HB 2363 - DIGEST

Addresses awareness and transparency in the health care market with regard to pharmaceutical drug cost and use.

Requires the following information to be included in health care data reports that use claims data prepared by the lead organization for the legislature and the public: (1) The total amount spent by state and local government entities on the purchase of prescription drugs for employees and dependents, including as a percentage of total amount on medical care;

(2) A list of the twenty prescription drugs with the highest cost to state and local government in terms of total amount spent and amount spent per prescription, including a comparison of the costs of the prescription drugs to the price paid by the United States department of veterans affairs and the price paid under the 340B drug discount program; and

(3) Trend data over time on the amount spent by medicaid programs, the public employees' benefits board, and city and county governments as measured by claims for classes of prescription drugs, including generic, brand name, and specialty drugs.

Requires the office of financial management and the lead organization to require manufacturers of a pharmaceutical drug that has an average wholesale price of ten thousand dollars or more annually or per course of treatment to file a report on the component costs for each qualifying drug.