Washington State Senate 1st Order

2015 Regular Session of the 64th Legislature
BRAD OWEN, President of the Senate PAM ROACH, President Pro Tem
HUNTER G. GOODMAN, Secretary of the Senate SHARON BROWN, Vice President Pro Tem

March 31, 2015 - Tuesday 79TH DAY
Bill No. Description Committee Inf. Ref.
SHB 1045 f East Asian medicine HLTH DP12 RULE
SHB 1145 Cnty legislative authorities GOS DP7 RULE
HB 1307 f Residen'l services & support HLTH DP12 RULE
EHB 1443 f Commercial parking/fees CL DPA5 w/oRec2 RULE
E2SHB 1485 f Family medicine residencies HLTH DPA11 w/oRec1 RULE
SHB 1625 Ambulances & aid, drugs for HLTH DPA12 RULE
EHB 1729 f Domestic violence victims HSMH DPA5 WM
E2SHB 1763 f Music licensing agencies CL DPA4 DNP3 RULE
HB 1779 f Victim interviews training HLTH DP11 w/oRec1 RULE
SHB 1800 f Parental rights termination HSMH DPA4 w/oRec1 RULE
SHB 1879 f Foster children health care HSMH DPA4 w/oRec1, On motion referred to WM WM
EHB 1890 Paying issuers/second-party HLTH DP12 RULE
2SHB 1916 f Chem dependncy & mental hlth HSMH DPA4 w/oRec1 WM
ESHB 1980 Sunshine committee rec's GOS DPA7 RULE
HB 2055 Ballot measure statements GOS DP5 DNP1 w/oRec1 RULE
Bill No. Description Committee Inf. Ref.
SGA 9204 PATRICK DOWD, Director, Office of the Family and Children Ombudsman - Agency Head HSMH BC5 RULE