By Senators Hewitt, Conway, Pedersen, Warnick, O'Ban, Brown, Nelson, Schoesler, Rivers, Honeyford, Benton, Becker, Litzow, Mullet, Hasegawa, Padden, Fraser, McAuliffe, Billig, Dammeier, and Ericksen
WHEREAS, Dr. Steven VanAusdle worked for over 31 years as the president of Walla Walla Community College and worked tirelessly for the college for more than 45 years; and
WHEREAS, Since 1984, Dr. VanAusdle provided Walla Walla Community College with innovative education programs, tailored to the needs of students, producing groundbreaking levels of success for thousands of students across the region; and
WHEREAS, Dr. VanAusdle's keen ability to combine equal opportunity, academic achievement, and raw instinct supported job growth for his students and for the surrounding communities; and
WHEREAS, Dr. VanAusdle's utilization of economic modeling and data fostered a prosperous environment to match students to the right career paths, improving both the quantity and the quality of the local, regional, and national workforce; and
WHEREAS, Dr. VanAusdle is a natural leader among community college presidents across the country due to his continuous, innovative work for over three decadesproving that community colleges can be a hub of prosperity of economic growth; and
WHEREAS, In 2011, due to abundant examples of his revolutionary work with the college, Dr. VanAusdle was named Champion of Change by the White House for his invaluable help in creating a stronger community, and in turn, creating a stronger nation; and
WHEREAS, Walla Walla Community College and Dr. VanAusdle were named a cowinner of the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence in 2013, highlighting Walla Walla Community College in national news as the cream of the crop over the 1,200 other community colleges in the country; and
WHEREAS, Dr. VanAusdle made Walla Walla Community College standout for education programs in water management, wind technology, enology, and viticulture; and
WHEREAS, Dr. VanAusdle spearheaded the college's enology and viticulture programs, which invigorated the local wine industry into an immense source of economic growth, and subsequently implemented a commercial winery, College Cellars, becoming the first community college to do so; and
WHEREAS, Dr. VanAusdle showcases the innate ability to observe opportunities in the Walla Walla region and then translate growing needs into programs that capitalize on maximizing employment opportunities on behalf of his students;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate recognize Dr. Steven VanAusdle for his profound transformation of the lives of students and the worthy communities they serve; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Dr. Steven VanAusdle.