HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 2015-4643, by Representative Klippert
WHEREAS, Public Service Recognition Week provides an opportunity to recognize and promote the important contributions of public servants and honor the diverse men and women who meet the needs of the nation through work at all levels of government; and
WHEREAS, The contributions made by public employees in this state have strengthened our belief that public service is a noble profession; and
WHEREAS, The professionalism and expertise demonstrated by public employees in this state in carrying out a wide variety of services have helped build a strong foundation for our government; and
WHEREAS, Public employees have served the people of Washington well, even in difficult times; and
WHEREAS, Public servants have bravely fought in armed conflict in defense of this nation and its ideals, and deserve the care and benefits they have earned through their honorable service; and
WHEREAS, Government workers have much to offer, as demonstrated by their expertise and innovative ideas, and serve as examples by passing on institutional knowledge to train the next generation of public servants; and
WHEREAS, May 4, 2015, through May 8, 2015, has been designated by Congress as Public Service Recognition Week to honor America's federal, state, and local government employees; and
WHEREAS, The State of Washington wishes to pay tribute to all public employees in the state for dedicating themselves to improving the quality of life for all of the people of Washington;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State House of Representatives commend public servants for their outstanding contributions to this great state and nation during Public Service Recognition Week and throughout the year.
I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4643 adopted by the House of Representatives
May 6, 2015
Barbara Baker, Chief Clerk