SB 6485-S - DIGEST

Adopts recommendations of the adult behavioral health system task force related to the shortage of professionals needed to staff the health care system, particularly the growing demand for chemical dependency professionals and professionals who are dually licensed in chemical dependency and another field.

Requires the workforce training and education coordinating board to: (1) Assess workforce shortages across primary care, behavioral health, and gerontology/long-term care; and

(2) Create an action plan to address the shortages and to meet the increased demand for services.

Requires the department of health to conduct a sunrise review under chapter 18.120 RCW (regulation of health professions) to evaluate the creation of a chemical dependency peer support specialist credential based on a sunrise proposal developed by the department of social and health services.

Revises the definition of "treatment," for purposes of chapter 70.96A RCW (treatment for alcoholism, intoxication, and drug addiction), to include peer support services.