By Senator Hargrove
WHEREAS, Starting as a paperboy and eventually becoming an award-winning editor and highly respected publisher of The Daily World in Aberdeen, John C. Hughes is a story teller, a mentor to generations of today's journalists and communications professionals, and a pioneer of journalism; and
WHEREAS, Hughes spent his free time in high school working at what was then the Aberdeen World, delivering papers, running copy, and filling paste pots until he started reporting; and
WHEREAS, Hughes drew from mentors all over Grays Harbor in almost every facet of the community, from librarians, to firefighters, to legislators; and
WHEREAS, During his time writing for The Daily World, Hughes earned awards for his investigative reporting, historical features, editorials, and columns; and
WHEREAS, Every piece Hughes wrote, no matter how seemingly simple, reflected his dedication to accuracy and quality, and blended statistics with emotion for optimum clarity; and
WHEREAS, In addition to his 42-year career in journalism, Hughes accumulated countless achievements, from serving in the Air Force overseas, to writing six books, to sitting on the board of trustees for the Washington State Historical Society, to writing a one-man play; and
WHEREAS, Hughes has written biographies for former United States Senator Slade Gorton, former Governors Booth Gardner and John Spellman, civil rights pioneer Lillian Walker, reporter Adele Ferguson, and First Lady Nancy Evans; and
WHEREAS, Hughes used two decades of research to write "On The Harbor," an extensive narrative history of Grays Harbor; and
WHEREAS, Hughes serves as the Chief Oral Historian for the Washington State Legacy Project, overseen by the Secretary of State; and
WHEREAS, The Legacy Project aims to record and preserve life stories of influential people that shaped Washington's history; and
WHEREAS, Hughes helped capture significant stories about people who may have been otherwise forgotten, has helped preserve Washington's history, and is devoting his life to keeping history alive; and
WHEREAS, Hughes has frequently been praised for his ability to bring history to life and for being a treasure to his community and to his state; and
WHEREAS, Washington is fortunate to have John C. Hughes as a citizen and a story teller, as he loves the state dearly and is committed to carrying on its stories;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate honor John C. Hughes for his dedication to journalism and his commitment to preserving the great history of Washington and its people.