By Senators Litzow, Jayapal, Fain, Habib, McAuliffe, Hill, and Fraser
WHEREAS, Mr. Ryan Lafferty has ably served the Bellevue community as a teacher and mentor for five years; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty was nationally recognized, winning the Milken Educator Award, and was the only teacher in Washington state to do so; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty has a passion for learning and educating that exceeds expectations, and inspires this passion within his supervisors, peers, and students; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty instills a love of learning in his students, keeping them engaged, excited, and challenged; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty pushes students to feel confident in their abilities and expand their learning by asking deeper questions and teaching to multiple learning styles; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty utilizes project-based learning, allowing students to apply their learning to the real world; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty's students are inspired to do more and be more, one declaring "I want to be a physics teacher"; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty never stops helping, whether it's during his summer break, prep period, lunch break, or after hours; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty takes action to make our education system better, implementing a new science program for students who complete all other science courses at their school, helping his coworker rebuild the 8th grade physics curriculum, collaborating to write a new physics curriculum for the district, and helping write a problem-based Advanced Placement Physics curriculum that will be available nationally; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty demonstrates his commitment to all students through his work with special education students; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty worked with an autistic student, providing extra support so the student was able to graduate and get an internship at Microsoft; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty's students' pass rate on the Advanced Placement Physics exam is above the national average, and his students excel on district assessments; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty works with the high school and middle school science clubs, collaborates with veterans, advises the National Honor Society, mentors new teachers, and heads a video game design focus week; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Lafferty is a natural leader, bridging the gap between science and education;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate recognize Ryan Lafferty for his career of leadership and passionate commitment to the students and families of the Bellevue community.
I, Hunter G. Goodman, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8712,
adopted by the Senate
February 23, 2016
Secretary of the Senate