By Senators O'Ban, Benton, Angel, Fraser, Liias, Billig, Rolfes, Nelson, Hobbs, Hewitt, Braun, King, Schoesler, Habib, Carlyle, McAuliffe, Mullet, Roach, Padden, Hasegawa, Brown, Conway, Bailey, Rivers, Cleveland, Honeyford, Ranker, Pedersen, Miloscia, Warnick, Jayapal, Fain, Chase, Dammeier, Parlette, Becker, Takko, Darneille, Keiser, and Pearson
WHEREAS, The service of all local law enforcement officers in Washington and the service of uniformed police in the Department of Corrections, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources, Liquor and Cannabis Board, Gambling Commission, State Fire Marshal's Office, Office of the Attorney General, and Washington State Patrol is vital to the safety, order, and peace of Washington State, and should be honored today for the commitment, diligence, and sacrifice of these officers; and
WHEREAS, The 11,411 sworn police officers in Washington State should be recognized for their willingness to place their very lives on the line to protect citizens and their property from the few that would do them great harm; and
WHEREAS, Each individual officer in this state is responsible for more citizens per capita than in any other state in the nation; and
WHEREAS, The heroism displayed by officers in the face of violence and tragedy in our cities, counties, parks, and tribal lands highlights their commitment to justice and public safety; and
WHEREAS, The prevalence of violent crime across the United States has increased, and the corresponding risk to officers has increased as well; and
WHEREAS, Throughout our state's history, the ultimate sacrifice was made by 282 officers in the line of duty to protect our people, and must never be forgotten;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Senate commend all members of law enforcement who put their lives in harm's way in continued service to the citizens of our state, and that the Senate express its deep gratitude for their unyielding resolve to protect our rights, our freedoms, our property, and our lives.
I, Hunter G. Goodman, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8691,
adopted by the Senate
January 13, 2016
Secretary of the Senate