By Senators Warnick, Parlette, and Hatfield
WHEREAS, Phil Anderson was appointed Acting Director of the Department of Fish and Wildlife in December 2008, was formally appointed Director of the Department in September 2009, and has served tirelessly in both positions; and
WHEREAS, Phil has worked closely with the Fish and Wildlife Commission to establish and implement management policies that conserve state resources while optimizing recreational and commercial opportunities for the citizens of Washington; and
WHEREAS, Under Phil's leadership, agency personnel developed strong and constructive relationships with two governors, legislative leaders, and their staffs; and
WHEREAS, Phil's insistence on logical, consistent, and transparent decision making has set a great example for agency staff and has resulted in improved, defensible policies; and
WHEREAS, Phil worked hard to increase the involvement of stakeholders in agency decisions by improving and emphasizing the use of advisory groups, and was willing to go almost anywhere at any time to listen to the public; and 
WHEREAS, As a representative on the Pacific Salmon Commission and Pacific Fishery Management Council, Phil's strong leadership, understanding of complex issues, and superb negotiating skills have greatly influenced the development of policies and laws that will balance conservation and fishing opportunities for salmon in the United States and Canada for years to come; and
WHEREAS, As Director, Phil has worked tirelessly to balance the challenging mandate of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, which includes preserving and protecting fish and wildlife resources and enhancing and improving recreational and commercial fishing in Washington; and
WHEREAS, Phil led the Department of Fish and Wildlife during much of the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan development process and the reemergence of the gray wolf into Washington, working earnestly and thoughtfully in addressing a number of difficult and controversial wolf-management situations; and
WHEREAS, Phil maintained and enhanced relationships with tribal governments thanks to his unique understanding of treaty rights and experience in working with tribal leaders to reach mutually acceptable outcomes; and
WHEREAS, Phil's open communication with staff and frequent visits to regional offices restored confidence and trust in the director's office and helped the agency continue to carry out its mission during an unprecedented state budget shortfall; 
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate commend and honor Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Phil Anderson for his commitment to our natural resources and his service to the citizens of Washington; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Director Phil Anderson.