By Senators Fraser, Darneille, Nelson, Conway, Fain, Hargrove, Keiser, Parlette, Dammeier, Honeyford, McCoy, Rolfes, and Liias
WHEREAS, On July 15, 2015, the Washington State Legislature lost a valued member of the Third House when Cherie Tessier passed on peacefully from this life; and
WHEREAS, Cherie was a dedicated advocate for those with developmental disabilities and special needs who became a familiar, friendly face often seen around campus; and
WHEREAS, Cherie was an active member in the communities in which she lived, belonging to Toast Masters; PAS-Port 4 Change, an advocacy group for Disability Rights Washington; and Self-Advocates in Leadership, a statewide group based at The Arc; and
WHEREAS, Through her work at PAS-Port 4 Change, Cherie worked to educate legislators that people with disabilities have the right to work in communities as equal citizens; and
WHEREAS, Cherie would represent the People First of Washington, testifying very effectively as their voice on issues and policies that affected their membership and others with different abilities; and
WHEREAS, An original member of the Committee on Legislative Action she participated in creating their legislative priorities each year; and
WHEREAS, Cherie worked tirelessly and selflessly as an advocate for People First of Thurston County, and was recognized as a champion for those with disabilities; and
WHEREAS, In addition to her community and advocacy roles, Cherie hosted and produced two award-winning public affairs shows; and
WHEREAS, These shows, "Let Your Voices Be Heard" and "Meet Your State Legislators" aired on Thurston County Television and often featured various members of the Legislature; and
WHEREAS, Through these programs, Cherie helped provide useful, interesting information to thousands of viewers, while giving a voice to those who might not be heard; and
WHEREAS, In her spare time, Cherie loved to knit and crochet, and found great joy in making items for her loved ones; and
WHEREAS, So many will miss Cherie singing Happy Birthday, because she always remembered; and
WHEREAS, Cherie was cherished by many as an inspiration, a tireless and effective advocate, and a wonderful, warm person;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate honor the tremendous advocacy work, contributions, and life of Cherie Tessier; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to the immediate family members of Cherie Tessier and to People First of Thurston County and Thurston County Television (TCTV).