By Senators Fain and Keiser
WHEREAS, The Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) is a worldwide professional association whose mission is to advocate for effective educational facilities for children; and
WHEREAS, CEFPI hosts competitive local, national, and international events where teams of students present designs for their "School of the Future," drawing national attention to the importance of well-planned, healthy, high-performance, safe, and sustainable schools; and
WHEREAS, Competing teams must submit an electronic narrative, presentation, and video documenting the design, rationale, planning process, and ideas to a jury of architects and engineers; and  
WHEREAS, Students discover how to solve real-life problems as members of a design and planning team; and
WHEREAS, Teams competing at the local and state levels may earn the opportunity to represent their state at the International Competition in the fall; and
WHEREAS, A team of Mill Creek Middle School students in Kent collaborated with local architects Thomas Wadkins and Jason Romine to design their futuristic school design submission; and
WHEREAS, The Mill Creek Middle School team competed against teams from over twelve schools across the state with their design for a STEM career-focused school called West Lake Academy; and
WHEREAS, Dana Piehl worked as the dedicated leader for the Mill Creek Middle School team, providing logistical support for the students; and
WHEREAS, On April 4, 2014, the Mill Creek Middle School team was named State Winners to represent the State of Washington in the Pacific Northwest Regional Competition, competing against teams from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, as well as the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Senate recognize Daniel Anderson, Brooke Roshon, Adria Sutliff, Asia Tanis, and Jenna Yee for their pursuit of academic excellence and their vision for the future of education while representing their community and the State of Washington.
I, Hunter G. Goodman, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8641,
adopted by the Senate
March 18, 2015
Secretary of the Senate