BILLS IN SENATE RULES - March 25, 2009 - Wednesday
2:35 PM
Bill No. Description Sponsors Committee Inf.
SB 5067 f Hunter access to property Jacobsen WM DP12 DNP1 w/oRec6
SB 5073 Consolidating accts/gen fund Zarelli,Swecker,etc. WM DPS17
SB 5292 f Persistent offenders Kline,Hargrove,etc. JUD DP5 DNP2
SB 5588 Boards and commissions Pridemore,Tom,etc. GO DPS4 DNP2
SB 5589 State councils, boards, etc. Pridemore,Tom,etc. GO DPS5 w/oRec1
SB 5902 f Persons with disabilities Pridemore,Fraser,etc. WM DPS16 w/oRec2
SB 5930 f Publ employees' health costs Prentice,Tom WM DPS13 DNP5 w/oRec1
SB 5933 f Self-service storage insur McDermott,Benton,etc. FIHI DPS5 w/oRec1
SB 6002 WA state quality forum Keiser,Pridemore,HCA WM DP12 DNP1 w/oRec3
SB 6023 Outdoor recreation lands Jacobsen NROR DPS6 w/oRec1
SB 6065 f Liquor control board Fairley,Shin,GOVG GO DP6
SB 6082 f Forest fire protection Pridemore,Tom,etc. WM DPS13 DNP5 w/oRec3
SB 6083 f Growth mgmt hearings boards Pridemore,Tom,etc. GO DP4
SB 6096 f Vessels in foreign commerce Tom WM DP13 DNP5 w/oRec1
SB 6108 f State lottery agreements Prentice,Holmquist,etc. WM DPS12 DNP4 w/oRec4
SB 6121 f Biotoxin testing, monitoring Tom,Zarelli,etc.,DOH WM DP19 w/oRec1
ESHB 1002 f Certificate of discharge Appleton,etc. HSC DPA7
E2SHB 1007 Sustainable energy trust Morris,etc. EWE DP8 DNP2
SHB 1010 Definition of a biofuel Morris,etc. EWE DP9
HB 1016 Capitol design committee Hunt GO DP5
SHB 1022 Statutory costs Williams,etc. JUD DP7
HB 1028 TV reception districts Armstrong GO DP4 w/oRec1
HB 1030 f Special commitment center Appleton,Chandler,etc.,DSHS HSC DP7
HB 1034 f Armory rental or lease Morrell,Moeller,etc.,WMD GO DP5
SHB 1036 f Military justice code Kelley,etc. GO DPA5
SHB 1041 Occupational therapy meds Morrell,etc. HEA DP8
HB 1042 Notices of dishonor O'Brien,Warnick,etc. JUD DP7
HB 1048 Free public parking property Simpson,Hudgins,etc. GO DP5
EHB 1049 Veterans' relief Rolfes,Angel,etc.,VMA GO DP5
HB 1050 Veterans' scoring criteria Kelley,Hope,etc.,VMA GO DP4 w/oRec1
EHB 1053 Raffle ticket price increase Moeller,Williams,etc. LCCP DP7
SHB 1055 f Construction trade workers Moeller,etc. LCCP DP4 w/oRec3
HB 1063 f Salmon & steelhead recovery Takko,Simpson,etc. NROR DP8
SHB 1067 Limited partnership act Pedersen,etc. JUD DP7
HB 1068 Business corporation act Pedersen,Rodne,SBA JUD DP5
SHB 1071 Nurse practitioners Green,etc. HEA DPA8
HB 1076 f Victim input re: wrk release Rolfes,Eddy,etc. HSC DP7
E2SHB 1078 f Exchange facilitators Kelley,etc. FIHI DP6
HB 1080 Fire protection facilities Simpson,Williams GO DP4 DNP1
HB 1088 f PUD taxes clarification Hunter,DOR WM DP12 DNP4 w/oRec1
HB 1101 f Foster parent licenses Roberts,Kagi,etc. HSC DP7
SHB 1103 Vulnerable adults' estates Moeller,etc. JUD DPA7
SHB 1110 Home-based instruction Sullivan,etc. EDU DP11
HB 1120 Uniform laws Pedersen,Rodne,etc.,ULC JUD DPA5
HB 1121 f State flag account Rodne,Bailey,etc.,SEC,VMA GO DP6
HB 1137 Christmas tree protections Finn,Blake,etc. ARED DPA7
HB 1155 f Spec ed prog medical billing Hinkle,Green,etc.,DSHS HEA DP7
HB 1158 f Electronic juror signatures Goodman,Rodne,etc.,BJA JUD DPA7
SHB 1170 Parenting plan modification McCoy,etc. HSC DPA7
HB 1171 f Beer commission Sullivan,Newhouse LCCP DP6 w/oRec1
HB 1184 Municipal conservation loans Chase EWE DPA10
HB 1195 Undisputed claims payment Haigh,Kristiansen,etc.,CPAR GO DP6
HB 1196 Small works roster projects Haigh,Kristiansen,etc.,CPAR GO DP6
SHB 1201 Community integration prog O'Brien,etc. HSC DP4
SHB 1205 Court of appeals judges Van De Wege,etc. JUD DP7
E2SHB 1208 f Property tax administration Takko,etc. GO DPA5
SHB 1215 Motor vehicle warranties Wood,etc. LCCP DPA6 w/oRec1
HB 1217 f Amusement game locations Simpson,Alexander,etc.,GMB LCCP DP7
SHB 1221 f Civil commitment witnesses Maxwell,etc. HSC DP7
SHB 1225 Trans systems/fuel tx effect Liias,etc. TRAN DPA14
HB 1238 f Juvenile case records access Appleton,Goodman,etc.,BJA HSC DPA7
SHB 1250 Housing trust fund Orwall,etc. WM DP13 DNP6 w/oRec2
SHB 1254 f Grain commission Schmick,etc. ARED DP7
HB 1257 f Deferred prosecution files Goodman,Rodne,etc. JUD DP7
SHB 1261 Adult guardianship Goodman,etc. JUD DP5
HB 1264 Public agency entities Springer,Rodne,etc. JUD DP5
HB 1270 f Electr signatures/pub assist Green,Cody,etc.,DSHS,HCA HEA DP8
SHB 1271 Veterinary drugs Haigh,etc. ARED DP7
HB 1273 Raffles by counties & cities Condotta,Armstrong LCCP DP7
SHB 1280 f Explosives lic expiration Condotta,etc. LCCP DP7
HB 1281 f Victim and witness rights Hurst,Pearson,etc. HSC DP4
SHB 1283 Publ water supply operators Rolfes,etc. EWE DP10
SHB 1286 Candidates for public office Miloscia,etc. GO DP6
HB 1288 Home school declaration Upthegrove,McCune,etc. EDU DP11
SHB 1291 Library district annexations Maxwell,etc. GO DP5
HB 1295 Annexing agri fair areas Warnick,Upthegrove ARED DPA7
SHB 1308 Organ transplants Driscoll,etc. HEA DP6
HB 1312 f University engineering progs Sells,Schmick,etc. HEWD DPA9
HB 1322 f School scoliosis screening Green,Morrell,etc. EDU DP7 w/oRec2
SHB 1323 f Workforce & econ development Kenney,etc. HEWD DP8
ESHB 1326 f Pacific sardines Blake,etc. NROR DPA8
SHB 1328 f Associate transfer degrees Carlyle,etc. HEWD DP10
SHB 1332 Watershed mgmt partnerships Goodman,etc. EWE DP7 DNP3
HB 1338 f Good cause for late filing Conway,Condotta,etc.,ESD LCCP DP7
HB 1339 f Employer contribution rates Conway,Wood,etc.,ESD LCCP DP7
HB 1361 f Supervised community options Goodman,Rodne,etc. HSC DP7
HB 1366 f Boilers & pressure vessels Wood,Conway,etc.,LI LCCP DP7
SHB 1369 County elected officials Haler,etc. GO DP6
HB 1375 f Foster care citizen boards Roberts,Appleton,etc. HSC DP6
HB 1380 Lease w/ option to purchase Liias,Sells,etc. GO DP6
SHB 1388 Pipeline safety fees Jacks,etc. EWE DP10
HB 1389 f Site certificate employees Blake,Conway,etc. LCCP DP4 DNP3
HB 1394 f Workforce training & edu White,Kenney,etc.,WTEB HEWD DP7
HB 1395 Workforce & econ development Wallace,Anderson,etc.,WTEB HEWD DPA8
SHB 1397 Nurse authority delegation Moeller,etc. HEA DP6
ESHB 1401 Standrd health questionnaire Cody,etc. HEA DP8
SHB 1414 f Health care assistants Driscoll,etc. HEA DP7
HB 1433 f Damages to state property Liias,Sells,etc.,DOT TRAN DPA12
HB 1437 Fish & wildlife chaplain Dammeier,O'Brien,etc. NROR DP8
ESHB 1441 Malt beverage distr & prod Conway,etc. LCCP DP7
HB 1456 Natural resource lands Dunshee GO DP4 DNP2
EHB 1461 County employee pay periods Bailey,Hunt,etc. GO DP6
HB 1462 Malt liquor Williams,Chandler,etc. LCCP DP7
HB 1468 Rural library district brds Sullivan,Rodne,etc. GO DP5
HB 1474 f Border county higher ed proj Orcutt,Wallace,etc. HEWD DP8
HB 1475 f Agency rule-making info Orcutt,Probst,etc. GO DP6
HB 1478 f Deployed military personnel Orcutt,Takko,etc. TRAN DP14
HB 1483 Active forestry operations Jacks,Chandler,etc. NROR DP7
2SHB 1484 Habitat open space Van De Wege,etc. NROR DPA8
HB 1498 f Involunt commitment/firearms Hunter,Blake,etc. HSC DP4
SHB 1505 Sexually exploited juveniles Dickerson,etc. HSC DP4
HB 1506 f Firefightr survivor benefits Conway,Bailey,etc.,SCPP WM DP22
SHB 1510 Birth certificates Ross,etc. HEA DP6
EHB 1513 Water and sewer facilities Haler GO DP6
HB 1515 f Electronic records approval Driscoll,Ericksen,etc.,DOH HEA DP7
ESHB 1516 f Dungeness crab fishery gear Blake,etc. NROR DPA8
HB 1517 f Restoration of right to vote Darneille,Green,etc. GO DP4 DNP2
SHB 1518 Accountancy practices Conway,etc. LCCP DP7
2SHB 1522 Elec product repair & resuse Hudgins,etc. EWE DP10
HB 1527 f Boarding home medicaid rates Kessler,Rolfes,etc. WM DPA22
SHB 1529 f Telemedicine Seaquist,etc. HEA DPA8
SHB 1532 Reclaimed water systems Rolfes,etc. EWE DP7 DNP3
HB 1536 f Household goods carriers Clibborn,Roach,etc.,UTC TRAN DP11
HB 1551 f Survivor benefits Conway,Bailey,etc.,SCPP,LPRB WM DP21
SHB 1554 f L & I stop work orders Conway,etc. LCCP DP5 DNP1 w/oRec1
HB 1569 Local public works fund Liias,O'Brien,etc. GO DP6
SHB 1572 All mail elections Hunt,etc. GO DP4 DNP1
HB 1578 Air pollution control authty Driscoll,Ormsby,etc. GO DP6
2SHB 1580 f Pilot local water mgmt prog Kessler,etc. EWE DP10
SHB 1583 County auditors Alexander,etc. GO DPA5
HB 1589 f Conditional release orders Green,Dickerson,etc. HSC DPA7
SHB 1592 f Registering w/ sec of state Pedersen,etc. JUD DP7
SHB 1597 f Tax programs administration Springer,etc. WM DP12 w/oRec6
SHB 1621 f Consumer loan companies Kirby,etc. FIHI DP6
HB 1640 f U of W consol endowment fund Kessler,Armstrong,etc.,UW HEWD DPA8
HB 1678 f LEOFF plan 2/disabled Van De Wege,Simpson,etc.,LPRB WM DP17
HB 1682 Hort pest & disease boards Newhouse,Kretz,etc. ARED DP7
EHB 1728 Joint oper agencies & PUD's Takko,Haler,etc. GO DP6
SHB 1730 Regulatory assistance office Linville,etc. EDTI DP7
SHB 1733 f Current use valuation progs Goodman,etc. WM DP22
SHB 1740 Dentistry license issuance Cody,etc. HEA DPA6
SHB 1749 f Mortgage broker practices Bailey,etc. FIHI DPA6
ESHB 1752 Election procedures Hurst,etc. GO DP5
SHB 1765 f Impaired physician program Moeller,etc. HEA DP8
HB 1789 f Offender release dates Dammeier,O'Brien,etc.,DOC HSC DPA4
2SHB 1797 Rural & resource lands study White,etc. GO DPA5 DNP1
SHB 1812 Wine labels Newhouse,etc. LCCP DP7
EHB 1824 f Concussion mgmt/youth sports Rodne,Quall,etc. EDU DPA8
HB 1835 Respectful language/statutes Angel,Rolfes,etc. HEA DPA8
SHB 1843 Motor carrier regulation Kagi,etc. TRAN DP11
ESHB 1847 Bid limits Haigh GO DP5
HB 1852 f Fingerprint record checks Appleton,Hinkle,WSP EDU DP11
SHB 1869 Health care cost information Bailey,etc. HEA DPA5 w/oRec3
HB 1878 f St schools for blind & deaf Jacks,Driscoll,etc.,WASB WM DP17
SHB 1953 f Fish & wildlife officers Conway,etc. WM DP22
SHB 1957 Wildlife and recreation prog Jacks,etc. NROR DPA7
ESHB 1959 f Marine container ports Simpson,etc. GO DP6
EHB 1965 f Employees/sensory disability Hunt,Upthegrove,etc. GO DP6
SHB 1972 f Outdoor recreation info Dunshee,etc. NROR DP8
SHB 1984 Vehicle air conditioning Finn,etc. EWE DP9
HB 1997 f Puget Sound science research Finn,Rolfes,etc.,PSP EWE DP8
HB 2014 f Prescription pads Kelley,Ericksen,etc. HEA DPA6
EHB 2040 f Beer & wine regulation comm Conway,Condotta LCCP DP7
SHB 2042 f Motion pic competitiveness Kenney,etc. LCCP DP6 DNP1
SHB 2052 Health insurance partnership Cody WM DP13 w/oRec6
ESHB 2105 f Diagnostic imaging services Cody,etc. HEA DP6
ESHB 2116 f Water pollution control Maxwell,etc. EWE DPA7 DNP2 w/oRec1
ESHB 2126 Cemetery & funeral dir brds Orwall,etc. GO DP6
SHB 2157 f Salmon recovery Springer NROR DPA7
HB 2199 Shifts in shoreline location Newhouse,Hudgins NROR DPA7
HB 2206 f OASI fund and account Darneille,DRS WM DP19
HJM 4000 County health care costs O'Brien,Warnick,etc. HSC DP4
HJM 4005 Nisei veterans postage stamp Santos,Hasegawa,etc. GO DP6
HJM 4014 Trucking industry Kessler,DeBolt,etc. TRAN DP12
SGA 9010 RICK S. BENDER, Member, Work Force Training and Education Coordinating Board HEWD BC8
SGA 9037 MARC GASPARD, Member, Board of Trustees, Pierce Community College District No. 11 HEWD BC8
SGA 9064 KEITH L. KESSLER, Member, Board of Trustees, The Evergreen State College HEWD BC8
SGA 9138 NITA RINEHART, Member, Higher Education Coordinating Board HEWD BC8
SGA 9143 MASON PETIT, Member, Investment Board FIHI BC6
SGA 9146 DENNY HECK, Member, Board of Trustees, The Evergreen State College HEWD BC8
SGA 9148 FAWN SHARP-MALVINI, Member, Board of Trustees, Community College District No. 2 (Grays Harbor College) HEWD BC8
SGA 9150 TED BASELER, Member, Board of Regents, Washington State University HEWD BC8
SGA 9152 BRUCE L. LACHNEY, Member, Board of Trustees, Clover Park Technical College District No. 29 HEWD BC8
SGA 9153 JOHN K. MCVAY, Member, Higher Education Facilities Authority HEWD BC8
SGA 9156 JEFFREY D. GOLTZ, Member, Utilities and Transportation Commission EWE BC9
SGA 9157 ANNETTE SANDBERG, Member, Board of Trustees, Central Washington University HEWD BC8
SGA 9160 LARRY SANCHEZ, Member, Board of Trustees, Community College District No. 16 (Yakima Valley Community College) HEWD BC8
SGA 9161 BETTY J. COBBS, Member, Board of Trustees, Everett Community College District No. 5 HEWD BC8

Total Count: 188