HB 1068-S - DIGEST

Requires a law enforcement agency that receives a sexual assault examination kit, to, within thirty days of its receipt, submit a request for laboratory examination to the Washington state patrol crime laboratory for prioritization for testing by it or another accredited laboratory that holds an outsourcing agreement with the Washington state patrol if: (1) Consent has been given by the victim; or

(2) The victim is a person under the age of eighteen who is not emancipated.

Requires the Washington state patrol crime laboratory to: (1) Give priority to the laboratory examination of sexual assault examination kits at the request of a local law enforcement agency under certain circumstances;

(2) Compile certain information related to sexual assault examination kits; and

(3) Make recommendations for increasing the progress on testing untested sexual assault examination kits.

Creates a legislative task force to review best practice models for managing all aspects of sexual assault examinations and for reducing the number of untested sexual assault examination kits that were collected before the effective date of this act.