By Senators Roach, Ranker, Bailey, Liias, Fraser, and Angel
WHEREAS, The historic schooner Adventuress was built in 1913 as an Artic research vessel, became a San Francisco bar pilot ship in 1914, and, at the end of her service, was brought to Puget Sound by Doc Freeman in 1952, since then serving the Puget Sound region and Washington state youth for more than 50 years; and
WHEREAS, The Adventuress is one of only two National Historic Landmark sailing ships still in active service on the West Coast, and the only National Historic Landmark sailing ship in Washington state; and
WHEREAS, The Adventuress inspires thousands of young people each year to "look to our waterways" when they consider possible career paths, such as marine science and maritime jobs and industries; on day and overnight programs, children and teens explore current issues affecting the health of Puget Sound, work together to sail the century-old ship, and become personally connected to the waters on which they sail; teachers report that following shipboard programs aboard Adventuress, their students are more engaged in learning, more connected to the marine environment, and more interested in looking to maritime for possible career choices; and
WHEREAS, The Adventuress is newly restored such that the ship will sail Puget Sound waters with programs for youth for at least the next 50 years; and
WHEREAS, The Adventuress is owned by the nonprofit Sound Experience, with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower an inclusive community for the future of our marine environment; and
WHEREAS, The Adventuress is an invaluable cultural and educational resource that sails "not for one, but for all";
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate honor the historic schooner Adventuress as an important on-the-water education platform that engages our state's young people in learning about the importance of our marine environment, in considering careers in maritime-related fields, and in engaging them in learning how our daily actions make a difference in the health of Puget Sound.