Washington State Senate 1st Order

2016 Regular Session of the 64th Legislature
BRAD OWEN, President of the Senate PAM ROACH, President Pro Tem
HUNTER G. GOODMAN, Secretary of the Senate SHARON BROWN, Vice President Pro Tem

February 23, 2016 - Tuesday 44TH DAY
Bill No. Description Committee Inf. Ref.
ESHB 1213 County veterans assist. fund GOS DP5 RULE
HB 1561 Info technology security GOS DP5 RULE
E2SHB 1645 f E-cigarettes, vapor products HLTH w/oRec12 WM
2SHB 1725 f DSHS provider payment/hrs/wk HLTH w/oRec12 WM
EHB 1752 Chief examiners GOS DP5 RULE
HB 1858 Cty auditors & sec of state GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2321 f Fire authority formation GOS DP5 RULE
ESHB 2323 f Better life experience prog. HLTH w/oRec12 WM
HB 2390 f National guard empl. rights GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2391 County payroll draw days GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2398 f Purchases/agencies for blind GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2457 Electric utility easements GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2516 Commuter ride-sharing/CTSPs TRAN w/oRec8 FI
EHB 2534 f Veterans/care & support srv. GOS DP5, On motion referred to WM WM
HB 2557 f Unused shared leave return GOS DP4 RULE
HB 2623 f Advisory measure recounts GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2624 f Election errors GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2663 f Sunshine committee recs. GOS DP5 RULE
SHB 2678 f Nursing home facilities HLTH DP12 RULE
SHB 2725 Pharmacist authority HLTH DP11 DNP1 RULE
HB 2772 f Hospital district job orders GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2800 Double amendment correction GOS DP5 RULE
ESHB 2852 Election data and reporting GOS DP5 RULE
HB 2918 City traffic schools GOS DP5 RULE