Washington State Senate 1st Order

2015 Regular Session of the 64th Legislature
BRAD OWEN, President of the Senate PAM ROACH, President Pro Tem
HUNTER G. GOODMAN, Secretary of the Senate SHARON BROWN, Vice President Pro Tem

April 1, 2015 - Wednesday 80TH DAY
Bill No. Description Committee Inf. Ref.
HB 1013 County legislative meetings GOS DPA7 RULE
SHB 1021 Silver alert system LAW DP7 RULE
HB 1022 f Bail bond agreements LAW DP7 RULE
SHB 1037 f Child support LAW DP7 RULE
HB 1059 f Sexually violent predators HSMH DP5 RULE
SHB 1068 f Sexual assault exam kits LAW DPA7 WM
SHB 1069 f DNA work product, preserving LAW DPA7 RULE
ESHB 1078 Consumer financial info LAW DP7 WM
HB 1090 f Finan. fraud, identity theft LAW DP7 WM
ESHB 1093 Unmanned aircraft LAW DPA4 DNP2 w/oRec1 RULE
ESHB 1094 Biometric identifiers LAW DPA4 w/oRec2 DNP1 RULE
HB 1113 Solemnizing marriages LAW DPA7 RULE
SHB 1127 Ag labor skills and safety AWRD DP5 WM
HB 1134 f Certif counselors & advisors HLTH DPA8 w/oRec3 RULE
SHB 1183 f Radiology benefit managers HLTH DPA11 RULE
ESHB 1186 Patients, observation status HLTH DPA11 RULE
EHB 1187 f Water banking best practices AWRD DPA5 RULE
SHB 1223 f Lodging tx/workforce housing HSMH DP3 w/oRec2 RULE
SHB 1240 f Student restraint, isolation EDU DP9, On motion referred to RULES RULE
SHB 1248 Court proceedings LAW DPA7 WM
E2SHB 1276 f Impaired driving LAW DPA7 WM
HB 1282 f Driving w/license suspended LAW DP7 RULE
E2SHB 1320 f Identicard/incarc'd offender LAW DPA7, On motion referred to TRANS TRAN
HB 1339 f Scope of practice/healthcare HLTH DPA11 RULE
E2SHB 1390 f Legal financial obligations LAW DPA7 WM
HB 1397 f Financial reporting GOS DPA6 w/oRec1 RULE
ESHB 1417 Water-sewer districts GOS DPA7 RULE
ESHB 1424 f Suicide prevention HLTH DPA11 RULE
ESHB 1448 f Suicide threats, response to HSMH DPA5 RULE
E2SHB 1450 f Mental health/inv outpatient HSMH DPA4 w/oRec1 WM
E2SHB 1471 f Health insurance contracting HLTH DPA11 RULE
EHB 1632 f Domestic violence LAW DPA7 RULE
HB 1637 f Tribes/prescrip. monitoring HLTH DP11 RULE
ESHB 1639 Govt surveillance technology LAW DP6 w/oRec1 RULE
ESHB 1671 Opioid overdose medications HLTH DPA11 RULE
ESHB 1685 f Washington food policy forum AWRD DP3 DNP2 WM
ESHB 1713 f Mental hlth, chem dependency HSMH DPA4 w/oRec1 WM
ESHB 1740 f Health coverage through PEBB HLTH DPA8 w/oRec3 WM
ESHB 1745 Voting rights GOS DP5 DNP2 RULE
SHB 1793 Alternative water procuring AWRD DPA3 DNP1 RULE
E2SHB 1836 f State drought preparedness AWRD DPA4 DNP1 RULE
ESHB 1875 f WorkFirst, "work activity" HSMH DPA3 w/oRec2 WM
SHB 1898 f Child victim testimony LAW DPA7 RULE
SHB 1919 Special elections, timing of GOS DP6 DNP1 RULE
EHB 1943 f Home detention LAW DPA7 WM
SHB 1967 Health care auth/fed waivers HLTH DPA8 w/oRec3 WM
HB 2033 f Sexual assault protect order LAW DPA7 RULE
HB 2046 f Streams, definition in SMA AWRD DP5 RULE
EHB 2084 f State-required reports GOS DPA6 DNP1 RULE
SHB 2085 Traffic infrac alt penalties LAW DPA7 RULE
EHB 2086 The homeless/religious orgs HSMH DPA5 RULE
Bill No. Description Committee Inf. Ref.
SGA 9032 MARC D. DAUDON, Member, Energy Northwest EET BC9 RULE
SGA 9059 KIMBERLY GORDON, Member, Sentencing Guidelines Commission LAW BC7 RULE
SGA 9095 BILL LYNCH, Chair, Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council EET BC9 RULE
SGA 9098 JOAN M. MARCHIORO, Member, Pollution Control/Shorelines Hearings Board EET BC9 RULE
SGA 9109 JAMES MCDEVITT, Member, Clemency and Pardons Board LAW BC7 RULE
SGA 9150 KECIA RONGEN, Member, Indeterminate Sentence Review Board LAW BC7 RULE
SGA 9154 STANLEY RUMBAUGH, Member, Sentencing Guidelines Commission LAW BC7 RULE
SGA 9156 TOM SAHLBERG, Member, Indeterminate Sentence Review Board LAW BC7 RULE
SGA 9188 TIM WETTACK, Member, Sentencing Guidelines Commission LAW BC7 RULE
SGA 9199 ANN E. RENDAHL, Member, Utilities and Transportation Commission EET BC9 RULE
SGA 9216 JON TUNHEIM, Member, Sentencing Guidelines Commission LAW BC7 RULE