61st Legislature - 2010 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore


Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1096 f Small business/st purchasing Hasegawa,Green APPG DP2S10 DNP3
HB 1149 f Security breach protection Williams,Roach FII DP2S9 DNP2
HB 1189 Retail store carryout bags Chase,Campbell ENVH DPS6 w/oRec1
HB 1296 Rental housing inspections Williams,Warnick LGH DPS11
SHB 1418 f Dropout reengagement system ED (Kagi) APPE DP2S14
HB 1436 f Lobbying report filing Moeller,Hunt APPG DP2S8 DNP5
HB 1534 Well notification Upthegrove,Takko AGNR DPS8 DNP5
HB 1545 f Higher education annuities Conway,Seaquist WAYS DPS21
SHB 1572 All mail elections SGTA(Hunt) SGTA DP2S6 DNP2
E2SHB 1618 f Community & surplus schools APPG(White) CB DP3S9 DNP6
ESHB 1669 Deposit of public funds FII(Hunt) FII DP2S7 DNP4
HB 1697 Career & tech student orgs Liias,Priest ED DP13
HB 1755 Correctional employees Williams,Rodne JUDI DPS11
HB 1775 f Limousine carrier regs White,Carlyle TR DPS23 DNP3
HB 1796 f Drug-related overdoses Goodman,Green PSEP DP2S6 DNP2
HB 1882 f Property leased to hospitals Santos,Hunter FIN DPS7
HB 1969 f Residential education Haigh,Appleton APPE DP2S13
HB 2016 Campaign laws Flannigan,Appleton SGTA DP2S5 DNP3
HB 2115 f Booking photos at jails O'Brien PSEP DP2S7 DNP1
EHB 2138 f Surplus property for housing Simpson,Chase LGH DPS10 DNP1
HB 2383 f Wildland urban interface cde Simpson,Van De Wege LGH DP7 DNP3
HB 2394 f State govt and Indian tribes McCoy,Hunt APPG DP2S(w/o sub SGTA)11 DNP2
HB 2411 Land use planning/subareas Simpson,Williams LGH DP10
HB 2412 Fully contained communities Nelson,Springer LGH DPS8 DNP3
HB 2433 f Drivers' lic's & identicards Haler,Clibborn TR DPS22 DNP4
HB 2441 f Railroad grade crossings Clibborn,Roach TR DPS28
HB 2442 f Growth mgmt hearings boards Simpson,Hinkle APPG DPS(LGH)13 DNP2
HB 2448 f Elected officials' salaries Appleton,Miloscia SGTA DPS8
HB 2450 f Local govt investment pool McCoy SGTA DP5 DNP3
HB 2451 f Financing contracts payment Dunshee,Chase CB DP14 DNP1
HB 2463 Certif of deposit investment Kelley,Bailey FII DP11
HB 2467 f Pub disclosure comm filings Hunt,Armstrong SGTA DP8
HB 2472 f Sea urchins and cucumbers Quall,Blake FIN DP6 DNP3
HB 2488 f Vehicle & vessel quick title Moeller,Morrell TR DPS16 DNP12
HB 2494 f Facilities/100-yr floodplain White,Springer LGH DPS10
HB 2495 Ballot tabulation White,Roberts SGTA DP6
HB 2496 Ballot design White,Orwall SGTA DPS6
HB 2498 f Residential habilitation ctr Orwall,Dickerson APPH DP15
HB 2506 RCW technical corrections Goodman JUDI DPS11
HB 2507 f Asbestos-related liabilities Kessler,Rodne JUDI DP6 DNP4
HB 2508 f Water right processing Blake,Chandler APPG DPS(AGNR)9 DNP4
HB 2527 f Energy facil site eval counc Morris,Chase WAYS DPS(TEC)14 DNP8
HB 2531 Vacancies in county offices White,Hunt LGH DPS9 DNP2
HB 2539 f Source separated materials Upthegrove WAYS DP2S(w/o sub EPAR)18 DNP4
HB 2541 f Commercial forestry land Takko,Orcutt APPG DPS(AGNR)10 DNP3
HB 2545 f Greenhouse gas emissions Upthegrove,Chase APPG DPS(EPAR)15
HB 2549 f Firefighting services Chandler,Simpson LGH DPS10
HB 2552 Individual health coverage Cody,Kenney HCW DPS9 DNP4
HB 2557 Dept of commerce/references Kenney,Chase CEDT DPS8
HB 2567 f Zoos & aquariums/excise tax Carlyle,Dickerson FIN DP8 w/oRec1
HB 2569 f Outdoor recreation info Dunshee,Blake APPG DPS(AGNR)10 DNP3
HB 2571 Definition of predatory Appleton PSEP DPS8
HB 2573 f Regional transit facilities Simpson,Morris LGH DP6 DNP5
HB 2574 Annexations by cities White,Nelson TR DP15 DNP10
HB 2580 Secondary career & tech edu Liias,Simpson ED DPS13
HB 2582 Agency web sites/pub records Hurst,Armstrong SGTA DPS8
HB 2583 f Pub record request violation Haigh,Armstrong APPG DP2S(w/o sub SGTA)9 DNP4
HB 2591 Water right permits Morris,Chase WAYS DP2S(w/o sub AGNR)12 DNP10
HB 2603 f Small businesses/compliance Smith,Kenney WAYS DP2S(w/o sub SGTA)19 DNP2
HB 2614 Signature gathering Hunt,Liias APPG DPS(w/o sub SGTA)10 DNP5
HB 2634 f Cmty & tech college system Carlyle,Kagi APPE DPS(HE)12 w/oRec1
HB 2641 f Small business development Kenney,Maxwell APPG DPS10 DNP3
HB 2642 f Wine tasting/farmers markets Kenney,Probst CL DP6 w/oRec1
HB 2648 f Unemployment insurance rates Kenney,Conway CL DPS8
HB 2652 f Tanning facilities Darneille,Dunshee APPH DPS(HCW)10 DNP5
HB 2654 f Elementary math specialists Wallace,Seaquist ED DPS13
HB 2655 f Higher education system Wallace,Seaquist HE DPS10
HB 2672 f Aluminum smelters/tax relief Linville,Ericksen FIN DP8 w/oRec1
HB 2675 General contractor projects Haigh,Dammeier CB DP15
HB 2680 f Guardianship program Roberts,Kagi WAYS DPS(ELCS)22
HB 2687 $ Home visiting services acct Kagi,Haler WAYS DP3S21
HB 2689 Broker and licensee terms Goodman,Maxwell CL DPS6
HB 2697 f Real estate broker licensure Conway,Condotta APPG DP15
HB 2701 Legisl session commencement Taylor SGTA DP7 w/oRec1
HB 2704 f WA main street program Takko,Hinkle APPG DPS(SGTA)14 DNP1
HB 2734 Community health centers Kagi,Liias TR DP25 DNP1
HB 2741 f Infant & toddler program Dickerson,Walsh WAYS DPS(ELCS)16 DNP6
HB 2744 f Phosphorus in lake water Ormsby,Wallace AGNR DPS9 DNP4
HB 2750 PUDs, deferred comp, savings Sells,Crouse LGH DP11
HB 2752 Safety of runaway youth Dickerson,Orwall ELCS DPS7
HB 2756 f Senior property tax programs Driscoll,Parker FIN DPS9
HB 2759 f Online learning/nonresidents Maxwell,Anderson WAYS DP2S(w/o sub APPE)22
HB 2769 f Crim'l justice training comm O'Brien,Hurst PSEP DP8
HB 2789 f Underground economy activity Conway,Chase WAYS DPS(CL)22
HB 2791 f Driving-related penalties Goodman,Clibborn TR DPS27
HB 2793 f Registered domestic partners Kessler,Walsh WAYS DP2S(w/o sub JUDI)14 DNP8
HB 2816 f Fuel taxes on exported fuel Morris,Moeller TR DPS15 DNP12
HB 2818 f Cleaning in state facilities Chase,Simpson ENVH DPS6 DNP1
HB 2823 f Retirees resuming service Kristiansen,Armstrong WAYS DP22
HB 2827 f Domestic violence/release Campbell,Green PSEP DPS8
HB 2830 f Credit union regulation Simpson,Bailey FII DP9
HB 2831 f Banks and trust companies Simpson,Bailey FII DP9
HB 2834 Gangs & hate groups/schools Probst,Hurst ED DPS10 DNP3
HB 2843 Annexation to fire prot dist Ormsby,Driscoll LGH DP7 DNP3
HB 2851 Mailings by local officials White,Nelson LGH DPS8 DNP2
HB 2856 f Homeless housing programs Miloscia LGH DP7 DNP3
HB 2862 PERS/dir. of fire protection Van De Wege,Conway WAYS DP22
HB 2866 f Natural resource infractions Blake,Wallace AGNR DPS8 DNP5
HB 2867 f Early learning Kagi,Sells WAYS DP2S(w/o sub ELCS)15 DNP7
HB 2882 f Persons w/ mental disorders Klippert,Green WAYS DP2S(w/o sub HS)22
HB 2884 Urban growth area expansion Quall,Morris LGH DPS10
HB 2891 f William D. Ruckelshaus Ctr Simpson,Blake APPE DPS(LGH)12 w/oRec2
HB 2902 f Combined fund drive Hunt,Roach APPG DP13 DNP2
HB 2903 Fire protection authorities Simpson,Sullivan FIN DP6 DNP3
HB 2911 f Complete streets grant progr Moeller,Takko TR DPS16 DNP11
HB 2914 f Mercury release reduction Hunt,Campbell WAYS DPS(ENVH)14 DNP8
HB 2925 Hydroelectric facilities Kretz,Short WAYS DPS22
HB 2929 SR 520 tolling revenue use Eddy,Hunter TR DPS15 DNP12
HB 2932 f Persons w/ mental illnesses Kelley,Hope APPH DPS(HS)15
HB 2933 f Local infrastructure Ericks,Morrell FIN DPS7 w/oRec2
HB 2935 f Hearing brds/envir, land use Van De Wege,Sells APPG DPS12 DNP1
HB 2945 f Offender duty to register Dickerson HS DP6 DNP2
HB 2949 Vacation of roads by county Parker,Kretz LGH DP10
HB 2954 f Nursing & boarding home fees Cody APPH DPS9 DNP6
HB 2957 f Indeterm sentence review brd Williams,Darneille APPG DPS15
HB 2959 Child fatality reviews Kagi,Kenney ELCS DPS7
HB 2969 f Office of the public printer Hudgins APPG DP13
HB 2979 f Higher ed perf agreements Wallace HE DPS6 DNP4
HB 2984 f Performing arts centers Maxwell,Clibborn FIN DP5 w/oRec4
HB 2987 Firefighters' pension fund Simpson,Williams WAYS DP21
HB 2989 f Respiratory care Moeller,Cody HCW DP13
HB 2990 Water-sewer districts Pettigrew,Santos FIN DPS(LGH)6 DNP3
HB 2992 f Comprehensive land use plan Simpson,Kenney WAYS DP(w/o sub LGH)21
HB 3006 f Counseling associates Green HCW DPS12 DNP1
HB 3015 Interstate compact/insurance Cody,Ericksen HCW DPS11 DNP2
HB 3023 f Pollution liability agency Jacks,Chandler APPG DP10 DNP3
HB 3045 f Confinement alternatives Roberts,Dickerson WAYS DP2S(w/o sub HS)18 DNP4
HB 3047 U of W pub works contracting White,Dunshee CB DPS15
HB 3048 f Medicaid administration Cody,Armstrong WAYS DPS20 DNP1
HB 3053 f Extending tax incentives Kenney,Liias FIN DPS8 w/oRec1
HB 3059 f Educator preparation options Orwall,White APPE DP2S(w/o sub ED)13
HB 3063 f Leave sharing program Hunt,Williams SGTA DP8
HB 3067 Impact fee payment process Williams,Rodne LGH DPS7 DNP3
HB 3076 f Involuntary treatment act Dickerson,Kenney WAYS DP2S(w/o sub HS)21
HB 3092 f Delinquent excise taxes Orcutt,Hunter FIN DP9
HB 3121 f Child welfare services Kagi ELCS DPS5 DNP2
HB 3122 f Natural heritage program/DNR Darneille,Hunt APPG DP10 DNP3
HB 3129 Unemploymnt insurance system Conway,Simpson CL DP5 DNP3
HB 3132 f Columbia River Gorge Compact Van De Wege APPG DPS9 DNP4
HB 3147 f Equipment in data centers Ormsby,Kessler FIN DPS9
HB 3153 Firefighter survivor benefit Conway WAYS DP20
HB 3156 f Archaeology & historic pres. Van De Wege APPG DPS9 DNP3
HB 3168 Property value changes Orcutt,McCune FIN DP8
HB 3174 f State treasurer/funds, accts Linville,Alexander WAYS DP17 DNP4
HB 3175 f Minority & women's business Darneille APPG DPS13
HB 3179 f Local excise tax provisions Springer,Ericks FIN DPS5 w/oRec4
HJM 4002 No Child Left Behind Act Sullivan,Simpson ED DP12 DNP1
HJM 4017 AgJOBS legislation Chandler,Conway CL DP6 w/oRec2
HJM 4020 Funding of IDEA costs Dickerson,Quall APPE DP11 w/oRec2
HJM 4029 Community bank policies Bailey,Kirby FII DPS11
HJR 4222 f "Interest"/st. Const. Ormsby,Warnick CB DP11 DNP4