January 11, 2010 - Monday
SB 6190 Requiring full payment of all moneys due under the certificate of delinquency prior to any change of ownership of real property after a certificate of delinquency is issued. Berkey 12/7/2009
SB 6191 Concerning the joint legislative audit and review committee. Parlette 12/7/2009
SB 6192 Providing for modification of the disposition concerning restitution in juvenile cases. Marr 12/7/2009
SB 6193 Allowing medicare supplement insurance premiums to be deducted from the calculation of disposable income for the purpose of qualifying for senior property tax programs. Marr 12/17/2009
SB 6194 Simplifying medicaid payment for nursing facilities. Keiser 12/7/2009
SB 6195 Mailing applications for distributions of excess proceeds from county tax lien foreclosures to the record owner. Berkey 12/7/2009
SB 6196 Concerning military leave for public employees. Hobbs 12/7/2009
SB 6197 Concerning group life insurance. Berkey 12/7/2009
SB 6198 Modifying the exemption to the three-year active transacting requirement for foreign or alien insurer applicants. Berkey 12/7/2009
SB 6199 Modifying the community renewal law. Franklin 12/7/2009
SB 6200 Prohibiting the use of eminent domain for economic development. Carrell 12/7/2009
SB 6201 Protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse. Kline 12/7/2009
SB 6202 Expanding provisions relating to vulnerable adults. Hargrove 12/7/2009
SB 6203 Ensuring punishment for domestic violence offenders. Brandland 12/7/2009
SB 6204 Privatizing the sale of liquor. Sheldon 12/7/2009
SB 6205 Concerning portions of state highways better served by merged districts under certain circumstances. Haugen 12/7/2009
SB 6206 Authorizing extensions of the due dates for filing tax incentive accountability reports and surveys with the department of revenue. Haugen 12/7/2009
SB 6207 Allowing local governments to create golf cart zones. Haugen 12/7/2009
SB 6208 Concerning temporary agricultural directional signs on state highway rights-of-way. Haugen 12/7/2009
SB 6209 Allowing moneys paid to county road funds to be used for park and ride lots. Haugen 12/7/2009
SB 6210 Regarding the preservation and conservation of agricultural resource lands. Haugen 12/7/2009
SB 6211 Creating an agricultural scenic corridor within the scenic and recreational highway system. Haugen 12/7/2009
SB 6212 Regarding permit review for small scale fish enhancement projects. Haugen 12/7/2009
SB 6213 Concerning vehicles at railroad grade crossings. Haugen 12/8/2009
SB 6214 Restructuring three growth management hearings boards into one board. Haugen 12/8/2009
SB 6215 Increasing property tax relief for senior citizens, persons retired by reason of disability, and veterans with certain service-connected disabilities. Rockefeller 12/8/2009
SB 6216 Concerning the disclosure of existing property tax levies on ballot propositions subject to voter approval for levy lid lifts. Rockefeller 12/8/2009
SB 6217 Retroactively applying certain intermediate license law amendments made during the 2009 legislative session. Rockefeller 12/8/2009
SB 6218 Authorizing use of voter approved local excess tax levies to pay financing contracts under the local option capital asset lending program and clarifying which "other agencies" may participate in the program. Fraser 12/9/2009
SB 6219 Funding sources for time certificate of deposit investments. Berkey 12/9/2009
SB 6220 Concerning determination of the terms and conditions of bonds, notes, and other evidences of indebtedness of the state of Washington. Fraser 12/9/2009
SB 6221 Concerning clarification and expansion of eligibility to use the state's local government investment pool. Fairley 12/9/2009
SB 6222 Exempting certain nonconviction data from public inspection and copying under the public records act. Benton 12/9/2009
SB 6223 Revising timelines for deletion of nonconviction data. Benton 12/9/2009
SB 6224 Conforming the uniform controlled substances act to existing state and federal law. Keiser 12/9/2009
SB 6225 Concerning population thresholds that determine the number of local councilmembers and receipt of local funds. Schoesler 12/9/2009
SB 6226 Changing provisions relating to truancy petition compliance. Stevens 12/9/2009
SB 6227 Concerning the practice of opticianry. Becker 12/10/2009
SB 6228 Regarding organic products. Haugen 12/14/2009
SB 6229 Extending to 2015 the assessment levied under RCW 15.36.551 to support the dairy inspection program. Schoesler 12/14/2009
SB 6230 Concerning costs for the collection of DNA samples. Kline 12/17/2009
SB 6231 Implementing rules and penalties for drivers when approaching certain emergency, roadside assistance, or police vehicles in emergency zones. Marr 12/17/2009
SB 6232 Concerning the regulation of ignition interlock devices by the Washington state patrol. Regala 12/18/2009
SB 6233 Concerning breath test instruments approved by the state toxicologist. Kline 12/18/2009
SB 6234 Regarding the sea urchin and sea cucumber license limitation programs. Swecker 12/18/2009
SB 6235 Promoting industries that rely on the state's working land base. Hargrove 12/21/2009
SB 6236 Authorizing the department of natural resources to enter into forest biomass supply agreements. Hargrove 12/21/2009
SB 6237 Adopting policy recommendations developed by the sustainable recreation work group. Jacobsen 12/21/2009
SB 6238 Concerning overseas and service voters. Hobbs 12/22/2009
SB 6239 Making technical corrections to gender-based terms. Kohl-Welles 12/28/2009
SB 6240 Regulating joint underwriting associations. Keiser 1/6/2010
SB 6241 Creating community facilities districts. Kilmer 12/28/2009
SB 6242 Updating hazardous waste fee provisions. Pridemore 1/4/2010
SB 6243 Eliminating provisions for filings at locations other than the public disclosure commission. Fairley 1/4/2010
SB 6244 Defining a green home and an energy efficient home. Fraser 1/4/2010
SB 6245 Concerning prohibited practices of collection agencies. Kline 1/4/2010
SB 6246 Creating provisions relating to asbestos-related liabilities. Eide 1/4/2010
SB 6247 Reporting adverse health events. Keiser 1/4/2010
SB 6248 Concerning the use of bisphenol A. Keiser 1/4/2010
SB 6249 Concerning kids at hope. Franklin 1/4/2010
SB 6250 Providing fiscal reform. Franklin 1/4/2010
SB 6251 Concerning nonresident surplus line brokers and insurance producers. Benton 1/4/2010
SB 6252 Using credit history, education, and income for insurance purposes. Kohl-Welles 1/4/2010
SB 6253 Concerning insurance. Benton 1/4/2010
SB 6254 Concerning the tax payment and reporting requirements of small wineries. Kline 1/4/2010
SB 6255 Concerning mute swans. Kilmer 1/4/2010
SB 6256 Maintaining a base of forest lands that may be used for commercial forestry. Jacobsen 1/5/2010
SB 6257 Concerning water discharge fees. Honeyford 1/5/2010
SB 6258 Directing the utilities and transportation commission to study peak and off-peak electric rates. Honeyford 1/5/2010
SB 6259 Concerning craft wine and wineries. Kline 1/5/2010
SB 6260 Concerning methods of payment for purposes of the alcohol beverage control statutes. Kline 1/5/2010
SB 6261 Addressing utility services collections against rental property. Marr 1/5/2010
SB 6262 Concerning public facilities districts created by at least two city or county legislative authorities. Hobbs 1/5/2010
SB 6263 Establishing the Washington vaccine association. Keiser 1/5/2010
SB 6264 Licensing dentists. Keiser 1/5/2010
SB 6265 Concerning hospital surveys or audits. Keiser 1/5/2010
SB 6266 Concerning service members' civil relief. Hobbs 1/5/2010
SB 6267 Regarding water right processing improvements. Rockefeller 1/5/2010
SB 6268 Concerning the administrative procedure act. Franklin 1/5/2010
SB 6269 Addressing conversion rights upon termination of eligibility for health plan coverage. Keiser 1/6/2010
SB 6270 Concerning emergency health care services. Keiser 1/6/2010
SB 6271 Concerning annexations by cities and code cities located within the boundaries of a regional transit authority. Murray 1/6/2010
SB 6272 Concerning the excise taxation of publicly owned facilities accredited by the association of zoos and aquariums. Kohl-Welles 1/6/2010
SB 6273 Concerning insurance coverage of the sales tax for prescribed durable medical equipment and mobility enhancing equipment. Swecker 1/6/2010
SB 6274 Establishing the Washington state trail interactions work group. Jacobsen 1/6/2010
SB 6275 Regarding harbor lines. Jacobsen 1/6/2010
SB 6276 Granting the University of Washington tuition-setting authority. Jacobsen 1/6/2010
SB 6277 Revising the order of vesting for the right to control disposition of human remains. Zarelli 1/6/2010
SB 6278 Expanding the membership of the capital projects advisory review board. McDermott 1/6/2010
SB 6279 Clarifying regional transit authority facilities as essential public facilities. Kline 1/6/2010
SB 6280 Concerning East Asian medicine practitioners. Murray 1/7/2010
SB 6281 Addressing the dissolution of limited liability companies. Tom 1/7/2010
SB 6282 Changing the definition of "immediate family" for purpose of membership on the Washington citizens' commission on salaries for elected officials. Fairley 1/7/2010
SB 6283 Regarding the Washington State University extension energy program's plant operations support program. Rockefeller 1/7/2010
SB 6284 Recognizing Leif Erickson day. Jacobsen 1/7/2010
SB 6285 Concerning campaign contribution limits for candidates for county office in a noncharter county. Sheldon 1/7/2010
SJR 8218 Amending the state Constitution so that offenses that may result in a mandatory life sentence upon conviction are not bailable by sufficient sureties. Carrell 12/7/2009
SJR 8219 Amending the Constitution to allow an income tax. Franklin 1/4/2010
SCR 8409 Forming a joint select committee on health reform implementation. Keiser 1/5/2010