SB 5000 Limiting property taxation. Sheldon 12/4/2008
SB 5001 Eliminating the matching fund requirement for the American Indian endowed scholarship program. Jacobsen 12/4/2008
SB 5002 Creating the Washington heritage livestock and poultry breed recognition program. Jacobsen 12/4/2008
SB 5003 Providing a sales and use tax exemption for breathalyzers sold to businesses who provide alcohol for consumption on-site. Jacobsen 12/4/2008
SB 5004 Creating a mobile custom farm slaughtering unit loan program. Jacobsen 12/4/2008
SB 5005 Creating a program to certify and market certain cattle from Washington as either "natural beef cattle" or "natural grass-fed beef cattle." Jacobsen 12/4/2008
SB 5006 Regarding genetically engineered plants. Jacobsen 12/4/2008
SB 5007 Allowing public technical colleges to offer associate transfer degrees. McAuliffe 12/5/2008
SB 5008 Regarding hunting licensing requirements for members of the military. Hewitt 12/5/2008
SB 5009 Creating a military service exemption for benefits charged to the experience rating accounts of employers. Marr 12/5/2008
SB 5010 Establishing a statewide CBRNE response program. Kline 12/5/2008
SB 5011 Prohibiting the sale or distribution of certain novelty lighters. Kauffman 12/8/2008
SB 5012 Directing the Washington state patrol to develop a plan to assist in the recovery of missing persons. Kilmer 12/8/2008
SB 5013 Concerning fees collected by county clerks. Hargrove 12/8/2008
SB 5014 Concerning the exemption of the special commitment center under the public records act. McAuliffe 12/8/2008
SB 5015 Concerning foster parent licensing. Franklin 12/8/2008
SB 5016 Modifying when a special election may be held. McDermott 12/8/2008
SB 5017 Eliminating the requirement that auditors send a ballot or an application to receive a ballot to inactive voters. McDermott 12/8/2008
SB 5018 Concerning historic preservation. Honeyford 12/8/2008
SB 5019 Concerning resident curators of state properties. Honeyford 12/8/2008
SB 5020 Issuing horseless carriage plates to trailers more than thirty years old if certain conditions are met. Honeyford 12/8/2008
SB 5021 Exempting electricity generated from renewable resources from the requirements of chapter 19.28 RCW. Honeyford 12/8/2008
SB 5022 Authorizing the use of outdoor wood-fired boilers. Honeyford 12/8/2008
SB 5023 Regulating fire suppression. Honeyford 12/8/2008
SB 5024 Concerning notices of dishonor. Kline 12/8/2008
SB 5025 Changing provisions regarding statutory costs. Kline 12/8/2008
SB 5026 Expanding provisions relating to the collection of biological samples for DNA identification analysis. Regala 12/8/2008
SB 5027 Eliminating the handling loss deduction for the motor vehicle fuel tax. Haugen 12/8/2008
SB 5028 Transferring jurisdictional route transfer responsibilities from the transportation improvement board to the transportation commission. Haugen 12/8/2008
SB 5029 Recodifying and making technical clarifications to campaign funding and disclosure laws. Oemig 12/8/2008
SB 5030 Concerning militia records, property, command, and administration. Kilmer 12/9/2008
SB 5031 Concerning rental or lease of armories. Fairley 12/9/2008
SB 5032 Concerning the Washington code of military justice. Hobbs 12/9/2008
SB 5033 Concerning sales and use tax exemptions for prescribed durable medical equipment used in the home and prescribed mobility enhancing equipment. Swecker 12/9/2008
SB 5034 Adjusting veterans' scoring criteria. Shin 12/10/2008
SB 5035 Improving veterans' access to services. Hobbs 12/10/2008
SB 5036 Concerning veterans' relief. Kilmer 12/10/2008
SB 5037 Providing funding for certain state route number 2 highway projects. Stevens 12/11/2008
SB 5038 Making technical corrections to gender-based terms. Kohl-Welles 12/11/2008
SB 5039 Changing the membership of the Washington state forensic investigations council. Jarrett 12/12/2008
SB 5040 Clarifying and prescribing penalties for gambling under the age of eighteen. Delvin 12/15/2008
SB 5041 Increasing state contracts with veteran-owned businesses. Kilmer 12/15/2008
SB 5042 Providing a waiver of penalties for first-time paperwork violations by small businesses. Kilmer 12/15/2008
SB 5043 Convening a work group to develop a single, coordinated student access portal for college information. Kilmer 12/15/2008
SB 5044 Changing work-study provisions. Kilmer 12/15/2008
SB 5045 Promoting economic development and community revitalization. Kilmer 12/23/2008
SB 5046 Placing symphony orchestras, operas, and performing arts theaters under the jurisdiction of the public employment relations commission for purposes of collective bargaining. Kohl-Welles 12/29/2008
SB 5047 Repealing provisions addressing the sale, lease, or conveyance of municipal property in commercial areas to private parties for free public parking facilities in cities with populations over three hundred thousand. McDermott 12/29/2008
SB 5048 Providing for coordination of workforce and economic development. Kilmer 1/2/2009
SB 5049 Studying Washington's fiscal resources, structure, and needs. Franklin 12/30/2008
SB 5050 Increasing the small business credit for the business and occupation tax. Franklin 12/30/2008
SB 5051 Creating an energy efficiency worker training program. Franklin 12/30/2008
SB 5052 Concerning health insurance for young adults. Parlette 12/31/2008
SB 5053 Creating the Washington state flag account. Hobbs 1/5/2009
SB 5054 Regarding special elections for changing the form of government of a noncharter code city. Rockefeller 1/6/2009
SB 5055 Protecting the interests of customers of public service companies in proceedings before the Washington utilities and transportation commission. Brown 1/7/2009
SB 5056 Requiring health care professionals to report violent injuries. Brandland 1/7/2009
SB 5057 Limiting the rate of increase of property valuations. Rockefeller 1/7/2009
SB 5058 Creating a pilot vessel amnesty disposal program. Rockefeller 1/7/2009
SB 5059 Regarding hearing examiner fees. Jacobsen 1/7/2009
SB 5060 Modifying provisions relating to the use of manufactured wine or beer. Jacobsen 1/7/2009
SB 5061 Enhancing natural resource collections at the Washington park arboretum. Jacobsen 1/7/2009
SB 5062 Enhancing wildlife viewing opportunities. Jacobsen 1/7/2009
SB 5063 Concerning the burial of pet remains. Jacobsen 1/7/2009
SB 5064 Participating in the management of Washington's portion of the Yukon to Yellowstone Rocky mountain ecosystem. Jacobsen 1/7/2009
SB 5065 Providing for nonpartisan election of prosecuting attorneys. Kline 1/7/2009
SB 5066 Designating the state ornithologist. Jacobsen 1/8/2009
SB 5067 Expanding hunter access to certain private lands. Jacobsen 1/8/2009
SB 5068 Concerning the rights of airline passengers. Jacobsen 1/8/2009
SB 5069 Regarding recreational liability on public and private lands. Jacobsen 1/8/2009
SB 5070 Addressing threats posed by invasive species. Jacobsen 1/8/2009
SB 5071 Designating the Olympic marmot the official endemic mammal of the state of Washington. Jacobsen 1/8/2009
SB 5072 Concerning the value of benefits provided to any executive officer, employee, or director of a public service company. Murray 1/8/2009
SB 5073 Improving budget transparency by consolidating accounts into the state general fund. Zarelli 1/8/2009
SB 5074 Concerning scoliosis screening in schools. Marr 1/8/2009
SB 5075 Concerning the community economic revitalization board's project selection criteria. Hatfield 1/8/2009
SB 5076 Creating the Washington grain commission. Schoesler 1/8/2009
SB 5077 Creating the historically Black college fund pilot project. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5078 Authorizing the University of Washington to set building fees. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5079 Designating the official Nordic Museum. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5080 Authorizing leaves of absence for full-time certificated and classified employees serving as peace corps volunteers. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5081 Authorizing the issuance of certain special license plates to persons with disabilities for up to two vehicles. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5082 Creating a nonpartisan judicial commission. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5083 Concerning the creation of a historical parks and historic reserves tax incentive program. Haugen 1/9/2009
SB 5084 Regarding assessed valuation requirements for the direct petition method of annexation. Pridemore 1/9/2009
SB 5085 Naming state highway routes. Zarelli 1/9/2009
SB 5086 Regarding special assessments for conservation district activities and programs. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5087 Concerning hospital benefit zones. Rockefeller 1/9/2009
SB 5088 Regarding salaries for adjunct faculty. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5089 Requiring an ethical audit of the personnel management systems at community and technical colleges. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SB 5090 Requiring an analysis of teleworking options within environmental impact statements on proposed transportation projects. Jacobsen 1/9/2009
SJM 8000 Requesting the Postal Service to issue a postage stamp commemorating Nisei veterans. Kauffman 12/10/2008
SJM 8001 Requesting the United States fish and wildlife service to work cooperatively with the state's regulatory agencies and energy producers with respect to the federal endangered species act. Hatfield 1/8/2009
SJR 8200 Setting base years for property tax valuation. Sheldon 12/4/2008
SJR 8201 Limiting property valuation increases. Rockefeller 1/7/2009
SCR 8400 Adopting joint rules. Murray 1/8/2009