By Senators Jayapal, Darneille, Litzow, King, Miloscia, Hargrove, Keiser, Liias, Conway, Chase, Hasegawa, Carlyle, McCoy, Ranker, Mullet, Fraser, Takko, Billig, Rolfes, Cleveland, Pedersen, Nelson, McAuliffe, Roach, and Frockt
WHEREAS, The collective story of the United States is of a nation of refugees and immigrants seeking safety, opportunity, and a better life free from oppression and tyranny; and
WHEREAS, Washington State's deep-rooted and bipartisan tradition of opening its doors to welcome refugees began with Governor Dan Evans when he heard the plight of Vietnamese refugees in need and welcomed 500 into our state; and
WHEREAS, The tradition started by Governor Evans has led to Washington State today assisting almost 3,000 refugees each year from across the globe; and
WHEREAS, Refugees contribute in countless ways to the vibrancy of Washington State's culture and success of our economy; and
WHEREAS, The refugees of today fleeing persecution, political unrest, and oppression are no different and no less deserving of a fresh start than our ancestors; and
WHEREAS, The Muslim children and families of today share our country's strong family values, and want to succeed by working hard and supporting their families; they are mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters all with the hope of a better life; and
WHEREAS, Almost every refugee and immigrant group seeking entry to the United States, from Irish to Italian, German to Jewish, Chinese to Japanese initially experienced discrimination and xenophobia; and
WHEREAS, In spite of overwhelming odds, our forebearers were able to overcome the obstacles of fear and hatred to find common humanity and embrace one another; and
WHEREAS, If Washington State is to continue to be a leader in technology, aerospace, agriculture, and energy, we must ensure our minds and our borders are open to new ideas, new opportunities, and new collaboration with people of many faiths and backgrounds; and
WHEREAS, As elected leaders we must look past the differences of religion and race to see today's refugees as they are: Families with ingenuity and determination in need of our compassion;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate reaffirm our commitment to ensuring Washington State is a safe and secure home for refugees from across the globerecognizing that doing so upholds the values of the people of the great state of Washington.
I, Hunter G. Goodman, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8710,
adopted by the Senate
February 11, 2016
Secretary of the Senate