61st Legislature - 2010 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore


Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1149 f Security breach protection Williams,Roach FII DP2S9 DNP2
HB 1189 Retail store carryout bags Chase,Campbell ENVH DPS6 w/oRec1
HB 1296 Rental housing inspections Williams,Warnick LGH DPS11
SHB 1418 f Dropout reengagement system ED (Kagi) APPE DP2S14
HB 1534 Well notification Upthegrove,Takko AGNR DPS8 DNP5
EHB 1547 f Duty-related death benefit Bailey,Conway WAYS DP22
SHB 1572 All mail elections SGTA(Hunt) SGTA DP2S6 DNP2
HB 1591 f Trans benefit district funds Upthegrove,Clibborn TR DP2S15 DNP13
SHB 1597 f Tax programs administration FIN (Springer) FIN DP2S6 DNP3
E2SHB 1618 f Community & surplus schools APPG(White) CB DP3S9 DNP6
ESHB 1669 Deposit of public funds FII(Hunt) FII DP2S7 DNP4
HB 1697 Career & tech student orgs Liias,Priest ED DP13
HB 1755 Correctional employees Williams,Rodne JUDI DPS11
HB 1757 f Small school district fund Haigh,Haler APPE DP12
HB 1775 f Limousine carrier regs White,Carlyle TR DPS23 DNP3
HB 1796 f Drug-related overdoses Goodman,Green PSEP DP2S6 DNP2
HB 1882 f Property leased to hospitals Santos,Hunter FIN DPS7
HB 1913 Process servers Warnick,Flannigan JUDI DPS10
HB 1949 f Comm college boards/students Liias,Sells HE DPS8 DNP2
HB 1950 f Property fair and true value Orcutt FIN DP2S9
HB 1966 Drivers & wheelchair users McCoy,Ormsby TR DP26
HB 1969 f Residential education Haigh,Appleton APPE DP2S13
HB 2016 Campaign laws Flannigan,Appleton SGTA DP2S5 DNP3
HB 2082 State capitol campus Hunt,Kessler LGH DPS8 DNP2
HB 2115 f Booking photos at jails O'Brien PSEP DP2S7 DNP1
EHB 2138 f Surplus property for housing Simpson,Chase LGH DPS10 DNP1
HB 2224 Fire sprinkler systems Simpson LGH DPS9 DNP2
HB 2383 f Wildland urban interface cde Simpson,Van De Wege LGH DP7 DNP3
HB 2397 Initiatives and referenda Moeller,Kretz SGTA DPS7 DNP1
HB 2399 f Solid waste collection Upthegrove,Rodne EPAR DPS9 DNP6
HB 2404 Group life insurance Santos,Bailey FII DPS11
HB 2408 f Zoning modification notices Angel,Haler LGH DPS11
HB 2409 Water-sewer district proprty Simpson,Angel LGH DPS11
HB 2411 Land use planning/subareas Simpson,Williams LGH DP10
HB 2412 Fully contained communities Nelson,Springer LGH DPS8 DNP3
HB 2414 f Criminal street gang activty Johnson,O'Brien JUDI DPS10
HB 2416 f Energy efficiency standards Morris,Chase TEC DPS9 w/oRec8
HB 2420 f Industries/working land base Kenney,Orcutt CEDT DPS9
HB 2428 Locating surplus funds/fees Takko,Warnick LGH DP11
HB 2429 Resale of motor vehicles Wood,Condotta CL DPS8
HB 2433 f Drivers' lic's & identicards Haler,Clibborn TR DPS22 DNP4
HB 2437 f Criminal background checks Moeller,Hudgins LGH DP9 DNP1
HB 2441 f Railroad grade crossings Clibborn,Roach TR DPS28
HB 2444 f Leave from employment Williams,Campbell CL DP5 DNP3
HB 2448 f Elected officials' salaries Appleton,Miloscia SGTA DPS8
HB 2450 f Local govt investment pool McCoy SGTA DP5 DNP3
HB 2451 f Financing contracts payment Dunshee,Chase CB DP14 DNP1
HB 2457 f Pro se defendant & witnesses Williams,Campbell JUDI DPS9
HB 2461 f Dairy inspection program Blake,Chandler AGNR DP12
HB 2463 Certif of deposit investment Kelley,Bailey FII DP11
HB 2466 f Ignition interlock devices Goodman,Rodne JUDI DPS10
HB 2467 f Pub disclosure comm filings Hunt,Armstrong SGTA DP8
HB 2470 Veterinary technicians Haigh AGNR DP12
HB 2471 Net metering of electricity McCoy,Chase TEC DPS10 DNP7
HB 2482 f Legal unions/other states Pedersen,Chase JUDI DP7 DNP4
HB 2487 f Deferred prosecution costs Goodman,Rodne PSEP DPS8
HB 2488 f Vehicle & vessel quick title Moeller,Morrell TR DPS16 DNP12
HB 2494 f Facilities/100-yr floodplain White,Springer LGH DPS10
HB 2495 Ballot tabulation White,Roberts SGTA DP6
HB 2496 Ballot design White,Orwall SGTA DPS6
HB 2497 f Victimizing homeless persons White,Orwall PSEP DPS8
HB 2499 f Black powder Bailey,Chandler CL DPS8
HB 2503 Natural resources board Blake AGNR DPS12
HB 2506 RCW technical corrections Goodman JUDI DPS11
HB 2507 f Asbestos-related liabilities Kessler,Rodne JUDI DP6 DNP4
HB 2511 f Motorcycle profiling Kirby,Blake PSEP DP7 DNP1
HB 2514 f Crop adjusters Bailey,Kirby FII DPS9
HB 2516 f Alt energy facility siting Morris,Chase TEC DPS17
HB 2517 Housing authorities Dammeier,Haigh LGH DPS10
HB 2524 Collection agencies O'Brien,Angel CL DPS8
HB 2525 Public facilities districts Nealey,Klippert CEDT DPS8 w/oRec1
HB 2528 f Intermediate license law Appleton,Eddy TR DP24 DNP2
HB 2531 Vacancies in county offices White,Hunt LGH DPS9 DNP2
HB 2533 f Mental health compact Pearson,Hurst HS DPS8
HB 2538 f High-density urban develpmnt Upthegrove,Taylor EPAR DPS8 DNP7
HB 2546 f Electrical trainee training Van De Wege,Conway CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 2547 Motor vehicle franchises Conway,Condotta CL DPS8
HB 2549 f Firefighting services Chandler,Simpson LGH DPS10
HB 2550 f Criminal street gang activty Ross,Schmick PSEP DPS8
HB 2552 Individual health coverage Cody,Kenney HCW DPS9 DNP4
HB 2553 f Unemployment benefits Conway,Green CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 2555 f L & I subpoenas/electricians Conway,Simpson CL DPS8
HB 2556 Financial security/RCW 22.09 Fagan,Chandler AGNR DPS13
HB 2557 Dept of commerce/references Kenney,Chase CEDT DPS8
HB 2564 f Escrow agents Nelson,Chase FII DPS9 DNP2
HB 2566 Housing impact fees/exemp Simpson,Chase LGH DPS11
HB 2571 Definition of predatory Appleton PSEP DPS8
HB 2573 f Regional transit facilities Simpson,Morris LGH DP6 DNP5
HB 2575 Capital projects review brd Upthegrove SGTA DP5 DNP3
HB 2577 f Community facilities distr's Sullivan,Chase CEDT DPS7 DNP2
HB 2580 Secondary career & tech edu Liias,Simpson ED DPS13
HB 2582 Agency web sites/pub records Hurst,Armstrong SGTA DPS8
HB 2585 f Insurance Kelley,Kirby FII DPS11
HB 2592 Impounds/incentive towing Hunt,Hasegawa TR DP24 DNP2
HB 2595 f Police communications Rolfes,Kelley PSEP DP8
HB 2596 Child advocacy centers Williams,Chase ELCS DPS7
HB 2598 f Dredged riverbed materials Takko,Blake AGNR DP13
HB 2605 Anatomic pathology services Driscoll,Kelley HCW DP9 DNP4
HB 2620 f Excise taxation Hunter,Moeller FIN DPS9
HB 2624 f Adult offender supervision Kelley,Ericks HS DPS8
HB 2629 Adoption petitions Kelley,Seaquist ELCS DP7
HB 2638 f Instructional materials McCoy,Quall HE DP9
HB 2642 f Wine tasting/farmers markets Kenney,Probst CL DP6 w/oRec1
HB 2648 f Unemployment insurance rates Kenney,Conway CL DPS8
HB 2651 Port districts/job training Upthegrove,Orwall CEDT DPS6 DNP3
HB 2654 f Elementary math specialists Wallace,Seaquist ED DPS13
HB 2655 f Higher education system Wallace,Seaquist HE DPS10
HB 2657 Limited liability companies Pedersen JUDI DPS9
HB 2659 Timber purchase reporting Ormsby,Orcutt AGNR DP12
HB 2661 f WSU extension energy program Hudgins,Hunt TEC DPS17
HB 2673 f Durable medical equipment Williams,Liias HCW DPS10 w/oRec3
HB 2675 General contractor projects Haigh,Dammeier CB DP15
HB 2676 Energy conservation loans Chase,Simpson TEC DP17
HB 2677 Water conservation loans Chase,Simpson TEC DP17
HB 2678 f Nonprofit race meets Quall,Priest CL DPS8
HB 2681 Compensation for p-t judges Goodman,Rodne JUDI DP9
HB 2684 Opportunity centers Kenney,Sullivan HE DPS6 w/oRec3
HB 2686 Dental services not covered Driscoll,Hinkle HCW DPS13
HB 2688 f Beer and wine tasting Hunter,Condotta CL DPS6 w/oRec1
HB 2689 Broker and licensee terms Goodman,Maxwell CL DPS6
HB 2694 f BS in nursing/University Ctr Sells,White APPE DP12 w/oRec2
HB 2701 Legisl session commencement Taylor SGTA DP7 w/oRec1
HB 2706 f Immunization exemption Cody,Bailey HCW DPS10 DNP3
HB 2717 f State facilities outings Shea,Parker HS DPS8
HB 2720 f Washington soldiers' home Armstrong,Morrell SGTA DP8
HB 2721 f Commute trip reduction progs Upthegrove,Orwall TR DPS26
HB 2734 Community health centers Kagi,Liias TR DP25 DNP1
HB 2735 f Children/dependency matters Goodman,Appleton JUDI DP11
HB 2744 f Phosphorus in lake water Ormsby,Wallace AGNR DPS9 DNP4
HB 2747 f Use of restraints Darneille,Cody HS DPS8
HB 2748 Public port association dues Simpson,Jacks LGH DP11
HB 2750 PUDs, deferred comp, savings Sells,Crouse LGH DP11
HB 2751 f Cmty & tech college trustees Sells,Kenney HE DP6 DNP4
HB 2752 Safety of runaway youth Dickerson,Orwall ELCS DPS7
HB 2758 f Wholesale sales/excise tax Hunter,Condotta FIN DPS9
HB 2764 f Employees and influenza Conway,Green CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 2768 f Peace & reserve officers Ross,O'Brien PSEP DPS8
HB 2769 f Crim'l justice training comm O'Brien,Hurst PSEP DP8
HB 2775 State building code council Dammeier,Hasegawa LGH DPS10
HB 2777 f Domestic violence provisions Goodman,O'Brien PSEP DPS8
HB 2790 Liquor laws Conway CL DPS7
HB 2801 f Antiharassment strategies Liias,Johnson ED DPS13
HB 2804 f Beer & caffeinated malt bevs Green,Hudgins CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 2817 Sex offender notification O'Brien,Pearson SGTA DP8
HB 2818 f Cleaning in state facilities Chase,Simpson ENVH DPS6 DNP1
HB 2827 f Domestic violence/release Campbell,Green PSEP DPS8
HB 2828 Hospital infection reports Campbell,Morrell HCW DPS13
HB 2830 f Credit union regulation Simpson,Bailey FII DP9
HB 2831 f Banks and trust companies Simpson,Bailey FII DP9
HB 2834 Gangs & hate groups/schools Probst,Hurst ED DPS10 DNP3
HB 2841 Std health questionnaire Hinkle,Cody HCW DPS13
HB 2843 Annexation to fire prot dist Ormsby,Driscoll LGH DP7 DNP3
HB 2851 Mailings by local officials White,Nelson LGH DPS8 DNP2
HB 2856 f Homeless housing programs Miloscia LGH DP7 DNP3
HB 2861 Certified court reporters Rodne,Pedersen JUDI DP9
HB 2866 f Natural resource infractions Blake,Wallace AGNR DPS8 DNP5
HB 2875 Health savings accounts Ericksen,Cody HCW DPS12
HB 2877 f Educational employees/stock Moeller WAYS DP22
HB 2884 Urban growth area expansion Quall,Morris LGH DPS10
HB 2886 f Carbon monoxide alarms Angel,Simpson LGH DPS10
HB 2888 f Pharmacy techs/continuing ed Herrera,Cody HCW DP13
HB 2904 Education ombudsman Kagi,Santos ED DP13
HB 2918 f State route number 908 Eddy,Clibborn TR DP26
HB 2937 Trans system policy goals Clibborn,Roach TR DP26
HB 2942 f Human trafficking training O'Brien,Pearson PSEP DP8
HB 2945 f Offender duty to register Dickerson HS DP6 DNP2
HB 2947 Special occasion licenses Wood,Conway CL DP8
HB 2949 Vacation of roads by county Parker,Kretz LGH DP10
HB 2959 Child fatality reviews Kagi,Kenney ELCS DPS7
HB 2962 f County treasurers/prop taxes Probst,Hunter LGH DPS10
HB 2973 f Resident students/military Orcutt,Wallace HE DP10
HB 2979 f Higher ed perf agreements Wallace HE DPS6 DNP4
HB 2986 Pub trans governing bodies Simpson,Upthegrove LGH DPS9 DNP2
HB 2988 Local improvement districts Simpson,Williams LGH DP10 DNP1
HB 2989 f Respiratory care Moeller,Cody HCW DP13
HB 2994 Public service announcements Appleton,Miloscia SGTA DPS7 DNP1
HB 2996 OSPI record check info rules Quall,Priest ED DP13
HB 2997 Small employer's group Cody,Ericksen HCW DPS13
HB 3001 f Bicycle & pedestrian safety Klippert,Liias TR DPS25
HB 3003 f Symphony musicians Hunter,Conway CL DPS5 DNP3
HB 3006 f Counseling associates Green HCW DPS12 DNP1
HB 3007 Airport property rental Upthegrove,Orwall LGH DP8 DNP2
HB 3015 Interstate compact/insurance Cody,Ericksen HCW DPS11 DNP2
HB 3016 f Child support orders Pedersen JUDI DPS9
HB 3030 f Irrigation district admin Fagan,Hinkle LGH DP10
HB 3032 Normal wear & tear/vehicles Simpson,Bailey FII DPS8 DNP1
HB 3036 f School district debt Quall,Kenney ED DPS13
HB 3039 f Truancy process costs Pedersen,Ross JUDI DPS9
HB 3046 f Nonprofit corporations Driscoll,Rodne JUDI DPS9
HB 3047 U of W pub works contracting White,Dunshee CB DPS15
HB 3060 Surplus line coverage Simpson,Kirby FII DPS11
HB 3061 f Industrial insurance Condotta CL DP8
HB 3063 f Leave sharing program Hunt,Williams SGTA DP8
HB 3066 f Tax reporting surveys Parker,Springer FIN DPS8 w/oRec1
HB 3067 Impact fee payment process Williams,Rodne LGH DPS7 DNP3
HB 3072 f Occup. therapy wound care Morrell,Driscoll HCW DPS13
HB 3095 f Tree fruit research comm Blake,Chandler AGNR DP13
HB 3105 f Alternative fuel vehicles Rolfes,Wallace EPAR DPS12
HB 3121 f Child welfare services Kagi ELCS DPS5 DNP2
HB 3124 DUI with child in car/report Roberts,Kagi ELCS DPS7
HB 3129 Unemploymnt insurance system Conway,Simpson CL DP5 DNP3
HB 3136 f Water pollution control Dunshee,Simpson CB DPS9 DNP6
HB 3145 f Wage complaints McCoy,Roberts CL DPS8
HJM 4002 No Child Left Behind Act Sullivan,Simpson ED DP12 DNP1
HJM 4017 AgJOBS legislation Chandler,Conway CL DP6 w/oRec2
HJM 4020 Funding of IDEA costs Dickerson,Quall APPE DP11 w/oRec2
HJM 4024 "Mentally retarded"/fed. law Angel,Wallace HS DP7
HJM 4025 Honoring Vietnam veterans O'Brien,Campbell SGTA DP8
HJM 4027 Space shuttle orbiter Hasegawa,Hudgins CEDT DP8
HJM 4029 Community bank policies Bailey,Kirby FII DPS11
HJR 4222 f "Interest"/st. Const. Ormsby,Warnick CB DP11 DNP4