By Senators Hargrove, Hatfield, and Fraser
WHEREAS, Patsy L. Feeley has faithfully served the people of the state of Washington as Senator Hargrove's Legislative Assistant for 23 years; and
Whereas, Patsy is the only known person feisty enough to be able to have that tenure in that position with an aging, grumpy senator; and
Whereas, Senator Hargrove had the wisdom to convince Patsy to come to work for him after she was a staffer on his opponent's campaign; and
Whereas, Patsy has served the citizens of the 24th district faithfully outside of her senate position as a member of boards on homelessness, civil service, and various other issues; and as a guardian ad litem; and
Whereas, She further served the citizens of the 24th district by advocating on their behalf with state agencies, indeed garnering a reputation as a fierce, smart, and coveted ally in these matters; and
Whereas, Patsy's presence and knowledge is a highly valued contribution to all the legislative offices in the 24th district; and
Whereas, Patsy has been described as a "force of nature," not being deterred by any of life's obstacles; and
Whereas, Patsy Feeley has earned the Lifetime Service Award from the Democrats of Clallam County; and
Whereas, Senator Hargrove cannot thank Patsy enough for the rock steady presence she has been in his office and life, being not just a staff member, but a good friend; and
Whereas, Patsy is irreplaceable; a true treasure and an inspirational Washingtonian;
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Washington acknowledge and thank Patsy L. Feeley for her service to the people of our great State.
I, Pablo G. Campos, Deputy Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8689,
adopted by the Senate
June 30, 2015
Deputy Secretary of the Senate