HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 2016-4679, by Representatives Nealey, Walsh, Johnson, and Senn
WHEREAS, Walla Walla Frontier Days is the oldest fair in the state of Washington; and
WHEREAS, 2016 represents the 150th anniversary of the Walla Walla Frontier Days; and
WHEREAS, In 1866, the Walla Walla Agricultural Society staged a large agricultural and industrial exposition that would showcase the valley crops and the latest farming methods; and
WHEREAS, The first county fair was held October 4, 5, and 6, 1866, on the horse-track racing grounds which had been built in 1862, three miles west of the then present city limits; and
WHEREAS, The historic pavilion was erected in 1906 for a fruit exhibit and concert hall; and
WHEREAS, During World War II, the exhibition hall was used to house German prisoners of war; and
WHEREAS, In 1913, the management decided to inaugurate a new order of business and, as a result, the "Frontier Days" came into existence with its spectacular display of bull dogging, relay races, stagecoach races, cowboys, cowgirls, and other local participants, representing one of the last stands of the Wild West "How the West was Won"; and
WHEREAS, In 1935, the fair royalty was added, in which young women throughout the region competed to be on the court, a tradition which continues to date, with the exception of the World War II years; and
WHEREAS, In 1974, an annual concert was added to the fair featuring world class entertainment; and
WHEREAS, In 2006, the pavilion underwent its first major renovation in many years for the pavilion's century celebration; and
WHEREAS, In 2008, the Rodeo Legends award was implemented, acknowledging the outstanding men and women of the valley who have attained a high level of achievement in the sport of rodeo; and
WHEREAS, Throughout the years, the 4-H and FFA programs have become the annual showcase of the region's younger population, fostering the next generation of the agricultural community; and
WHEREAS, Fair board members, fair managers, county commissioners, state elected officials, community leaders, businesses, sponsors, and many thousands of volunteers collectively are to be acknowledged for their commitment and support over 150 years;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State House of Representatives recognize and honor the Walla Walla Frontier Days sesquicentennial, and a storied past of being a place "where memories are made to last a lifetime"; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution be immediately transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to the Walla Walla Fair Board and the Walla Walla County Commissioners.
I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4679 adopted by the House of Representatives
March 4, 2016
Barbara Baker, Chief Clerk