State of Washington
64th Legislature
2016 Regular Session
By Senators Miloscia, Braun, Schoesler, Brown, and Roach
Read first time 01/20/16. Referred to Committee on Accountability & Reform.
AN ACT Relating to annual self-assessments performed by state agencies under the quality management statute; and amending RCW 43.17.385.
Sec. 1.  RCW 43.17.385 and 2014 c 68 s 6 are each amended to read as follows:
(1) Each state agency shall((, within available funds,)) develop and implement a quality management, accountability, and performance system to improve the public services it provides.
(2) Each agency shall ensure that managers and staff at all levels, including those who directly deliver services, are engaged in the system and shall provide managers and staff with the training necessary for successful implementation.
(3) Each agency shall((, within available funds,)) ensure that its quality management, accountability, and performance system:
(a) Uses strategic business planning to establish goals, objectives, and activities consistent with the priorities of government, as provided in statute;
(b) Engages stakeholders and customers in establishing service requirements and improving service delivery systems;
(c) Includes clear, relevant, and easy-to-understand measures for each activity;
(d) Gathers, monitors, and analyzes activity data;
(e) Uses the data to evaluate the effectiveness of programs to manage process performance, improve efficiency, and reduce costs;
(f) Establishes performance goals and expectations for employees that reflect the organization's objectives; and provides for regular assessments of employee performance;
(g) Uses activity measures to report progress toward agency objectives to the agency director at least quarterly;
(h) Where performance is not meeting intended objectives, holds regular problem-solving sessions to develop and implement a plan for addressing gaps; and
(i) Allocates resources based on strategies to improve performance.
(4) Each agency shall conduct a yearly assessment of its quality management, accountability, and performance system and report to the legislature the results. Large agencies, defined as those with five hundred or more full-time equivalent staff who execute business by means of semi-autonomous operating division, branch, or institution must assess and report results for each division, branch, and institution to fulfill the requirements of this subsection.
(5) State agencies whose chief executives are appointed by the governor shall report to the governor on agency performance at least quarterly. The reports shall be included on the agencies', the governor's, and the office of financial management's web sites.
(6) The governor shall report annually to citizens and the legislature on the performance of state agency programs.
(a) The governor's report shall include:
(((a))) (i) Progress made toward the priorities of government as a result of agency activities; and
(((b))) (ii) Improvements in agency quality management systems, fiscal efficiency, process efficiency, asset management, personnel management, statutory and regulatory compliance, ((and)) management of technology systems, lawsuit payments, leadership, regulatory efficiency, transparency, ethics, worker death or injury, and client death or injury. All agencies must be rank ordered in performance on each item.
(b) The state auditor shall audit implementation of this requirement every two years.
(c) For the purposes of this subsection (6):
(i) "Client" means only a person under the custody or physical control of the agency.
(ii) "Ethics" means standards of behavior that further trust in government employees as they perform duties.
(iii) "Transparency" means such norms of openness that generate accountability to citizens.
(7) Each state agency shall integrate efforts made under this section with other management, accountability, and performance systems, including procedures implemented under chapter 43.42A RCW, undertaken under executive order or other authority.
--- END ---