Legislative Digest No. 52

Wednesday, April 1, 201580th Day - 2015 Regular Session

SB 6088SB 6089
HB 2225

This publication includes digest and history for bills, joint memorials, joint resolutions, concurrent resolutions, initiatives, and substitutes. Engrossed measures may be republished if the amendment makes a substantive change.

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House Bills

HB 2225

by Representative Smith

Requiring a comprehensive study of the costs and benefits of accelerated retirement of certain coal-fired generation units.

Prohibits the utilities and transportation commission from issuing a financing order or otherwise authorizing an electrical company or its financing subsidiary to issue securitized bonds or to recover from ratepayers capital expenditures, operating costs, or other costs related to the acquisition of an increased interest in or accelerated retirement of an eligible coal plant until the commission has completed and submitted to the legislature a comprehensive assessment of the costs and benefits of retirement of all eligible generating units of the eligible coal plant.

Requires the utilities and transportation commission to: (1) Analyze traditional regulatory and tax treatment of decommissioning and retirement of coal-fired power plants and how cost-effective retirement of a coal-fired power plant may be affected, depending on the impact of different regulations and accounting treatments at the county, state, and federal levels;

(2) In consultation with state environmental regulators in Washington and Montana, assess the impact of current and anticipated federal environmental laws, rules, and regulations on the economics of continuing to operate the generating unit;

(3) Coordinate with other agencies, entities, and proceedings; and

(4) Consult with each of the state's electrical companies, to assess the relative costs, benefits, and risks of replacement power alternatives, such as renewable energy, natural gas combined cycle units, or others.
Mar 31First reading, referred to Technology & Economic Development (Not Officially read and referred until adoption of Introduction report).

Senate Bills

SB 6088

by Senator Braun

Making K-12 education enhancements.

Addresses K-12 education enhancements.

Provides for submission of this act to a vote of the people.
Mar 31First reading, referred to Ways & Means.

SB 6089

by Senator Hill

Concerning health benefit exchange sustainability.

Addresses the sustainability of the state health benefit exchange.
Mar 31First reading, referred to Ways & Means.