By Senator Pearson
WHEREAS, Bob Heirman's books, including "Snohomish My Beloved County: An Angler's Anthology," have depicted a beautiful history of salmon and steelhead runs in Washington; and
WHEREAS, Bob Heirman has spent his life propagating and replenishing fish stocks in Snohomish County in order to ensure that rich tradition lives on in Snohomish County and the State of Washington; and
WHEREAS, Bob Heirman continues to protect creeks of all sizes including Evans Creek, French Creek, and Bunk Foss so that Coho salmon can continue to thrive in the Pacific Northwest; and
WHEREAS, The fish recovery efforts of Bob Heirman have been noticed and honored by Field and Stream Outdoor Magazine for being a Conservation Hero; and
WHEREAS, Bob Heirman has spent countless hours studying the flow and stock of Coho salmon and steelhead in order to maintain an environment that supports Washington's cultural and economic history of fishing salmon; and
WHEREAS, The Snohomish Sportsmen's Club has been able to sustain wildlife areas, fish responsibly, and lead in hatchery planting because of Bob Heirman's fifty-six years of service in the club as Secretary; and
WHEREAS, Bob Heirman has been incredibly valuable in salmon recovery due to the support of his wife Clarajean and their seven children; and
WHEREAS, The banks of Thomas' Eddy have been saved for future generations to enjoy and continue the sport of fishing because of Bob Heirman's perseverance in the restoration and preservation of this historically abundant fishing area;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate commend Bob Heirman for his years of hard work dedicated to recovering fish stocks, congratulate Bob Heirman for his success in preserving wildlife areas in Snohomish, including the Bob Heirman Wildlife Reserve at Thomas' Eddy, and express gratitude for Heirman's dedication to keeping the Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead population alive and thriving.