By Senators Dammeier, Becker, O'Ban, Conway, Darneille, and Keiser
WHEREAS, Bob Neilson was a beloved resident of Puyallup since 1977, using every opportunity to connect with his neighbors next door, in the surrounding communities, and across the county; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Neilson was blessed with a wonderful marriage to his wife, Hope, who stood by him through his service around the world and all of his efforts reaching out to his community; despite countless hours spent away from home, both when he was wearing his Army uniform and when he coordinated support for local high school students, Hope was incredibly supportive of his service; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Neilson traveled the world in service to our country as an officer in the United States Army during a time when our country was deeply engaged in the Cold War; his leadership was invaluable and his sacrifice of service deeply appreciated; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Neilson had a strong and deep faith, and lived James 2:17 by showing his faith in actionhe spearheaded his church's men's breakfast and was always reaching out to care for others in need; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Neilson actively reached out to our youth, investing in the next generation of community leaders and linking the students of Puyallup School District with the world around them by bringing a variety of speakers into schools to share their experiences; additionally, he connected students with the community through a variety of service opportunities, promoting the importance of civic responsibility; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Neilson believed passionately in civic engagement and our responsibility as citizens for our government: He actively participated in local grassroots politics, including visiting more than 30,000 homes on behalf of candidates who reflected his priorities and vision for our state and country, and loved talking with folks on their doorsteps about the important issues facing our society; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Neilson made a lasting impact on all who met him, especially in the community of Puyallup; he leaves a tremendous void that cannot be filled, representing the best that we can hope for as a servant leader and serving as a great reminder that we are blessed to have committed citizens such as Bob within our communities;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate honor and cherish the life of Bob Neilson.
I, Hunter G. Goodman, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8735,
adopted by the Senate
March 9, 2016
Secretary of the Senate