HB 2065 - DIGEST

Establishes the omnibus health care access act of 2015.

Transfers to the University of Washington by July 1, 2015, state operating funds and capital space facilities provided to Washington State University as of June 30, 2015, for the operations of the five-state regional medical education program provided by the University of Washington school of medicine in Spokane.

Requires the University of Washington to increase the number of: (1) Medical students at its medical school in Spokane from forty students per year to one hundred twenty students per year; and

(2) Dental students at its dental program in Spokane from eight students per year to thirty students per year.

Requires the medical education system to allocate funds to new or expanded residency programs.

Creates a family practice education advisory board to advise the dean and the chair of the department of family medicine in the implementation of family medicine educational programs.

Makes appropriations.