By Senators Hargrove, Angel, McCoy, Honeyford, Hobbs, Rivers, Dammeier, Liias, Frockt, Hill, Rolfes, McAuliffe, Parlette, Brown, Keiser, Darneille, Jayapal, Schoesler, Padden, Warnick, Kohl-Welles, Fraser, O'Ban, Becker, Hatfield, Litzow, Cleveland, Roach, Hasegawa, Ranker, and Conway
WHEREAS, For the second year in a row we are cheering on our NFC CHAMPION Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl; and
WHEREAS, The Seahawks have given the state of Washington at least one issue that galvanizes the entire state, East and West, Ds and Rs; and
WHEREAS, The cast of players and coaches we have inspire excellence on and off the field; including the most motivational coach in the NFL, Pete Carroll, and one of the most inspirational young players in Russell Wilson; and
WHEREAS, "Beastmode," "Legion of Boom," and any variation of the word "12" are phrases that have entered every Washingtonian's vocabulary (along with "yeah," "You mad bro?" and "I'm just 'bout that action, boss"); and
WHEREAS, Being a "12" is a cultural touchstone that unites not just the Great State of Washington but the entire Pacific Northwest; and
WHEREAS, Memories of "Wilson to Kearse - game over" will likely bring Washingtonians to tears for generations to come (we're in good company, it brought Russell to tears too); and
WHEREAS, In true Washington style, Michael Bennett took a celebratory bike tour across the field of play to celebrate their second trip to the Super Bowl; and
WHEREAS, To beat Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in back-to-back years in the biggest football game on the planet would only further the Seahawks' status as one of the finest NFL teams to be assembled; and
WHEREAS, The Washington State Senate also asks "Why not us?";
BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate congratulate the Seahawks on a very fine season, and charge them with the task of going "1-0" for just one more week and bring home the second Lombardi Trophy in as many years; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate respectfully request of the Honorable Jay Inslee, Governor of the State of Washington, to proclaim that from the passage of this Resolution until 12:01 a.m., Monday, February 2nd, that Washington be renamed HAWKINGTON; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this body joins the rest of the State in a hearty "GO HAWKS!" and wishes our team the best of luck in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday!
I, Hunter G. Goodman, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8612,
adopted by the Senate
January 30, 2015
Secretary of the Senate