Washington State Senate

Introduction and First Reading of
Bills, Memorials, Joint Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions
2010 Regular Session of the 61st Legislature
BRAD OWEN, President of the Senate ROSA FRANKLIN, President Pro Tem
THOMAS HOEMANN, Secretary of the Senate PAULL SHIN, Vice President Pro Tem

March 5, 2010 - Friday 54TH DAY

ESHB 3178 By House Committee on Ways & Means (originally sponsored by Representatives Carlyle, Anderson, Hunter, Rolfes, Eddy, Takko, Probst, Wallace, Maxwell, Van De Wege, Kelley, Green, Sullivan, Hudgins, Hope, Morrell, Springer, Ericks, Hunt, Goodman, Jacks and Finn)

Creating efficiencies in the use of technology in state government.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.