shea LGH DP9
HB 1898 f Higher ed capital projects Dunshee,Warnick CB DPS14
HB 1920 Public employees/meetings Hunt,Hasegawa SGTA DP7
HB 1926 Hospice agency exemption Cody,Ericksen HCW DPS13
HB 1957 f Wildlife and recreation prog Jacks,Warnick CB DPS11 DNP3
HB 1965 f Employees/sensory disability Hunt,Upthegrove SGTA DP7
HB 1966 Drivers & wheelchair users McCoy,Ormsby TR DP26
HB 1967 One hundred year floodplains White,Campbell LGH DP7 DNP4
HB 1971 f School district treasurers Hunter,Carlyle ED DPS10 DNP3
HB 1975 School impact fees Santos,Williams LGH DP8 DNP3
HB 1984 Vehicle air conditioning Finn,Armstrong EPAR DPS9 DNP3
HB 1994 Carbon dioxide emissions Finn,Chase TEC DPS10 DNP6
HB 1996 Underground facilities Armstrong,Eddy TEC DPS16
HB 1997 f Puget Sound science research Finn,Rolfes EPAR DP12
HB 2004 f Naturopathic doctors Green HCW DPS11 w/oRec2
HB 2006 Growth management act Simpson,Chase LGH DP10 w/oRec1
HB 2010 f State funds/local projects Dunshee,Nelson CB DPS8 DNP6
HB 2014 Prescription pads Kelley,Ericksen HCW DP13
HB 2016 Campaign laws Flannigan,Appleton SGTA DPS5 DNP2
HB 2020 Fire protection districts Simpson,Chase LGH DPS6 DNP5
HB 2040 f Beer & wine regulation comm Conway,Condotta CL DP8
HB 2042 f Motion pic competitiveness Kenney,Parker CEDT DPS9
HB 2049 f Exempt employment practices Seaquist,Appleton SGTA DPS7
HB 2083 f Large city tree canopies White,Kenney EPAR DP8 DNP4
HB 2089 f Food service products Chase EPAR DP9 DNP5
HB 2115 f Booking photos at jails O'Brien PSEP DPS7 DNP1
HB 2116 f Water pollution control Maxwell,Dunshee CB DPS14
HB 2117 Basic health plan Cody,Morrell HCW DP13
HB 2125 f Community preservation Santos,Kenney CEDT DPS6 DNP3
HB 2126 f Cemetery & funeral dir brds Orwall,Darneille CL DPS7 DNP1
HB 2128 Children's health coverage Seaquist,Simpson HCW DPS9 DNP4
HB 2129 Greenhouse gas emissions Eddy TEC DP16
HB 2138 f Surplus property for housing Simpson,Chase LGH DP7 DNP4
HB 2142 f School plant funding Roach,Santos CB DP14
HB 2146 Water or sewer facilities Ericks,Johnson LGH DP8 DNP3
HB 2160 f Wellness incentives Driscoll,Hinkle HCW DPS13
HB 2162 f Social card games Conway,Condotta CL DPS8
HB 2208 Motorsports vehicle dealers Hope,Kristiansen CL DPS8
HB 2220 Approval of plats Simpson,White LGH DPS11
HB 2222 Storm water general permits Blake,Kretz AGNR DPS9 DNP3
HB 2224 Fire sprinkler systems Simpson LGH DPS9 DNP2
HB 2242 f Department of commerce Kenney,Probst CEDT DP6 DNP3
HJM 4001 Celebrating older adults O'Brien,McCoy SGTA DP7
HJM 4002 No Child Left Behind Act Sullivan,Simpson ED DP13
HJM 4003 Government of Turkey Wallace,Hinkle SGTA DP7
HJM 4008 Special transportation needs Wallace,Simpson TR DPS26
HCR 4403 St workforce training plan Wallace,Anderson HE DP9 DNP1
HCR 4404 Higher ed coordination board Wallace,Carlyle HE DP10